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Check out the joulutorttu and glogi recipes for Christmas. Traditionally Finns eat mämmi with milk or cream, but to make it taste even better, you can also add some vanilla sauce. Also enjoyed this recipe for Finnish Pancakes with Strawberry Rhubarb Sauce, Your email address will not be published. Beverly – You’re very welcome. The top layer does not need to be covered with the filling. Inside a korvapuusti, you can find a mix of ingredients like butter, cinnamon, and sugar. There are endless variations of this recipe that you can make, changing the ingredients a bit every time and also decorating the cake different every time. Kalakukko are especially popular in the city of Kuopio, the capitol of Savonia, and you can find several bakeries there that serve them, as well as an annual baking contest. I was just writing my October harvest calendar and was longing for apple cake. . The word “makaroni” means “macaroni” while “laatikko” means “a box.”  Hence if translated literally it will mean “a box of macaroni.”  Every local prepares makaronilaatikko a little bit differently, though the recipe always includes macaroni, meat, milk, and eggs. It used to be a traditional way to discipline the kids, but nowadays parents don’t use it as much. This Finnish Berry Cake uses only strawberries and blueberries, because I find that raspberry seeds are not very friendly and get stuck in my teeth, so I rarely use them. Leipäjuusto is a several centimeter thick baked circles made of cheese. This Finnish Berry Cake is easy and delicious. Katiez – As much as I love weighing I have to say cups are easier for most ingredients. Finns usually make tarts at home, but if you are visiting Finland in the winter, you can easily find them at any cafe. Salmiakki is a Finnish candy that has made a name for itself around the world, as one of the most… terrible tasting things ever. Also known as ‘sprinkle pie’, these cakes are made as either brownies or sponge cake and topped with chocolate icing and sprinkles. Your email address will not be published. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. . Either way, yum yum. Might use 2/3 cream 1/3 milk if the cream is that thick again and also make sure the egg is a decent size. It is for a great cause! Nowadays you can find it at other places as well, however usually under a different name. I love apple cake – so thanks for converting to cups Take a serving plate (35x25cm) or cover a cutting board with aluminium foil. Have given your blog a mention on my blog’s facebook page today. I knew something this week would be apple-y since I brought home some lovelies from the farmers’ market this weekend. One fun fact to know, the word “korvapuusti” also means the act of punishing someone by pinching his or her ear. Everything looks delicious and kudos to you both for baking for such a good cause. The consistancy should be moist but not so moist that it’s unpleasant cold. It’s a traditional food in the Finnish Lapland, and they serve it proudly for tourists visiting the northernmost parts of Finland. i really want to make this but its a rainy sunday in australia and i dont really fancy going out and getting wet to find a local shop open on a sunday but i do want cake!! Wendy, I know what you mean about long weeks, mine seemed long, but after reading about yours, my seemed ok then!!! There is even a legend that they were invented by his wife. Thanks for stopping by as now I have a new blog to visit myself! In addition, all kinds of sweets, candies and confections, like chocolates, marzipan, marmalade confections, various nuts and fresh, dried or candied fruits are served with coffee, tea or glögg. Everything you need to know about picking your own strawberries! Copyright © 1997-2015 Nordic Recipe Archive Nowadays, almost everyone in Finland eats these tasty rice pies. Let me know how it goes! Deb – You were right! They can be topped with all sorts of ingredients, although the most popular is egg bugger, which is made from boiled eggs mashed with butter. Remember to try makaronilaatikko with ketchup, otherwise, your Finnish culinary experience won’t be complete. The shortened version is that a kid was sent out of the room for throwing something at another class member. Good luck at the Coffee Morning! D, I must say, Wendy has some major competition going on here. I would like to see the results of the sale at school tomorrow. salt. Tasting traditional dishes and desserts while visiting a foreign country is always fun. Perhaps it is the sign for me to make this delicious cake! Omenakakku was one of the first things I learned to make when I lived in Finland — but haven’t made it in years and years but hmm, let’s see, perhaps tonight! Add thick coating of strawberry filling to one cake, and then place second cake on top of it. Traditionally we always serve leipäjuusto with cloudberry jam, but some Finns have started to use strawberry and raspberry jams too. Using a mixer or wooden spoon, cream together butter and sugar in a small bowl. The latter is probably my favourite cake in the world. I made the Omenakakku – Finnish Apple Cake as a dairy free version as my son is lactose intolerant. So easy and a wonderful result especially when hubby says “I much prefer this to your apple shortcake!” So Mum’s handed down recipe takes second place. Due to a pleading hubby, I made the Finnish Apple Cake again last night! . 5-7 spring onions (I used only the white parts) 4 large hard boiled eggs 200g soured cream or creme fraiche.

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