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Discussion sub for the turn-based strategy game from Firaxis, XCOM 2. Rookies acting as mimic beacons are more likely to survive getting hit at least once. It's even an immersion-breaker for me. I had researched Ammo Conservation in November 2015. Would really help us out there in the field. Let's RE-Play XCOM 2 Earth has been lost to the Aliens, it is your job to command the resistance forces and take it back. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If you agree or disagree or have something to add, please let me know. It is a pity how little variation in technology and build order there is, I feel this has simply been overlooked. Those team compositions will want a Pathfinder or a 2nd sniper for cleanup duty if the mission parameters require it. It's really worth it. It is an XCOM-produced variant of the ADVENT magnetic rifles. I don't pause for those. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Most of the early game snipers you leveled up will have Disabling Shot since it is so helpful in dealing with the early Mechanical units. By being able to kill them with 1 shot (instead of wasting a second shot on their 1 hp left) you save far more soldiers than I suspect armor ever will. Magnetic weapons technology has particular utility for precision slow-fire weapons like sniper rifles. If so, how do I make the best of it? You can build 2 room before the first power room need to build. IF I get a good gun part I start with modular weapons but if not I head straight to unlocking the AWC and resistance coms. Mag CannonGauss RifleTemnotic Rifle (WotC). From there you have three glorious shots of bot smashing glory to deliver hell to your enemies from across the battlefield. +1 ammo per gun. In legendary it felt to me that pushing as much damage as possible in a single or over 2 turns yielded the best results, and magnetic weapons was a primary way of achieving that end. They also choose 3 items in your inventory each month that they'll pay double money for, so it's a good idea to check each month. Also selling Elerium early isn't a bad idea, you don't really need it until later. I don't use disabling shot (Engineer with arc rifle instead) so I'm still leveling snap-shot snipers from the very beginning. Also, I carry Hi Cap Mag for the Sniper. By that time other areas of research and other opportunities open up. Or does the increased healing time from the AWC eliminate that issue? Use upgrades looted from enemies to improve the Gauss Rifle's tactical effectiveness. Grenades • I wish I could go back and undo this. This means giving up some scanning sites but I think the trade-off for more supplies is worth it. The reason is that by the time I have the space cleared for AWC or the need for communications, the weapons research will be done anyway and then I can move on to those things right after. With our mastery of ADVENT's core weapons technology, we can now develop specialized weapon systems using I the alien technology to improve on power storage and consumption, projectile path fidelity, and penetrative force over greater distances. The Gauss Rifle is a primary weapon in XCOM 2. How did that work for you? It can deal 6-8 damage, has a clip size of 3 and a built in Use it against mechs, lock n Load perk, high capacity mags, ammo conservation. I rush gauss so I'm using the Gauss Long Rifle from mid-June until early in 2016 when I get plasma, and for almost that entire time my snipers get a scope and high cap mags. 10% But I just finished the research and just started seeing Muton/Mechs at the same time. Meanwhile I get an almost useless (at that point in the game) elerium core more than half the time. Commander: JESUS CHRIST, BOB! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Note: I might go Mayhem over Double Tap for disabling shot snipers in the next hotfix now that Mayhem gives +4 damage to primary sniper weaponry. They should make scopes a research path for example, that would be seriously worth considering. That was going to be my original plan going in, but in my experience there is nothing particularly useful about early game utility items and they are very expensive. GTS -> AWC -> Power -> Proving/Comm (Dependant on how bad things are going) -> Workshop/Lab depending on if I got lots of scientists or Engineers -> Proving/Comm (The one I didn't get before). When it hit every third turn, it was only moderately better than laser. Once all that happens (if you prioritize those things), you end up with a pretty big lead over the enemy.

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