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The Well Now way envisions a world where no-one is starved of food, company or dignity. (2015) Use of the Poetic Imagination in Healing from Body Shame. Website including links to free articles. Artful Fat. Lucy Aphramor, PhD, RD developed Well Now, an approach to nutrition that teaches compassion, fosters self-care and advances social justice. Thank you and talk to you soon! Guest speaker. This means I unlearn an old way of being in the world, an old way of thinking about myself or others, or an old way of organising my thoughts. Working with Groups. and that highly prizes personal wellbeing. It influences what methods and beliefs are seen as valid. Critical Dietetics Conference, August 16th Dominican University, Chicago USA. I put “diet-related” in commas not because it’s not true, but because it’s not all the truth. Radical Unlearning. You can revisit this using this list if you like. London. Why are some groups in a population more affected than others? A belief system in which the earth is devoid of any inherent Beingness or spirit. Anyone who wants my support decides what’s fair, and pays me that. In. It’s fine to be unsettled – we need this for change to happen. Signup now and receive an email once I publish new content. Do you remember the questions about potatoes, bread and honey? This is where the, Emotions O’clock –  Can you ask yourself “How am I feeling?” a few times on the hour throughout the day. We can be ‘hungry’ for things aside from food, like fresh air, a hug, green space. Guest speaker. Hopefully you’ll have been able to download the powerpoint where I go through the rationale for dieting and explore some relevant biomedical data. We’ll return to this in the next lesson and consider more examples. You might know of the activity where people stand in a line and then are asked questions about privilege and disadvantage. Aphramor, L., Asada, Y., Atkins, J., Berenbaum, S., Brady, J., Clarke, S., Coveney, J., DeVault, M., Forster-Coull, L., Fox, A., Gingras, J., Gord, C., Koç, M., Ignagni, E., Lordly, D., MacLellan, D., Manafò, E., Morley, C., Simmons, D., Trainoff., K., Tzianetas, R., Welsh, J., & Yarker-Edgar, K. (2009). Challenging the Profession from Within. Can you write yourself a comfort menu of ten or more ideas. have any of these feelings come up for you over the course? Advancing Critical Dietetics, Coventry University      2011, BSc Hons  Nutrition/dietetics, Surrey University        1990, State Registration in dietetics (Distinction)                1990, Compassion and Creativity for Critical Professional Practice (NUTR 4490) (GAHN 6650) It includes a video of the activity and a clear discussion of some of the issues raised. Demonstrate an understanding of the tensions, challenges and opportunities raised by conventional hierarchies, silences and processes in organizational knowledge creation, what this means for ethical autonomy, and how it supports or suppresses a trauma-informed discourse. Here’s some worked answers – and my current musings. University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, Senior Research Assistant (2007-2009) Let’s imagine I really fancied some cheese toast but didn’t let myself eat this. Eds M. Koç, J. Sumner and A. Winson. 15 minutes. Connected eating recognises that food and eating serve many roles and meet many needs; the value of combined knowledge from our body, mind, and circumstances you are worthy of love and respect, you always were, and always will be What might happen next? Guest speaker at community paediatrician education day. You take a step  forward if you answer yes, a step backwards if you answer no. If not,  now is a great time to put something in your diary! Being able to recognise hunger, fullness, and satisfaction helps us directly when it comes to making sense of our eating. Eds S. Tremayne and M. Unnithan.Berghahn Books, Oxford. Social Theory and Health, 3 (4), 315-340. USA. Taste. Learn how to enable Javascript. Suddenly I had to find a different way to practice as a dietitian and I had to overhaul my attitude to science, scientists, and certainty. Last question, what are you looking forward to? Groups are kept to 6 participants to foster an intimate learning environment. This process is buffered and buffeted by a lifetime’s worth of emotions. Raw Nerve Press, York. The research gives the answer as racism. In order to work with our emotions we first need to feel them. Journal of Critical Dietetics, 3 (2), 56-66. Bacon, L. O’Reilly. Bacon, L. and Aphramor, L. (2014) Body Respect: what conventional text books get wrong, leave out or just plain to fail understand about weight. Have you always had enough to eat? 14th January. “What are the dashed lines for at the top of the scale on the teach sheet?”. Since this early work people have added shock to the start of the list, added hope and trust alongside with acceptance, then finished with integration. Aphramor, L. (2009) It took a lot of willpower but I finally gave up recommending dieting. The most important thing for the learning and healing that’s happening here is that you explore your feelings and beliefs. Activities will be based around concepts deemed useful for us to explore together and also schedule time later in the week that we can use to discuss topics decided on by the group after we meet.

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