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  • 09 Mar
    DDoS attack against DASH Report
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    Unlike Tayloresque spin about “good flushing out weak MN experiment” DASH’s core guys, Jeff Smith, Andy Freer, Chaeplin, Crowning, Holger Schinzel, Moocowmoo, Timothy Flynn and UdjinM6 had created a serious and honest assessment of the recent DDoS attack. It has been posted on March 8th, on the DASH website, here. A DDoS targeted the Dash network resulting in around 12% of Masternode’s going offline but with most services unaffected. Read our analysis of the attack and learn how to protect your Masterno…

  • 08 Mar
    DDoS attack on Masternode Network
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    UdjinM6 an Official Dash Developer, on March 7th, 2017, informed the community about an ongoing DDoS attack: We have an ongoing attack on masternode network for about 3 hours now. The attack is a mix of SYN flood, UDP flood with empty payload and protocols like sFlow and GRE. So far the only result attacker was able to achieve is that he caused higher CPU and bandwidth usage for most of masternodes which in its turn cased ~100 of masternodes to go down. We believe these masternodes were hosted on extremel…

  • 04 Mar
    DASH Resources
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    DASH Resources (some of many): Dash Blockchain Explorer (features other coins as well) built their on alternative tech, not related to abe, insight or other existing explorers. So techies, we’re sure you know, the server-side code of these explorers “is powered by DWScript and SQLite databases, and was initially built as a tech demonstrator. The client-side makes use of jQuery, Bootstrap, Google Charts and jqGeoChartdada.” DASH Masternode Projection / Coin Emission Schedule gets you an idea about, well, …

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