“John Connor”

Vcash Fraud Crash

Delusional Thief

“John Connor” — A Fraudster or Delusional Lunatic?

Jim Lite” of Vcash community has this to say: “Look I’ve known him for 2 years and foolishly accepted his problems because I believed in the code and goals. But the guy is a paranoid schizophrenic with multiple personalities and beyond narcissistic. He is a sociopath that cares nothing about his long term followers that promoted and helped him for 2 years. I don’t think any other dev would be able to understand his jumbled code unless they were a top pro which costs like $300k/year. And even if John came back NO ONE would trust him ever again. The only way I would trust him is if he came back, explained exactly what he did and why, apologized, and gave me 100k of XVC out of his stash of Millions that he sold at 40k and re-bought at $8k satoshi as a show of good faith and to cover my loses in XVC and 2 years of my life’s time. He is either gone and cashed out with a shitload of bitcoin or he  has 90% of the XVC supply now like 12 Million, so he sure as hell can afford development (that is a complete lie) and to pay back a few people like me who stuck by him for 2 years never selling and only buying coins, until he just went full psychotic break down criminal retard.”

Result of “John Connor’s” Thanksgiving gift of 2016:

Jim Lite continues: “Basically there is NO scenario where John doesn’t either have a shit ton of bitcoin or a shit ton of XVC. Regardless of what he says or does, that is the reality of it. And until he changes or makes good on his promises and communicates I will not support him anymore. I can see why so many key people left, lastly Mazz and kinda me. All he talked about was how great the coin was, how everything was legal, trademarks, he had lawyers, patents, etc. How every other coin did illegal stuff and insider trading/manipulating premine/instamine scams, etc. Meanwhile he is the biggest manipulator and scammer as proven on Thanksgiving forum post, twitter, and selling crash. Well zeroledger code is there, so it is real. But scam may not be the correct word. Long term con is the correct phrase. He mined with more powerful miners at all times, he staked with more super peers at all times, he was always on the right fork when others were on the wrong one. He claimed he had 500k coins which is a joke, he had MILLIONS. He claimed there were Market Makers manipulating price when it was him all along. So the real question is is his code his own and really any good or did he just steal it or hire 3 Pakistani coders for $10/hr? Maybe he can’t code at all and is just a trader/scammer,, maybe he is a great coder but just mental and a criminal. Who knows. We all respected his annon wishes. But now hopefully someone will DOX this mother fucker so we can at least know if he really was someone famous in P2P and Crypto programming for years or just an unknown scammer.”

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