PIVX: Manifesting the Reality by Being, Doing, Having

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10 months ago


All of us arrive into this world into a sea of triggers, conditioning, programming, and otherwise patterning. Like it or not, “we” as individuals from birth become pattern recognizers. Often it’s associated with “physicality” (for example: Touch a hot stove, I get burned and it hurts…or “talk back to my mom and I get punished). Sadly for many youth, the  onditioning and programming/patterning examples are far more intrusive and jarring than those. Take one look around and you can see the effects. There is another aspect to this conditioning though that is often overlooked or not appreciated. That is the entire realm of emotional conditioning that we go through as children. “If I act a certain way, my parents do “X” and I feel good…” or “If I do “z”, I feel a rush and that’s exhilarating.”

Obviously, this is a GROSS simplification of the complexity of humankind and behavior adaptation to one’s environment. That said, here we are. Individuals, from many countries, many environments, many different experiences, views of life, ourselves, humanity, etc. We ALL have our triggers. We ALL have aspects that set us off (that we don’t even know sometimes). We ALL…are connected (I believe), and so we have an incredible potential to not just “change crypto” or “change the world” but also…”change ourselves.” So how do we do this…as individuals, and then collectively, as a group, as an organization?

So why this philosophical introduction?

Why talk about “triggers” and “conditioning” and all this? Aren’t we just a crypto? Isn’t “code” and “tech” the gold standard and all hail the command line? For me…crypto is just another facet of humanity. It’s this thing…that’s allowing people to connect. Back not that long ago, the internet was this fledgling thing that allowed people to connect in ways never imagined. So what you are seeing, is almost the next evolution. People being drawn to aspects of crypto. And with that, you have a multitude of perspectives, energies, drives, triggers, all congregating around this “thing” called crypto.
So enter PIVX. Another coin, another blockchain, good code, integrity driven devs, cool. But what…what, makes this endeavor different? What motivates us? What matters most? Some of us have already had discussions around this. Some of this is spilling over into the governance model. I’m sensing that perhaps a self-selection survey (I can even create) that answers a few basic questions….to allow any newcomer to see “who” we are… could be invaluable to presenting why this community (and thus coin) is different.


So ok…that’s great. A lot of us are sensing the energy momentum behind PIVX…and it’s unlike anything we’ve experienced in crypto. This is my attempt to try and quantify why that is, and present a model of adoption for “our core” value system. It’s not complex. But it also gets VERY personal….something that might make a community that promote “privacy” and “anonymity” squeamish. The thing is, it doesn’t HAVE to be publically personal. Rather, if we truly want to bring into existence and “have” this community and crypto…it all depends on “who we are/be” at the core. Let me explain using 3 words.


These 3 words represent much of the thinking, teaching, views, and conditioning for many individuals and is often how we end up viewing the world and opportunities. How often/quickly do you revert to thinking “ok, what do I have…what can I then do with it…and then I’ll “be” ok or “be” set for life?” Let’s use some examples. “Ok, I have $5. I really want to be a millionaire. But I only have $5. Well shit. What do I do. I can’t do anything. Maybe I can do something. I guess I’m going to have to figure out a way to do something so I can “be” a millionaire and be ok.”

Or…let’s look at the education system at large…You are trained and conditioned (but it’s an education so it’s ok right?) to feel:

  1. Well, you need to have an education or you need to have some knowledge to then
  2. Go do some job or be able to do a career in order to make money so you can
  3. Be set for life or be happy or be content or be fulfilled or be ok.

So you might be asking yourself “I don’t get the point” or “I’m not really sure where this is going. That’s ok. Let me add something to those words…



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