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Here’s another story of Rusty’s horrible childhood, and while it’s distinctive enough, it mostly just serves to remind us how normalized everything’s become for him. Unfortunately, it's possible a shocking revelation like this could have occurred in Season 8. He carries a large scythe that gives off flames powerful enough to cut through metal whenever he slashes at things. Red Death leaves the party and soon arrives at the Morpho Cave where he forces The Blue Morpho and Kano (Henchman 21) out of hiding and begins to threaten them causing the Blue Morpho to truthfully admit to him that his wife and child are actually safe at his mother-in-law's home. He is able to scare the latter by speaking with his dark villain voice. As The Monarch prepares to kill him with a concealed gun, Red Death casually identifies The Monarch despite his disguise, telling him he knows The Monarch's reputation. Red Death was cool, though. A flashback to 1987 in Arrears in Science shows Red Death as one of a group of young villains who belonged to The Guild in "the Dark Ages", when The Sovereign took the group underground: Stab Girl; Laugh Riot; Hate-Bit; Mr. Fahrenheit, the Super-Sonic Man; and Vendata. All of our TV reviews in one convenient place. In a comedic moment, he awkwardly downplays their deaths as mere incapacitation when Dr. Mrs. At a diner, he reveals the truth of Movie Night and explains to Brock that S.P.H.I.N.X. At the end of the episode "Arrears in Science," Brock Sampson states that the O.S.I. In his civilian identity, Red Death has shown himself to be a kind and caring family man. While this is happening, Wide Whale has stopped paying kickbacks to the Partnership in order to keep out of Guild territory. (and order of the Triad, of course). Billy continues to believe that Rusty is Blue Morpho. Standard Equipment: His cloak, Giant Scythe, and Flying Horse. 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He also took down a large man like Blind Rage with a single punch and tied him up easily. "Red Death" I hadn’t realized “Red Means Stop” was a season finale until roughly halfway through the episode. KEEP READING: The Venture Bros: How Many Times Have Hank & Dean Died? But hey, maybe I’m confused, maybe we’ll get another hour long episode six months from now that ties off everything with a bow. Red Death. "Flash did everything he could, but Cicada killed more people than Zoom or even the Red Death." The speed at which he changes between these two roles is played for comedy. Not the worst the show’s ever produced, but definitely not the best. Kate is the attractive suburban wife of the supervillain Red Death.Together they have a daughter, Lila. They form a plan to break into Dummy Corp to find data on the location of Dr. Dugong, Wide Wale's brother who has gone into hiding under OSI protection. With the recent cancellation of The Venture Bros, several plotlines have been left unresolved due to the show's premature ending. 21 even considered not going against him originally because of this when he and the Monarch were trying to terminate all villains trying to arch Doctor Venture. The impact of Sheila's council job, as well as the revelation that Rusty Venture is Malcolm's half brother, could have seriously strained her relationship with the Monarch, but sadly that fallout will go unexplored. Clancy Brown is the voice of Red Death in The Venture Bros.. TV Show: The Venture Bros. There are countless mysteries in the world of The Venture Bros., but here are several major ones that have been left unresolved by the premature cancellation of the series. Fans have fiercely debated this topic for years, and this might have been a revelation down the line. All of these elements represent a certain raising of stakes and shifting of the status quo. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He later runs into Dr. Mrs. He is said to be about 70, though it is unknown if that's true. Any time you can get Clancy Brown on your show, you should do that, and his vacillations between comforting paternal authority and psychotic rage were one of the half hour’s best repeated gags. Possible further evidence of a dark instability may include the murder of Blind Rage behind the Council's backs. Rusty is missing a finger and calls the Monarch by his real name before returning to the time machine to further fix the timeline. The character then made his reappearance in the same episode where Grover Cleveland's Presidential Time Machine was reintroduced, and a lot of fans have speculated that it could be an alternate version of Hank or Dean under the costume. 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