A Curious Case of Tiffany Hayden’s Toxic Turn

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2 years ago

Unsubstantiated rumors that Tiffany Hayden would run for president in 2020 were finally acknowledged by the Madame President herself, in her February 10, 2018 tweet.

Madame President & IOTA

Tiffany Hayden is a strong woman who wrote “I will ask whatever questions I damn well please…” so we will follow her steps and ask, is she a teeny-winy bit delusional? She has won not exactly stellar 3.7% votes in her native, Michigan’s 13th Congressional District elections back in 2016 but now she thinks she would win the presidential race? Can anyone confirm the state of her mental health or refute any insinuations that her crypto fame made her funny in head?

See, previous paragraph is dishonest. It uses smug tactic of pretending to ask simple, honest questions while it in fact smears the person. In a word, it took a leaf out of Madame President’s IOTA related Twitter book.

Tiffany Hayden’s “Honest” Questions

She wrote “I’m the type of person who needs to ask a million questions about new things,” so she asks:

Her strange approach, of asking a highly charged question with an extremely negative statement (despite the question mark) prompted us to ask her: “Had you phrased your question in the spirit of your claim, would it not read more like, “Could anyone confirm or refute an assertion that IOTA is being removed from exchanges?” instead of what you wrote?

She did not respond.

The Question Tiffany Hayden Did Not Ask

Kindly recall, she claims she is “the type of person who needs to ask a million questions about new things,” so we can safely assume she honestly  asked a question, due to her concern about IOTA and exchanges, about removal, a notion absolutely unsupported by any relevant source.

Alas, in her honest million questions quest about new things, in this instance crypto exchanges and IOTA, she did not ask about Mark Sulavka, a new member of the IOTA Foundation. Mr. Sulavka is also “the former Chairman and CEO of the National Stock Exchange, a SEC-registered stock exchange and self-regulatory organization (“SRO”) & was Co-founder and CTO of MatchPoint Trading an equity portfolio base call market matching system with a unique lease cost matching algorithm that was acquired by the New York Stock Exchange(NYSE).

Mark Sulavka is currently leading the growth pivotal Iota eXtension Interface (IXI) Hub module development. “This IXI Hub module will make exchange interfacing friction-less and ‘plug and play’ for exchanges, which will open the IOTA ecosystem to the entire global market of cryptocurrency enthusiasts,” as per David Sønstebø, but Tiffany’s million questions conveniently did not include an official statement by IOTA.

Spreading the FUD with Gusto

On February 9, 2018, Andreas Brekken posted a confession. He does not know how to fly Boeing’s Dreamliner. His conclusion? Dreamliner sucks. In fact, his trite article does not deal with Boeing rather with IOTA and has a sensational title “IOTA: Cannot be used for IoT. Loss of funds may occur” (here)

It is a quite entertaining nonsense – a bunch of screenshots. Our crypto-guru Andreas was unable to really install IOTA’s full node. Therefore, Boeing, pardon, IOTA sucks. Tiffany rejoices:

She is a smart person. She “only” shared an article. Than she “liked” re-tweets of the same nonsense, notable by that strange character Peter Tood (here) and some other.

The Question Tiffany Hayden Did Not Ask

Note that Tiffany Hayden gets miffed if replies to her questions suggest a link. (“questions are met with hostility and at best, they are met with long-winded, off-topic replies & links”) So she, a honest person who asks a million questions publicly posts and supports “an article” but neglects to even acknowledge a refute to the said article.

Ralf Rottmann, the Founder of @grandcentrix, Germany’s leading SI for Internet of Things, a guy in the IoT field for over 20 years (Mr. Brekkin is in Bitcoin field) wrote a refute titled “Andreas Brekken proves he has no clue about the Internet of Things.” I wonder if she even tried to read it?

This way or another, Madame President is one-sided and quite a toxic. She even became smug:

At that point we realized, “WOW, that other, ‘honest question’ was indeed an intentionally malicious pose.” Our conversation with Tiffany ended like this:

Do We Need to ask a Million Questions?

Tiffany Hayden is a Community Manager at Edge Secure. They state: “Due to the many failures of trusted custodians, the explosion of sensitive data, and the advent of blockchain technology, data security must happen at the edges of our networks. We are ready to meet this challenge head on.”

One of the IOTA’s key features is Ensuring Data Integrity. If IOTA ensures the “data integrity” Tiffany’s Edge Secure and its “data security” would be rendered useless. And that’s all you need to know about Madame President’s “honest questions” and the ways she constructs them when IOTA is in question.

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