Illiterate Ponzi Balderdash

Be Ready to Get Scammed

Illiterate Balderdash as an “ICO”

They write: “The PlexCoin is a cryptocurrency (private internet currency), that has a value based on the current market. In other words, PlexCoin is an entirely decentralized open source worldwide currency, without any central authority.” WTF?

The value, “based on the current market,” in “other words” means that this shite is “an an entirely decentralized open source worldwide currency.” They are not even trying. That garbage, they claim, has some “non-negligible advantages.” WTF x 2?

A Pure Ponzi

“The value, after 29 days of pre-sale, will be of $1.76 per PlexCoin. From that day on, the value should normally increase, as the PlexCoin will be available to everybody. So if you buy PlexCoin at Stage 1 for $0.13 each, you will make 1 354% of profit in 29 days or less.”

— how in the name of ICO Scams the value “normally increase,” as their little scam is available to everybody?
— Ponzi of all Ponzis; in order for you to get 1,354% profit, the suckers need to keep buying this thing, at ever increasing price.

“Unlike cash, you cannot lose it or have it robbed,” that is their scammy “coin” they claim.

— NO WHITE PAPER (“it will be released on August 4, 2017 they claim. Do not hold your breath, it would be just more of the illiterate hot air babbling)
— NO ORGANIZATION BEHIND (and they babble about PlexBank and whatnot)

What a disgusting fraud.

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