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Simple Mills is a company that carefully selects which... #2. Now I continue the tradition for the next generation of peanut butter lovers. Follow package instructions for defrosting, either placing the dough in the refrigerator or allowing it to thaw at room temperature for the recommended amount of time. Ingredients 1 bag pizza dough ( I use pre-made dough) 16 oz pizza sauce 2 tsp dried herbs pizza / pasta blend or oregano / parsley 3 tbsp flour 1 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp parmesan cheese … —Ruth Bartel, Morris, ManitobaGet RecipeTaste of HomeSugar Cream PieI absolutely love Indiana sugar cream pie; especially the one that my grandma made for me. —Peggy West, Georgetown, DelawareGet RecipeTaste of HomeOld-Fashioned Peanut Butter PieMy mother made a chewy, gooey peanut butter pie I loved as a child. —Lorraine Caland, Shuniah, OntarioGet RecipeTaste of HomeCandy Apple PieThis is the only apple pie my husband will eat, but that's all right since he makes it as often as I do. Another bonus: since these crusts aren’t pre-shaped, you can get fancy with the crimping and even pass this one off as your own. It's a snap to prepare because the filling starts with instant pudding mix. With the crust already prepared, you have the freedom to concentrate fully on creating a delicious pizza with a bountiful array of toppings and cheese. —Nancy O'Connell, Biddeford, MaineGet RecipeTaste of HomeGinger-Streusel Pumpkin PieI love to bake and have spent a lot of time making goodies for my family and friends. These premade crusts were buttery, flaky and baked up golden. I can’t imagine a holiday party without this tasty treat! I thought it would be even better as a pie. Hatter has also had publication on home improvement websites such as Redbeacon. So what’s the next best option? Portion the dough before shaping it. Total. When it warms up, it’s … Bright blueberries and raspberries sandwich a cream cheese layer in the pie that’s quite festive. Cutting into the crust, the pastry layers, not to mention the golden hue, were obvious. —Bernice Morris, Marshfield, MissouriGet RecipeSour Cream Peach Pecan PieFresh peaches, good southern pecans and real vanilla make this pie a special summertime treat. The streusel topping gives this pie a special touch your family will love. Brush vegetable or olive oil evenly over the pizza pan. The combination of blueberries and rhubarb in this recipe caught my eye and it was an instant best-seller. A long rise is not necessary -- allow the pizza to rise for 15 to 20 minutes. That’s where premade pie crust comes in. The mark of a good pie crust (homemade or store-bought) is flakiness, and Marie Callender’s frozen pie crust delivered. Cutting into the crust, the pastry layers, not to mention the golden hue, were obvious. It should then be warm enough to handle and stretch. Take a bite, the crust is crisp and mild in flavor making it a great base for any homemade treat—sweet or savory. It's a joy to serve this standout treat! I Tried Vinegar Pie! In the summer, she uses fresh tart cherries for this recipe. Defrost the pizza dough, if necessary. Serving this dessert is a nice way to celebrate the end of winter! Nathaniel also has some tips for choosing fresh pizza dough from stores… Look for the youngest dough available by checking the expiration dates. We get it, it does take a lot of prep (but it’s worth it!). I do, too. Open the pizza dough and remove it from the packaging. Home Recipes Cooking Style Comfort Food. When you have spare time, a homemade butter pie crust can’t be beat. Funny how folks always seem able to find room for this delectable dessert! I guessed right. We also appreciated how golden this crust baked up. - Store-bought dough. If you have little or no experience with home baking, pizza dough may seem especially intimidating. No doubt about it, you’ll want a second serving.” Janell Greisen - San Dimas, CaliforniaGet RecipeTaste of HomeRhu-berry PieI cook in a coffee shop, so I'm always looking for new and unique pies to serve my customers. But throw in some garden-fresh basil and you're in for a real treat. How to choose the best store bought pizza crust. Bought frozen at shop rite. Crusts should be flaky, buttery and something you enjoy with a delicious filling (sweet or savory). Since it was mid-May in Oklahoma, the berries were absolutely perfect. —Kristina Pontier, Hillsboro, OregonGet RecipeTaste of HomeSweet Potato Coconut Pie with Marshmallow MeringueMy grandmother's sweet potato casserole contains coconut and marshmallows. Here’s What I Thought. each for about $4.00. —Maggie Greene, Granite Falls, WashingtonGet RecipeHoney Pecan PieLooking for a sweet ending to a special meal? A Web Experience brought to you by LEAFtv, Delissio Frozen Pizza Baking Instructions, How to Quickly Defrost Frozen Pizza Dough. Place the prepared pizza in a warm spot on the counter or place it into the oven to allow the dough to rise for a short time in a draft-free environment. She pours this love of all things sweet (and sometimes savory) into Bakeable, Taste of Home's baking club. —Simone Bazos, Baltimore, MarylandGet RecipeTaste of HomeRaspberry Pie SquaresMaking pie for a crowd may seem impossible, but not when you turn to this crowd-pleasing recipe! Or maybe it's the chunky apple filling. Try House of Pasta pizza dough. Grease or oil the pizza pan you will use to bake the pizza. —Lindsay Sprunk, Noblesville, IndianaGet RecipeTaste of HomeChocolate Raspberry PieAfter tasting this pie at my sister-in-law's house, I had to have the recipe. Be sure to have a slice while it's still warm, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It has the perfect custardy texture.—Victoria Hudson, Pickens, South CarolinaGet RecipeMaple Sugar Pumpkin PieWe make our own maple syrup, and that's what gives this pie its special taste. The crust is so flaky and the filling is sure to please everyone. It’s much better than everyday apple pie. Bake the pizza according to the package recommendations that accompanied the pizza dough. It's low in fat, sugar and fuss. Thanks to orange and lemon, this lovely pie packs a bold sweet-tart flavor! —Judy Castranova, New Bern, North CarolinaGet RecipeTaste of HomeFrosty Peanut Butter PieWith only a handful of ingredients, this peanut butter pie promises to deliver well-deserved compliments. 1 / 50Taste of HomeDar's Coconut Cream PieWhen I whip up a toasted coconut cream pie, my family goes wild and the pie vanishes. Depending on the pizza crust you purchase, you may only need to unroll it onto a pizza pan or you may need to spread it yourself onto your pan. The Test Kitchen baked up nine types of pie crust. —Gina Nistico, Taste of Home Food EditorGet RecipeTaste of HomeBanana Cream PieMade from our farm-fresh dairy products, this pie was a sensational creamy treat any time Mom served it. The easy, pat-in crust has a rich grain flavor. It truly is the best Key lime pie recipe ever! Grandma, in her wisdom, suggested, "Maybe a slice of my homemade apple pie will make you feel better." There’s no shame in keeping a package or two in your freezer. Depending on the pizza crust you purchase, you may only need to unroll it onto a pizza pan or you may need to spread it yourself onto your pan. When you’re making a potpie at home, you need a particular kind of crust—one that’s buttery and flaky without any hint of sweetness or additional flavors (like vanilla). A dollop of orange cream complements the slightly tart flavor. Testers were also really pleased with the flavor of Great Value frozen crusts from Walmart: they had a hint of vanilla and were almost shortbread-like in flavor (perfect for sweet fillings and cream pies especially). —Mary E. Relyea, Canastota, New YorkGet RecipeTaste of HomeFrozen Grasshopper PieWhen I first started experimenting with cream pies, this seemed like the right recipe to create for a house of chocolate lovers. Just cover it and leave it for about half an hour. —Claudia Youmans, Virginia Beach, VirginiaGet Recipe Bake success right into your pies with these essential pie baking toolsTaste of HomePeanut Butter Cream PieDuring the warm months, it's nice to have a fluffy, no-bake dessert that's a snap to make. Want to learn more about how our Test Kitchen chooses their favorite products? The nutty crust complements the tender fruit and buttery pastry. This Kentucky Derby dessert is perfect for the races. As a regular contributor to Natural News, many of Hatter's Internet publications focus on natural health and parenting. This is more of an adult New Year's Eve pie, but some have made it for Christmas dessert—served after the kids have gone to bed! -Cindy Kleweno, Burlington, ColoradoGet RecipeTaste of HomeRed, White and Blue Berry PieTo me, this colorful pie is the epitome of summer.

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