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Provided by xeno-canto, XC473452. [“Mew” of Spotted Towhee] Scratch up a few more facts about this bird and about BirdNote, and give us a few facts of your own, by taking a quick survey at our web site, 3: 398-406. Although Spotted Towhee’s are listed under the category, “Least Concern” by the North American Breeding Bird survey; humans still have a complicated impact on the species lives. McClure, C. J., Rolek, B. W., & Hill, G. E. (2013). . D.C. 2005. Songbird community composition and nesting success in grazed and ungrazed pinyon-juniper woodlands. It’s a Spotted Towhee. They do not require the safety of a flock but will forage with a flock of sparrows if they come into the Towhees foraging area. Pacific Northwest populations along and near the coast do not migrate but some populations farther inland are partly migratory traveling to more southern regions of their range. The Condor 111(3):503-510. The way we manage our landscapes, especially natural habitats, can have adverse affects on this species. (Browse free accounts on the home page.) This abrasive content could be the causation of the shortened winter bill length as the abrasive material files down the bill as well as intestinal lengthening to accommodate the rough content (Davis 1961). This ground-feeding bird forages with a style similar to the White-throated Sparrow, hopping forward and backward while raking the ground with both feet to reveal insects and seeds. The towhee hops forward on two legs, inspecting dead leaves for insects. One example of this process is a study taken in the California Sacramento River area where it was found to colonize the restoration area within a few years of planting (Small 2007). Although parasitism can lessen the clutch size in a Spotted Towhee’s nest that has been preyed on by the Brown-headed Cowbird, it has been suggested that the nest actually experiences a lower level of predation compared to other species; causing the nest to be more successful than nests unaffected by the Brown Headed Cowbird. Genus: Pipilo Formally known as the Rufus-Sided Towhee (Pipilo erythrophthalmus), with several subspecies, the Towhee was later divided into two species differentiated by their range, plumage and vocalization. Davis, J. No copyright Infringement Intended. (Greenlaw 1996). Song. In parts of central Mexico, Spotted Towhees also hybridize with another close relative, the endemic Collared Towhee. White spots adorn the wings and tail. When a disturbance would occur the female was more likely to vocalize and show aggression, whereas the male would flick his body but retreat to a branch overhead and observe the disturbance before anything else. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology, 118(2): 178-186. Birds of Evergreen draft 4 Observational-Field-Notes-Spotted-Towhee1. Its mewing call can be heard from the underbrush, as it scuffles in the leaf litter for food. Provided by xeno-canto, XC473437. The Spotted Towhee will often only have one introductory note or none at all (Borror 1975). [“Mew” of Spotted Towhee] Don’t worry, BirdNote hasn’t “gone to the cats.” This feline-sounding call comes from a common resident bird, the Spotted Towhee. The Auk 74:129-166. Whittaker, K.A., J. Marzluff, 2009. Sound: The Spotted Towhee’s song is a two notes followed by a buzzing trill, or a flute-like drink-your-tea. In the winter, the Towhee’s diet changes to consist of more seeds and more abrasive content such as dirt and grit is found in the intestine. 90% of what I observed from the Spotted Towhee’s was foraging behaviors. Urban bird ecology and conservation. All these factors provide a sheltered, slightly shaded place to search for food with an easily accessible cover of branches and foliage above. The Chihuahuan Desert grasslands of southwestern USA and northern Mexico are being lost to desertification and shrub encroachment due to agricultural expansion (Punjabi 2010). ### Call of Spotted Towhee and feeding sounds provided by: The Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. Positive and negative bacterial exposure occurs during copulation as well as to from parent to young immediately following hatching. The results were similar in a study carried out by Whitaker and Marzluff (2009) where juvenile survival rate decreased in high urbanization and increased within forested sites. Primarily a ground feeder, the Spotted Towhee uses a two footed scratching motion, in which both feet are kicked back simultaneously to unearth their food from under leaves and debris (Greenlaw 1996). Birds of California in relation to the fruit industry. One forward then one back during which its scratches the ground swinging its feet forward and back like a pendulum. Version 12.07.2011. All is not lost for Island Towhees as Van Buren (2013) found on Santa Cruz Island where they have made a big comeback in the 24 years with a feral sheep-free environment. Bolger, D.T., Patten, M.T., and Bostock. Look for the ruby-red eye that sparkles from its black head. Maximizing benefits from riparian revegetation efforts: Local- and landscape-level determinants of avian response. Avian reproductive failure in response to an extreme climatic event. The relation of breeding schedule and clutch size to food supply in the Rufous-sided Towhee. Melles, S., Glenn S., and Martin K. 2003. Spotted Towhees were formerly rare in western Washington, especially along the coast. Avian response to removal of feral sheep on Santa Cruz Island, California. Ecosphere 5.2: art12. BirdWeb. It has a black head, beak, tail, and wings, and is spotted and streaked with bright white on its wings, back, and underside of tail. Riparian bird community structure in Portland, Oregon: Habitat, Urbanization, and Spatial Scale Patterns. As previously mentioned this bird thrives in dense brush and a thick undergrowth (Greenlaw 1996). for March 2009, ID # 032505SPTOKPLU          SPTO-01-MM-2009-03-21-. The Condor, Vol. If this type of habitat is not protected or given consideration in land management practices, the Spotted Towhee could continue to decline within certain populations. By telling vivid, sound-rich stories about birds and the challenges they face, BirdNote inspires listeners to care about the natural world – and take steps to protect it. McClure, C. J., Ware, H. E., Carlisle, J., Kaltenecker, G., and Barber, J. R. (2013). Listen to California towhee on - a comprehensive collection of North American bird songs and bird calls. [“Mew” of Spotted Towhee] Scratch up a few more facts about this bird and about BirdNote, and give us a few facts of your own, by taking a quick survey at our web site, Chapter of the National Audubon Society • Kern County, California, SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pipilo maculatusPOPULATION: 30 millionTREND: StableHABITAT: Forest edges, shrubs, thickets, brushy backyards, and parks, Ornithologist Edward Forbush commented in 1929: “[The Towhee] is a ground bird — an inhabitant of bushy land. 1975. Betts, M. G., Fahrig, L., Hadley, A. S., Halstead, K. E., Bowman, J., Robinson, W. D., … & Lindenmayer, D. B. 1999. 474-484. Listen to the Spotted Towhee. The Spotted Towhee will also eat the fecal sac of its newly hatched young purely as a dietary supplement (McKay 2009), Don Sterba from Culver City, CA ( Take a better look, and you’ll see a white belly and a black hood that covers the head and shoulders. 2007. Towhee’s have rounded wings that are great for maneuvering but do not make for great long distance flying. Provided by xeno-canto, XC473453. Journal of Field Ornithology. Spotted Towhees found on either side of the Cascades are considered two different subspecies. 134-139). Although the Spotted Towhee retained this name after the species split, its call is actually more of a cat-like mew, reminiscent of a Gray Catbird. American Ornithologists’ Union. Sibley, D. 2003. During which the pair stays very close together at all times (Greenlaw 1996). The Spotted Towhee inhabits dense shrubby areas with broad leaf cover and an essential thick leaf litter and humus .

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