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I use R a lot in industrial and healthcare related projects and when it comes to data processing and classification the performance speed and precision strength of my solutions come from: The other "R successful solution" components are: the interactive abilities in R, RStudio's Shiny, similar to Mathematica's Manipulate and related functions; RStudio's unit tests harness, testthat, similar to Mathematica's unit test functionalities; and, R as a programming language, which shares a lot of features with Mathematica (and LISP.). Stay on top of important topics and build connections by joining Wolfram Community groups relevant to your interests. On the other hand Wolfram will have a difficult future if they continue to try to do everything on their own and lock you into their infrastructure. Odoo is ERP created using Python and is giving a strong competition to other ERP like SAP, R, MATLAP etc. Should i go with SAS or R ? I really hope Mathematica can progress a bit more in this subject... :-|. Edupristine has mixed reviews, so I would not recommend it. I hope you respect me having Mathematica/WL as my pretty much only language so far? Many Thanks for the article. If you can get a break through directly, that is preferred profile rather than entering as a developer. the article is really good actually my confusio i am working with a Ecommerce company and its been 1 year now. Thank You kunal Sir for the comparision. However, if cost is a constraint, you can do freely available online trainings. You know this needs programming , stats and back testing. Will the market accept a person with no experience and only certification on SAS? Software engine implementing the Wolfram Language. Community posts can be styled and formatted using the. site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. The general principle is that each function is very high level and automated as much as possible. Curated computable knowledge powering Wolfram|Alpha. Mean while I ve bagged cirtification on R Programming language and Business Analytics. Mathematica doesn't have the depth of algorithm support that is present in R or Python. I have 10yr of IT experience including 6 yrs. SAS is much more than just an analytic tool and it will always remain dominant in future. Steeve, Had tried Wolfram language some years back. Big Data #1 – Pages and doesn’t run in memory so it doesn’t run out of memory and crash For example, the affine layer in the referenced neural network does not have a bias term for the sake of simplicity, while we do. 5) Considering my exp. Ad-hoc analysis you can play with many packages but as soon as you want to deploy in production there is a lot of hidden costs around governance of the package and code. However, it holds the highest market share in Private Organizations. We are coming up with a comparison in short time, so stay tuned for recommendation on it. SAS, Python and R are useless in Derivative Modeling. Even though I’m yet to do this, we are actively looking into Cloud based Hadoop stacks which has native support to run R large scale on Big Data sets. Have not tried it recently. You can check out our jobs page for more details. Since i have a poor background of c programming will it be hard for me to learn SAS? SPSS falls in the same category as SAS – a proprietary software. Central infrastructure for Wolfram's cloud products & services. – I am doing some courses on Coursera like Machine Learning,Big Data in Education,Statistical Inference. I agree with Kunal but still SAS is dying. Pune offers limited job opportunities. However, I haven't found any tutorials that show exactly how to combine the two. There are many different types of entities, like “AdministrativeDivision”, “Dinosaur”, “Glacier”, “Airport” or “ZipCode” and each has a unique set of meaningful properties, like Population for Cities. Then unfortunately I have had a gap of 4 years. The weightage for these parameters will vary depending on what point of career you are in and your ambitions. The few algorithms that Mathematica does support are not particularly well exposed for the type of tweaking needed to win Kaggle competitions. It has high functional capabilities. People mostly tend towards R and python due to their drastic raise in development and documentation in terms of Research and Education. This project defines a Wolfram Language kernel which can be used in Jupyter notebooks. So if you are in an online business, using Python for web development and analytics can provide synergies. Yeah. What I meant was that with 64 bit architecture, there is no absolute limit to what R can handle (which was not the case with 32 bit machines). On the other hand, a late stage of machine learning work can involve implementing algorithms on a massive scale, with large datasets, where careful control of data type, bit resolution, parallel threading and such may become more important. Very well written, clear and concise article!!! I am looking to enter into the job market now. For pure statistical analysis R is the king till now. Bangalore, Deli NCR and Mumbai combined will have 90%+ market share in jobs. Pls accept. If the structure of the neural network becomes more complicated, the difficulty and complicity of coding in Numpy would increase much more significantly than TensorFlow.

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