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2001 VOY Section 31 2 Rogue.rar 963.11 KBs I still remember reading all about that ‘starliner’ Enterprise  XCV-330 in Fred Goldstein and space artist Rick Sternbach’s “Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology”; a book that I bought as a kid back in 1980. 1989 TNG 007 Masks.rar 878.46 KBs 1989 TNG 006 Power Hungry.rar 863.03 KBs By Year page. there are no continuity discrepancies included in the material. If something big happened during one of the Enterprise-E’s missions in a Next Generation novel, those events could have ramifications on Bajor in the next Deep Space Nine book. 1995 TNG 036 Into the Nebula.rar 873.76 KBs But a clunky retro-future may not be a good lure for modern audiences, who might get a chuckle at tabulating computers, beehive hairdos, go-go boots and flip-phone communicators. If you 1998 TNG The Dominion Wars 1 - Behind Enemy Lines.rar 625 KBs 1996 TOS 080 The Joy Machine.rar 723.45 KBs DVD/Blu-ray/Streaming, Review, Star Trek: Picard, “Long-time fans of the Titan series will notice some differences, but also some familiar faces too”. My collection of hard copy books goes from 1967-2016 -- a nice, round 50 years. 2001 SCE 07 Invincible Book 1.rar 657.5 KBs own personal 1997 TOS 083 - Heart of the Sun.rar 784.62 KBs 2000 NF 09 Excalibur 1 - Requiem.rar 2.83 MBs 2000 TNG The Genesis Wave Book 1.rar 879.44 KBs I guess Boimler probably won’t be on the Titan any more by the time this is set. Quality and compatibility concerns regarding this series are the principal reason why the producers as well as many fans are reluctant to accept it as fully canon. There’s a wealth of untapped potential in the Trek universe. Here at EAS, I respect the official position, and I appreciate the attempts to mend at least a few of the countless continuity errors in the second season. Only specific issues of these anthologies are included. 1997 VOY 13 The Black Shore.rar 553.22 KBs 2002 Strange New Worlds V.rar 650.54 KBs Alternate continuities, such as changes to the timeline or parallel universes, have been an integral part of Star Trek's concept since the very beginning. short story anthology or multistory comic book, all stories between 1977 TOS Star Trek 12.rar 327.04 KBs Roberto Orci, co-writer of "Star Trek (2009)", explained that he envisions the new timeline as a quantum universe much like the ones in TNG: "Parallels". 2005 TNG Articles of the Federation.rar 1.27 MBs It incorporates some elements of the novels, but otherwise has its own canon. 2006 ENT The Last Full Measure.rar 512.62 KBs So, instead of a clunky, analog-looking 23rd century that looked like this…. One explanation for the omission of the NX-01 in Picard’s gallery is that these were all ships with serial number NCC-1701 rather than simply ships called “Enterprise”. 1979 TOS Devil World.rar 331.79 KBs 2000 TNG 059b The Valiant.rar 1000.87 KBs 1994 TOS Sarek.rar 907.22 KBs The series was conceived as a direct prequel to TOS, roughly ten years before Kirk would be in the captain's chair. “Quadrant-shaking plots and intranovel continuity does not mean that you have to read this era of books in a specific order.”, Increasingly in the late 1990s—with Next Generation on the silver screen and Deep Space Nine finishing its own TV run—even standalones started referencing events in other novels. Since 2014 he’s been the freelance copyeditor of the Star Trek fiction line at Simon & Schuster, and he’s the canon editor for Star Trek Adventures. Until 2009, all canon Star Trek was set in the same timeline (although owing to time travel it was frequently subject to subtle changes). 2000 TOS 096 Rihannsu 4 - Honor Blade.rar 415.03 KBs 1996 VOY 07 Ghost Of A Chance.rar 587.8 KBs 1984 TOS 015 Corona.rar 396.44 KBs Star Trek Enterprise. 2000 SCE 01 Belly of the Beast.rar 698.82 KBs 1997 VOY-SA 03 Quarantine.rar 128.76 KBs Star Trek says that there will be a future for us among the stars after we get our act together here on Earth. 2006 SCE 67 Turn the Page.rar 63.85 KBs And that’s how I personally reconcile the increasing discontinuity between the various looks and technologies of Star Trek. And while the perfect secrecy is unbelievable anyway, it still leaves plenty of discrepancies that probably wouldn't fall under this ban, such as the holodeck, Klingon cloaking, the truth about Tribbles or the course of the war with the Klingons, to name only a few items from a very long list. 2002 STA Stargazer 2 Progenitor.rar 1.61 MBs 2001 TNG-VOY Dark Passions 2.rar 404.25 KBs 2006 TTN Titan 3 - Orion's Hounds.rar 593.97 KBs 2003 DS9 34 Unity.rar 869.43 KBs 2002 TOS Shatner - Captain's Peril.rar 773.16 KBs

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