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3 years ago

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“I have been following this project from the time when it had a small market cap, and the price was comparatively low, around 45K SATS! I had belief in this project and the developers. I remember the times when Ryno used to juggle between his day job and SDC development. Later after the anon coins explosion, this coin gained traction and did well too. The project was going good. Price was good and market sentiments of the community was amazing. I once held a bag close to around 47,000 SDC.

BUTI s it just me or I think there’s something very fishy about the recent developments?The price dropped by almost more than 50% in a span of less than 3-4 hours. It was a massive dump. The strong community was shocked. It was a cruel joke on the investors, not just because of the price drop but also to a shocking new revelation that ShadowCash was on the verge of its end. Forcing the supporters and the community into another new project called Particl a ‘FREE MARKET”. ‘I have many questions and thoughts on my mind which I shall put forth in the form of points one-by-one.

1. How can SDC/PARTICL expect community support when a project was abandoned during its prime? Though I understand the devs need not be concerned about market prices, but what was unethical was them not being open to the supportive community about their plans to abandon this project halfway

2. I have been observing the ICO page and I see that the milestone 1 is funded at 55% right now. And the total goal is to raise 750,000 USD ( 715 BTC ) . When the dump occurred, it was a massive and a sudden one. For the markets to recover back to the ATH we needed buys worth 800 BTC to recover to the price to 0.004600 BTC. What is very strange is I see, the funding on the ICO page keep increasing, but the price on the markets remains the same or keeps tanking. Considering the only way to fund Particl is through SDC, how is this even possible?

3. SDC statement that was released about Particl also mentioned about this ‘Network’ they recently tied up with for Particl. Could it be a possibility that these guys had a role in artificially pumping the price up so that they could bull trap everyone before strategically announcing ‘news’ and then dumping the price to buy cheap SDC and then fund Particl?

4. SDC team boasted about the 30 Million USD market cap in the newsletter after the announcement about details regarding Particl. It is right now only 12 Million USD now. What a JOKE.

5. People will not forget about how you betrayed the supportive community, by abandoning the project midway and forcing people into a new ICO. How can you expect people to trust and believe your future projects.

6. Will Particl be listed on Polo? Will it even be considered, considering what happened to SDC? The whole point of SDC has been changed, people believed in this project for a cause, and that whole point is almost over, we can now sleep over a marketplace which is P2P. WOW!! So much innovation in 2017. LOL ( Don’t tell me how this is anon and different, there are many projects out there, this is no disruptor )

7. The same dumpers/scammers probably have already schemed to screw people over with their new ICO, expect a pump and massive bull runs, but remember the point of it, BULLTRAP, its just another scheme to take away your money, your houses and your BTC, a bunch of thieves who are scheming and not concerned about the real community.

8. Circulating Supply is 6,641,267 SDC and the goal on the Particl ICO site is 3,320,000. What about the remaining 3,321,267 SDC once the goal has been reached? Will they abandon the remaining SDC users and coins? I see no clarity? Well maybe, that’s the point of it too. Who knows?

9. Expect the price to fall further once more people realize your massive scam. It is a sad day indeed.

10. I never thought I’d say all this, but what hurts me more than the price is how this beautiful project was abandoned without appreciating/informing the community members.

WE may FORGIVE, but we will NOT FORGET and you shall see in your coming days.”

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