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They are also red on the nape of the neck and down the back onto the tops of the wings. At first I thought a sparrow and a cardinal had mix breaded until I googled it up. When we saw a red-headed house finch feeding him we concluded it was a finch. When I came home I researched and found this site. I have 3 of the male finch that comes everyday in my back yard to the bird feeder, I love to sat on my porch to watch them eat & sing. I love watching them and the bright red head and chest of the male in the sun. I know the females are more drab. They are beautiful!!! When I found the picture of the exact bird It was bittersweet. The house finch (Haemorhous ... they have displaced the native purple finch and even the non-native house sparrow. I hear tiny noises. They take turns at the nest and the other returns shortly. I had a pair of these (male & female) at my seed block today. Wonderful–thanks for sharing! I had seen them in April also. Thank you for giving me this information and clearing my head. How wonderful to get a closeup view of the nesting! We had a pair build a nest on our porch. While he was eating we had 2 pairs of Black Capped Chickadees. While these birds are so similar that there are no exact, hard and fast rules to tell them apart, there are good general guidelines birders can follow when deciding if a bird is a finch or a sparrow. The House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) is a member of the Old World sparrow family Passeridae. If I ever find an easy way to record sounds well, you’ll be able to hear as well as “see” finches like these singing. Recently, though, they seem to be making a come back so you may see a rosy House Finch at your feeder or in your trees, too. Sorry for the late reply: I'm glad you were able to enjoy seeing another of our native creatures. On a frosty mid-October morning at Riverwood, I found 7 (3 males and 4 females) sunning themselves in an old spruce tree. House Sparrow: House Finch male: Red Breasted Nuthatch: House Finch: White Throated Sparrow: Black Capped Chickadee: Nuthatch: Red Breasted Nuthatch: White Throated Sparrow: Bird in the hand: House Sparrow: American Goldfinch: American Goldfinch: House Finch: White Throated Sparrow juvenile: I’m glad you have a new bird in the neighbourhood–thanks for sharing! They are lovely birds–thanks for sharing yours! Beautiful. I’m in Pensacola, Florida (panhandle). I just has a pair at my humming bird feeder. A pair in my feeders in west central Florida., Subscribe to new Natural Crooks posts by email, Giant Swallowtail Butterfly Invades Ontario. Many of them don’t leave for winter, so your pair may stay close. Thanks for sharing your lovely spring sighting! Prothonotary warblers look a bit like that but don’t usually visit feeders. I just saw a male and female house finch at my feeder. The male really is striking! I thought they were sparrows too. I live in Laughlin,Nv. Thanks for sharing! They are beautiful and sing so pretty. Thanks for sharing! I’m glad you had a House Finch to add some colour to the scene! They may stay and raise their chicks near you–I hope so, they are pretty birds! Just beautiful. Hope…, Pine Siskins at Saddington in Mississauga. A disease called mycoplasmal conjunctivitis swept through the House Finch population, starting in the east, with a noticeable impact starting in 1994. I hope it stays. I’m located in Gambrills, MD. God Bless! Sorry for the belated reply. Beautiful. According the AllAboutBirds website the eastern birds are descendents of ones released in New York state. I’m very sorry for your loss and I’m very happy that she was able to get her message to you! Anybody know if they return each year ? I LIVE IN SC I SEE HIM IN THE EVEING AT THE FEEDER. Located in Ware, Massachusetts. Do House Finches visit your feeder? Twenty-five years ago, many people living in Ontario and nearby provinces and states had grown accustomed to seeing a red or pink “sparrow” at their feeder. My sister passed away on 4/13/18 of cancer and we donated her body to Sciene to Robert Woods Johnson. Leucistic birds are much more common than albinos. Then they were almost wiped out by a disease and these little Western birds became rare again in my part of the East. area. They are one of my favourite back yard birds! Sounds like you’re making some Finches very happy indeed! I just walked out on my deck and saw this beautiful…, Just found 5 of these in a new pollinator garden in Lancaster PA at a non profit. There is a lot of information about the disease on this website. It sounds like it might be a “leucistic” House Finch. Thanks for sharing your sighting! What Sparrow-sized Finch Has a Red Head, Red ... We have a white bird & from all the internet descriptions it looks like a house finch or sparrow. What Is This Red Sparrow at my Backyard Feeder? What Is This Orange and Black and White Spiky Caterpillar On the Milkweed? Fortunately, they also are usually hanging out with one or more males to help clarify the id. I have never seen the red sparrow as I called him :) before. Glad to hear they are brightening up your winter! Thanks for sharing your sighting. Yes, they are one of my favourite yard birds too! What “Sparrow” Has a Thumb-print-sized Red Cap and a Blush of Pink on Its Chest? Really pretty, I have a pair nesting now on the side of my garage. That’s partly due to the cheerful red head and breast of males, and to the bird’s long, twittering song, which can now be heard in most of the neighborhoods of the continent. Your email address will not be published. Did not know what they were until I Goggled it. During migration, though, it’s possible to see a Purple Finch moving through Mississauga or Toronto. At that time I didn’t think anything. Thanks for the info on your page! It may have been a male Goldfinch with an unusual lack of the black cap, as there is variation in birds. What southern Ontario Shrub or Tree has Orange Berry Fruit Surrounded with Bright Pink Petals? I do hope both your moths and butterflies were able to flourish! Crying and laughing at the same time, I was relieved that she was continuing to give me signs that she was at peace. I saw one at my feeder for the first time this morning, very striking and beautiful. Female House Finches are much less colourful. They are lovely birds and the song is quite nice (to me anyways) too!

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