Mark Karpelès

Mt. Gox

“Where is my Money”

The Original Bitcoin Ponzi Crook

Mark Marie Robert Karpelès a.k.a MagicalTux (sic!) was the CEO of bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox. Than he stole the money.



破産者株式会社MTGOX 破産管財人弁護士小林信明

To all creditors,

On May 25, 2016, the date of the investigation of claims, I made determination as to accept or reject the claims filed by the Users of Exchange.

I uploaded the results of the acceptance or rejection to the following Online Method System. The creditors who filed claims through Online Method System can browse the statement of acceptance or rejection which sets forth the contents of filings and the details of acceptances or rejections therefor, with respect to all the claims filed by the Users of Exchange, by logging into the System and clicking the link to the PDF file of the “List of Acceptance or Rejection of the Claims” (however, they will be partially masked). Please look for your creditor’s number (the number assigned to you when you filed your claims) and your name, and confirm the results of the acceptance or rejection of your filed claims.

If all or a part of the amounts that you filed were rejected, the reason for such rejection is that such amount does not exist.

The creditors whose filed claim was rejected may take the claim assessment process within one month from the date of investigation of claims pursuant to the Japanese Bankruptcy Law.

For those creditors who filed by Offline Method, I plan to inform the results of the acceptance or rejection of the claims by sending emails.

Bankrupt Entity: MtGox Co., Ltd.
Bankruptcy Trustee: Nobuaki Kobayashi, Attorney-at-law

Well, it’s gone…

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