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Our Legionella Temperature Kits are trusted by facility management professionals nationwide. At this temperature, water can exist in solid, liquid, and gas phases simultaneously. Calibrate the thermometer when switching back and forth from extreme temperatures, such as freezing cold to boiling hot. New Report to Help Farmers Improve Poultry (Broiler) House Conditions Through Better Ventilation, Use Case: Temperature Monitoring of Investigational Product (IP) for Clinical Trial, Measurement Data via Bluetooth on Your Mobile & Remotely Via the Cloud, How to Choose a Data Logger That Suits Your Needs, Environmental Health Officer notices of closure. It’s mind-boggling to think about but doing so can increase appreciation for the role and need of calibration. Here are a few reasons detailing why calibration is important. The scientists announced they had observed a cold fusion reaction, but to the great embarrassment of the university, later tests proved they had not. The International Temperature Scale Once they realized it needed calibration, they sent the thermometer out for calibration and discovered it was out-of-tolerance to the point that all associated products had to be scrapped which cost the company about $1 million. With a well-executed calibration, it is ensured that your data loggers measure the same values as all other data loggers. Re-calibration of the certified thermometer updates the indications and thus allows the user to maintain accurate, reliable and consistent results when making temperature measurements. The reference thermometer and test thermometer are placed into bored holes in the test block. Calibration involves creating a constant temperature in which to test your thermometer to ensure that it is producing accurate readings. A uniform flow of gas is blown through the powder bath to maintain temperature equilibrium. Calibration defines the accuracy and quality of measurements recorded using a piece of equipment. The scale was later reversed, and now the boiling point is fixed at 100 degrees, and the freezing point at 0 degrees. “test thermometer”) is compared to a reference thermometer at certain temperatures within the range of use. Categories: As an example, watch this Fluke video on preventing common motor issues. To be safe, do so before the thermometer’s first use. Mike recalls when one of their pacemaker customers visited Boston Scientific to express appreciation for his pacemaker. Few people realize the critical role and importance of calibration in their daily lives. At one end is the “hot / measuring junction” which is connected to the substance needing its temperature measured. In my the next few posts I will continue to explore the science behind meaningful temperature measurement. Secondly, the ITS-90 scale is based on the assumption that the gasses used obey the ideal gas laws without exception. The equipment used as a reference should itself be directly traceable to equipment that is calibrated according to ISO/IEC 17025. To effectively use thermocouples to collect accurate data, it is important to calibrate it regularly. High Precision Digital Thermometers the centre of a piece of meat). Sampling and Gauging Supplies These fixed points were based on the intrinsic physical properties of certain pure materials, such as the boiling point of oxygen. Both stirred liquid baths and dry blocks operate under this simple concept. If not diagnosed quickly by calibrated, accurate test and measurement devices, the motor can fail unexpectedly. Your comment must be approved first, You've already submitted a review for this item, Thank you! These high-dollar items, while not quite as accurate as those maintained by a primary standards laboratory, can still provide a high-end calibration and a low measurement uncertainty that far exceeds what is required in most testing laboratories. More commonly, thermometers are calibrated by use of a comparison method in which the thermometer being calibrated (a.k.a. The Celsius system rapidly gained popularity for its ease of use with a decimal-based counting system and is still used today all over the world. See COVID-19 Information for our Customers, Wind Monitoring for Construction Sites & Cranes, Pharmaceutical/Medical Fridge Temperature Monitoring, Fridge/Freezer Temperature Monitoring Systems, Server Room Temperature & Humidity Monitors. Additionally, many medications must be manufactured within tight temperature and humidity tolerances to be effective and non-harmful. An example of why calibration is important in the aerospace industry is provided by the International Space Station. One pharmaceutical manufacturer learned the hard way about the significance of regularly calibrating and checking thermometers used in one of their drug manufacturing processes. Thank you for the comment! Personal injury and unnecessary business costs are some of the main risks of not calibrating. What is calibration and why is it important? The West 6100+ is part of the Plus Series of controllers that take flexibility and ease of use to new levels. One of the most famous scales was developed by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit around 1714. Let’s look at few examples by some of the industries illustrated in the Calibration Universe graphic above to further demonstrate the significance of calibration. Calibration Forms. Accurate measurements assured by calibration can improve safety by helping to maintain the proper environment for certain processes, especially those that are hypersensitive. Important Considerations • The calibration method used at your facility will depend on the types of temperature measuring device, monitoring frequency and intended use (ex: product receiving, product storage tanks, cold storage areas, pasteurization).

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