David Sønstebø In-depth

  • 05 Sep
    David Sønstebø Social Media Presence
    Posted Under: In-depth

    You can follow David Sønstebø’s fascinating work by: Reading his writing on Medium Check out the IOTA Foundation Join David on IOTA’s Slack Follow his tweets. David even has his own Facebook page….

  • 11 Mar
    Honest Data by David Sønstebø
    Posted Under: In-depth

    Ensuring Data Integrity by David Sønstebø, the IOTA co-founder, originally published on LinkedIn Securing the foundation we build the rest of of the DIKW pyramid on top of. Data is the seed from which information, knowledge and wisdom sprouts and blossoms. The photons hitting your eye-lenses, the sound waves traveling into your ear canal and the nerves in your skin firing in response to anything tactile is raw data. Our brains tend to trust that this data is honest, a reflection of its true environ…

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