IOTA and The Sewage I Crypto Exchanges I A Word of Caution

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1 year ago

Some people might think “a pressure” on those exchanges might be beneficial to their investments if such a pressure would result in IOTA being listed. Be aware of them, if you chose the activist route. Even if we would assume the exchanges are run by the benevolent, poor feeding & revolution powering magnanimous leaders of the free future, we’d might also assume that there’s a sniveling little weasel, a crook among them, lurking from the dark. If they were pressured to list IOTA, nothing stops them to list IOTA and than to naked sell it, lower the price and pocket enormous profit, on the expense of the said “activists.”

This is a very serious issue and anyone who wants to support IOTA’s path toward a needed, superior tech that would truly benefit the world must thread lightly. Remember, you deal with the people that are not on your side, not on the IOTA’s side, with the people with vested interest in seeing IOTA destroyed.

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