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Used together they create dynamism and vivid intensity while becoming more relaxed and playful against a backdrop of fresh white. Overview Compliance Resilience Environment Company Show full description. 0000035459 00000 n 0000035856 00000 n x�b```b``[����`���π �,�@���=gΜ�)�8�$�h] GO����s�\A ��O"���U(f`�g�c�� ڮ�6E������T.�7�̘shJ�o5��E�R�tx��03x�`��̹� ��1�x����L�Ӂ�Rf�p�61�Λ��x=@� ��?4 endstream endobj 16711 0 obj <>/Size 16672/Type/XRef>>stream 0000006575 00000 n Perfect White. Want to get an update from BPI? 0000046257 00000 n 0000001416 00000 n 0. Galv Light Steel Battens / Acrylic / Steel Tiles. Compliance Information. 0000007474 00000 n It is easier to apply and gives a smoother even finish. Sign me up for Wattyl Coupons, offers and news . 0000019550 00000 n 0000022196 00000 n Sign In . 0000034242 00000 n 0000010054 00000 n 0000005807 00000 n Available nationally at Wattyl Paint Centres and selected Mitre 10 and Home Timber Hardware. Long. Bright Future features saturated colour – bright, deep and bold – to create vibrancy and drama in a space defined by contemporary forms and modern materials. Subscribe to get all the news, views, resources, comment and opinion on all things Architecture & Design delivered straight to your inbox. Resilience Information. 0000034479 00000 n 0. Previous Next. 0000017084 00000 n Get in touch with Wattyl about Colour Designer . ... Colours which display on the screen and printed colours may not match the paint's actual colour. 0000005074 00000 n x��ѡ 0ð4t������՞4mi���C��C��C. 0000012593 00000 n Do you want to connect your linkedin account? 0000002760 00000 n Coordinates). Wattyl - Colour Designer Add To comparison 0. 0000035164 00000 n Company Information. Oct 7, 2012 - Search our large range of paints and other coatings to find the right product for you. 0000034834 00000 n Available in a choice of designer colours. 0000046575 00000 n 0000024980 00000 n 0000006854 00000 n Talking Architecture & Design Podcast (Episode 60), K2LD director Tisha Lee explains how the design world is adapting to our new normal, Ceilings, Internal Wall Materials & Partitioning, Presenting the new Wattyl colour palettes for 2020. Sarah Stephenson, Wattyl’s Colour and Design Expert says: “We are moving forward, whilst looking back, the digital and the natural are so close – and yet worlds apart!”. create profile . This palette of six colours defines, in all its subtlety, the sublime layering of earthy, mineral hues, textured surfaces and sustainable, authentic materials. Dulux® Wash & Wear® Low Sheen - Ultra Deep Base, Hyper Durable Architectural Powder Coatings, Building products rated based on the completeness of information available. “Our homes become sanctuaries with a priority for calm and comfort. 0000002527 00000 n 0000028696 00000 n Environment Information. 0000004622 00000 n Products & Services. Pellentesque mollis nec orci id tincidunt. info@la-studioweb.com The youthful, tech brights of Bright Future create the feeling of an art installation,” said Stephenson. 0000001138 00000 n 0000046220 00000 n She has consulted in store for Bunnings Warehouse, Masters and Amazing Paints stores. 0000007567 00000 n Wattyl presents their inspirational colour palettes for 2020 - Bright Future and Natural Connection. 0000034755 00000 n Please note that the colours displayed in this window are an approximate colour representation and are subject to the variations inherent to computer visual displays. 0000007681 00000 n 0000034352 00000 n 0000006089 00000 n 0000034273 00000 n Discover products that suit your style and create a list of the items you like or want most. PO Box 1622 Colins Street West. The harmony of mid-tone colours creates a calming, cosy environment,” said Stephenson. Wattyl. Wattyl’s new palettes – Bright Future and Natural Connection – beautifully reflect this vision for 2020. Our homes are our sanctuaries and at Wattyl we understand the power that colour has in creating mood and enhancing your home’s design. Search through our latest projects and articles to find your inspiration for your next project, Join the community and give your insight into projects and news. 0000002643 00000 n %PDF-1.4 %���� Expert Colour Design offers comprehensive colour design and Interior Decoration services for homes, businesses and investment properties. Register newsletter now. (+612) 2531 5600 Manufacturing Location (Lat. Beth has also worked as a Colour Designer for Dulux, Wattyl, Valspar and Mythic Paint. 0000001985 00000 n Wattyl Interior Design i.d® is an ultra premium, low VOC, 100% acrylic wall paint which produces a long lasting, elegant finish with virtually no paint odour. 0000046449 00000 n colour name code lrv r g b c m y k A Acapelle B30w+ 86 252 235 207 2 4 21 0 Acapulco Violet D79w 28 133 144 167 51 39 20 0 Aegean Sky E46w 33 92 162 190 69 18 18 0 African Tribe A70w 25 154 133 107 37 42 63 8 After Sunset D56w 30 159 146 177 36 46 7 0 Agapantha D67w 25 128 136 170 52 46 11 0 Natural Connection embodies our desire for the tactility of the organic, and the unrefined tones that connect us with nature. Please select the Range: Nuance Colour Designer Colour Wash Copper Pearl Finishing Touch Swatches I.D I.D Stone Pascol Heritage Pearl Solagard Solagard Stone The 2020 Colour Palettes are available in Wattyl’s ultra premium I.D Interior ultra-low VOC paints – Contemporary Matt, Luxury Low Sheen, Silky Satin and Advanced Low Sheen. Wattyl presents their inspirational colour palettes for 2020 - Bright Future and Natural Connection. Thank You. 0000015266 00000 n Conceptually worlds apart, the two distinct palettes reflect on the one hand, our fascination with digital culture, and on the other, our yearning to go back to simpler times and reconnect with our natural environment. Wattyl x Designer Rugs. 16672 0 obj <> endobj xref 16672 41 0000000016 00000 n Your Projects Profile has been set up and you can now save items around the site and they will be saved beyond this session! 19-sep-2012 - Wattyl - Colour Designer | Exterior Paints | Wattyl Australia 0000046329 00000 n 0000045881 00000 n trailer <]>> startxref 0 %%EOF 16712 0 obj <>stream 0. Sed mollis risus eu nisi aliquet, sit amet fermentum justo dapibus. 0000035935 00000 n 0000001833 00000 n cancel . “There is a growing focus on artificial and digital tones that pop on screen as much as they do in real life.

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