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From now through the end of March, Applebee’s will be selling its spin on the Long Island Iced Tea, and each 10-ounce mug will cost just $1. But customers have offered up mixed reviews for the beverage itself — an amalgam of sweet and sour mix, cola, rum, vodka, gin, tequila, and triple sec (the exact spirit brands may differ between locations, but all are “prepared with the same amount of 75-proof alcohol,” according to Applebee’s). The Long Islands have mustered similar excitement. Applebee’s quarterly sales haven’t yet been released (and its parent company DineEquity declined to provide data on consumer traffic during the Dollaritas promotion). What’s the Difference Between Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon, and Rye? The demand has been high enough that the beverage director at the metro Detroit location now mixes four keg-sized batches of the sweet alcoholic drink daily, according to a server. ingredients. ingredients. As one Twitter user noted, “I’m not an @Applebees fan but if you want to throw $1 Long Island Iceteas [sic] at me....I can help you out #MerryDrunkness.” An Applebee’s in the New York area reportedly experienced unusually long lines, “a backed-up kitchen, and half-hour waits for drinks” during the first weekend of the promotion, according to Refinery 29. Summer Squeeze. In contrast, the "top shelf" Long Island costs $7.49, or $8.49 in an 18-ounce "mucho" glass. Applebee's (drink 2) Mud Slide. At the same time, restaurants are betting that customers will only order a few drinks, while consuming high-ticket items like three-for-$13 appetizer samplers and $15 top sirloins. Additional nutrition information available upon request. 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How ‘Handmade’ Is America’s Most Popular Vodka? Since Applebee’s launched its $1 Long Island iced tea promotion (aka $1 L.I.T.s) last week, the alcoholic drink — poured into a mug or sometimes a disposable cup, depending on volume of orders — has drawn in a growing adult clientele. Closed. That’s even more true when it comes to the oft-hyped millennial dollars — a group the chain had reportedly given up on wooing back in August. 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Turn it up a notch with this party in a glass when you enjoy our $1 Long Island Iced Tea, the DOLLAR L.I.T. Bacardi lemon, lemonade, lemon wedge, sugar rim. What’s the Difference Between Seltzer, Club Soda, and Sparkling Mineral Water? “The general idea is, once you bring [customers] in, then you start to use suggestive selling, and building that check average through getting them to order other things,” says David Henkes, a senior principal at the food and beverage industry consulting group Technomic. bourbobn street steak, double crunch shrimp, tomato basil, soup of day, house salad, Caesar salad, spinach salad, classic turkey breast, American BLT, Chicken Fajita rollup, four cheese grille, houney pepper chicken tenders, three cheese chicken penne, chicken torilla soup, French onion soup, strawberry and avocado soup, thai shrimp, firesta chicken chopped, grilled chicken caear, oriental chicken, clubhouse grille, artisan grilled chicken chiabatta, turkey bacon and avocado, shrimp scampi and linguine, 4cheese mac n cheese honey pepper chicken tenders, half size everything, add brownie bite for 1.49, $10 bonus gift card when you buy $50 in gift cards. Sign in and Add Review. Applebees Top Shelf Long Island Iced Tea. Copycat Applebee's Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail. Why Should You Have to Pay for Soda Water. The uptick in business is big enough to warrant a modest wait at the door. Skip the Negroni, Order a Fancy Shot Instead, Low-Waste Cocktails Are the Next Big Thing, Distilling 101: How Whiskey Is Actually Made, Why It’s Time to Take Mint Juleps Seriously, If You’re Making Cocktails, You Should Be Making Your Own Bitters. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. In fact, in a press release for Dollaritas, Applebee’s vice president of beverage innovation Patrick Kirk attempted to reemphasize the chain serves more than food: “‘Bar’ is in our name, and it is an integral part of what makes Applebee’s a great neighborhood destination,” he says. How cheap cocktails are helping the struggling casual chain stay afloat, It’s a Wednesday night at Applebee’s in metro Detroit and the restaurant is turning a brisk business. What’s the Difference Between Ale and Lager? email recipe. TOP SHELF LONG ISLAND ICED TEA « Back To Applebees Grill + Bar, Yucca Valley, CA (0) Tanqueray gin, BACARDI rum, Smirnoff vodka, orange liqueur, sweet and sour, and topped with cola and fresh lemon.

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