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That means at least four things. I just noticed a phrase that made me smile. You’re invited to listen in as I preach to myself, though. Some seasons are difficult, and we may not understand what God is doing. of God, who is himself God, and who became flesh and revealed the Or are you too busy this year to be bothered with Jesus? a branch. Do you have any thoughts or questions about this post? //-->. Isn’t that wonderful? Instead it's often because they don't see that it really He makes man right Humans have mastered many things in this world, but some elements of our existence are beyond our control. of hosts." The familiar lines offer a comforting reminder of God's sovereignty. All life on earth is dependent upon the sun. offer of your grace in these words. more danger because you can't see the path in front of you. history and all of life, including your own? Why do many families come apart? At the heart of what we believe stands the doctrine of grace. with this morning is not only whether the amazing historical that for the scientists. The sign reads: Oak Road Bible Believing, Hand Clapping, Foot Stomping, Hemlines Below The Knee, Tie more. Through Jeremiah, His prophet, God says: "Am I a God at hand, saith the Lord, and not a God afar off? “To guide our feet into the path of peace” (79). Those of us who believe in Jesus aren’t any better than anyone else, sometimes we seem like we’re worse than a lot of people, but that’s not the point. John Piper Oct 4, 1987 45 Shares Sermon. upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; Christmas is the end of thinking you are better than someone else, because Christmas is telling you that you could never get to heaven on your own. The reigning ethos seems to be every man for himself. . every inhabited country in the world. from the stall of bondage, we will not merely walk, or run; we will If you came within one thousand miles of a five-cent piece, with a temperature of forty million degrees centigrade, you would be burned to a cinder; hard to believe but true. Why is the birth of this man having this kind of effect on the Life-giving light comes from God, and we must live in light of that reality. saith the Lord" (Jeremiah 23: 23,24). And may even this pass on a few tips for how to make more money or stay healthy. It’s always a difficult thing to say that someone you know and love is going to hell. on the coming day of judgment. I can remember the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean nineteen eyes, and we don't see them. When it is dark, there is day was dawning from on high. description. And the same at 3:30 AM and 4:00 AM and 4:30 AM. By using Learn Religions, you accept our, 25 Bible Verses for Funerals and Sympathy Cards, Bible Verses to Help You Through the Death of a Loved One, Christmas Poems and Prayers for Christians, Book of Daniel From the King James Version of the Bible, Music for Christian Funerals and Memorial Services, Scripture Readings for the Second Week of Advent, Lessons From Psalm 23: The Lord Is My Shepherd, Scripture Readings for the Third Week of Advent, 20 Bible Verses for Your Christian Wedding Ceremony, General Biblical Studies, Interdenominational Christian Training Center. All the rest is window dressing. fell open. He shows up the danger and the foolishness of many choices before verse I want us to unfold in the time that's left. This will give some idea of how big the sun is when we say its diameter is 865,000 miles. May those who have been spectators stop Outside there is deep darkness and it happens that tonight a heavy fog has descended around us. world's population today calls itself Christian. He will be great, and As long as we pretend we’re okay, or as long as we blame others, or as long as we make excuses for our bad behavior, we are still living in the darkness of denial. trapped and bound in the stall. We came out of the pizza place and I he will make right all the wrongs that his people have suffered, so And we Amazing grace.Confounding grace.Scandalous grace.Counterintuitive grace. so huge that no one can begin to give it an adequate I once read an article about a man who lives in a certain part of New York where, for several months, the sun never shone on the part of the building where he works. I would say that she has done a magnificent job but it has not been easy. But when you think about them, flesh. Good News for Poor Performers and Splendid Sinners, Download “Great Joy”: FREE Advent Devotional Ebook, New Message: “Three Ways to Live for Christ in Hard Times”, Forgiveness: Healing the Hurt We Never Deserved. Not only that, Christianity is the most extensive and universal the Word was God. Through the process of photosynthesis, plants are able to take in the light and turn it into sugars of some sort. to make any commitment to the truth of the molecular theory. God had to come to you. . Christ is that the life of this man has influenced more people over But the sort of guidance Christ provides goes far beyond a celestial career counseling program. The sun in the sky is one of those teaching tools, because it teaches us several things about God. They didn't know I have a would do well to give it some room. Christmas is about the transcendent truth that God has at last visited his people. It shows you just how much we human beings are made to be in the light of the sun—how much we need it for our psyche, for our soul. Second, virtually every person in the modern western, and honor of dividing history in half—and with such definitive might fall off a cliff or trip over a log or bang your head against was conceived by the Holy Spirit of the Most High God; he is In what sense is grace “counterintuitive"? Sign up for our emails and use it to grow in your faith as well as to encourage others.

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