Nick Szabo


“A git push is worth a thousand votes”

Nick Szabo, not Satoshi Nakamoto (wink, wink)

Nick Szabo, “a premier thinker about history, law and economics, and the lessons they have for security” (Adam Shostack) is a cryptocurrency expert and guy who continually denies he’s Satoshi Nakamoto, Nick Szabo, is probably Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto, according to the New York Times. “I’m not Satoshi,” Szabo told reporter Nathaniel Popper. He probably is, though.

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  • Avatar Robert La Quey

    The question, “Who is Satoshi Nakamoto” will no doubt be one of this centuries enduring mysteries. Is Satoshi a man, a woman, a group or and artificial intelligence? For now the speculation is endless. What do you think?

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