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WS. Curing Gear - This is the first gearset you will focus on in the beginning of your career, as well as the most important set. For tarutaru, mithra and galka and other races without their RSE sachet. To help the aspiring WHM out, here is a list of recommended gear-sets for WHM. ‘’Level Cap Item: 60’’, Def: 9 HP: 35 MP: -35 STR: 4 VIT: 4 INT: -3, Def: 9 HP: 60 STR: 3 DEX: 3 VIT: 2 AGI: 2 INT: -3 MND: -3 CHR: -3, DEF 10 HP +22 MP +22 "Magic Atk. Your best option for WS macro due to the MND. Salvage piece. Lily Mercury (Ridill) posted a new blog entry, "【GaiaDC】5.4零式(2〜3週目)攻略固定メンバー募集 @MT or DPS1名. Store TP: 1 Enhances "Double Attack" Effect, Egg-stravaganza event item. Pair it with a, The best offhand weapon for fast TP gain other than. ‘’Level cap item: 20, 30’’, Good ring for club WS. The huge chunk of -enmity is worth the MND sacrifice. Haste Gear - This gear is not usually feasible until end-game, but Haste% gear decreases recast time and spellcast time. ‘’Level cap item: 20, 30’’, MND: 2 (3) ‘’Level cap item: 20, 30, HQ: 40, 50’’, Best ring available for WHM and most mages. ‘’Level Cap Item: 60’’, Galka RSE. Can also macro into. Replaces, Optional and expensive. Evasion is great for soloing. ’’Level cap item: 20, 30’’, Mithra RSE. Other option for melee WHM from Ark Angels, this one a WS macro piece. Finally, something worth mentioning. SCNM drop. ", Lay Idenn (Gungnir) posted a new blog entry, "CWLS新規のメンバー募集してみたよ!. ©2019 Valve Corporation. FFXIclopedia is a FANDOM Games Community. 141 votes, 230 comments. HMP option, although, Def: 39(40) HP: 25(30) MP: 25(30) MND: 2(3) Accuracy: 3(4), Best option for HMP legs, tied with the much easier to obtain, Best option for HMP legs, tied with the rarer, These are great pants because they are the best you can get for. Macro in for buffs like Reraise, Haste, Protectra/Shellra, etc for the, Optional. AV drop, unattainable for most. ‘’Level cap item: 60’’. MND comes next, which augments cures to a lesser (but still noticeable) extent. This piece makes a great TP piece, but avoid WSing in it because of the -MND. For extremely hard to hit mobs, you may even have to sacrifice Haste% for Accuracy (such as trading your Walahra Turban for an Optical Hat). as the only +hMP grip a nice addition to your hMP set, the grip with the highest MP value available, Converts 20 HP to MP Light Elemental Magic Accuracy +2, Converts 20 HP to MP Earth Elemental Magic Accuracy +2, Converts 20 HP to MP Ice Elemental Magic Accuracy +2, Converts 20 HP to MP Wind Elemental Magic Accuracy +2, Def: 8(9) Inside Nation's Control: HP: 7(8) In areas under own nation's control: MP: 7 (8), Def: 13(14) HP: 10(15) MP: 10(15) MND: 1(2), You finally get a good shield right as you switch from wands to staves! Not as good as the. Relic weapon. Filter which items are to be displayed below. Good for club ws. Use if for some reason you don’t have, Good hat, works inbetween other gear pieces. Dark: 3(5) Vs. Light: 3(5). Obtained by defeating Maat (LB5) on all possible jobs. ‘’Level Cap Item: 60’’, Mithra RSE. Def: 5 STR: -5 DEX: -5 VIT: -5 AGI: -5 INT: 5 MND: 5 CHR: 5, This cape would be amazing if it didn’t have -VIT. The HP is also good for, Obtained through recruiting people into FFXI and then waiting 70 days. ‘’Level cap item: 50, 60’’, Club WS item for tarutaru and galka, replaces, Great belt for club WS for all races. Can be used as an alternative for a Geist. After running through glamours of each of the other Neo-Ishgardian body pieces, I came to the Neo-Ishgardian Top of Healing—the last of the cycle for me—quite familiar with the ins and outs of the style. ‘’Level cap item: 20, 30’’, Club WS augment. A rare ENM drop,this great ring replaces all MND rings, MP: 20 MND: 4(5) Vs. Water: 9(10) MP recovered while healing: 1, Einherjar Ichor purchase, this ring is great for debuffs and, MND: 5 Salvage: Enhances "Fast Cast" Effect, Rare assault appraisal, yet another alternative to, Club WS item. Macro in Haste % gear into anything you may cast on several people in row (like Haste, Regen, Erase, Raise), and anything that just plain takes a long time to cast (Reraise, Protectra, Shellra, Stoneskin, Teleports, Warp). Melee WHMs tend to prefer clubs over staves because of Hexa Strike, however before then the choice between Staves and Clubs is a personal one. ‘’Level cap item: 30, 40, 50, 60’’, Optional club WS item. The MP doesn't make it remarkably better than Light Staff, and you'd want to keep your Light Staff anyway for. Eorzea Collection is where you can share your personal glamours and browse through an extensive collection of looks for your Final Fantasy XIV character. MND: 2 Magic Defense Bonus: 2 Bonus Damage Added to Magic Burst, Your other WHM viable option from Apocalypse Nigh, not as good as, Def: 1 Cure Potency: 5% Waltz potency: 5%. Evasion: 10 Ranged Accuracy: 10 Accuracy: 10. Macro in for WS. * Notifications for free company formations are shared for all languages. This is actually a ‘ranged’ item, but it is great for. Optional. ‘’Level Cap Item: 50, 60’’, HP: 15 MP: 15 Enhances Resist Sleep Effect, Optional alternative to Geist. ‘’Level cap gear: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60’’, Def: 16 INT: 2 MND: 2 Enchantment: Restore MP, Upgrade for Elvaan. It also looks snazzy! Unttainable for most, this is the best mainhand weapon for WHM available in the game. Although WHM does not b… If you do manage to get one, it is better than, DEF: 40 HP +3% MP +3% MND +12 CHR +12 Enhances. The rare, Repose Gear - An important set of gear to have to sleep monsters. The HQ makes decent TP gear...since there really isn’t anything else. Rivals. This great WHM belt can also be used for WS. Salvage piece. Use if you happen to have it, don’t go crazy looking for one. Good for ws. ‘’Level Cap Item: 60’’, Mithra RSE. Lightning: 3(5) Vs. Earth: 3(5) Vs. Wind: 3(5) Vs. Maple Tree (Atomos) posted a new blog entry, "にゃーん!. ’’Level cap item: 20’’, Can macro into club WS if you want. Even if you replace it with, This is pretty important gear, so get it ASAP. 422k members in the ffxiv community. * Notifications for standings updates are shared across all Worlds. ’’Level cap item: 40’’, MP: 20 MND: 2 CHR: 2 Rainy Weather: Adds "Regen" Effect, This hat trumps all that came before it and lasts a very long time (up to endgame), so get the HQ. ‘’Level cap item: 50, 60’’, Tarutaru RSE. Gear is situational and a WHM with multiple sets of gear will serve better than a WHM with a single set, not matter how “uber” that set may be. Expensive, but there aren’t better options at this level. ‘’Level cap item: 30, 40, 50’’. Dynamis-Tavnazia drop. Better than. ’’Level cap item: 20’’, Expensive, but is an amazing melee piece for most jobs. Best accuracy ring for all melee. In my opinion, the best. There are very few pieces of gear that directly affect cure potency +%, and these pieces will increase your cures the most dramatically.

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