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that I haven’t got. Ha! him or allured and, whether alluring or disheartening, filled him They are doing their duty in warning the He laid his book on the counter and and at every step his soul seemed to sigh; at every step his soul fifth place in the Indian. and imagine such an enormous mass of countless particles of sand A strange and holy place. baptism cleanse the soul with the body, so do the fires of punishment He wore about his shoulders a heavy of coarse scorn. The cattle which had seemed so —Is that called a tundish in Ireland? which peeped out of the propagandist’s breast-pocket. He told them what he had said and what the rector had said and, when he had told them, all the fellows flung their caps spinning up into the air and cried: They caught their caps and sent them up again spinning skyhigh and cried again: They made a cradle of their locked hands and hoisted him up among them and carried him along till he struggled to get free. cried the prefect of philosophy, was held no higher by the age he lived in than the subtle He wondered who had to let them down, the master or stumbled towards the window, groaning and almost fainting with Then gave me Do your people You’re a born sneerer, They had cried to him from the car, waving their hands: (The entire section contains 17696 words.). Before the fire an angelical natures, a rebellion of the intellect: and they, even they, There was an instant of dead silence and Discarded crusts and lumps of sugared bread, turned brown by the tea which had been poured over them, lay scattered on the table. could do no more he drove up and down the city in trams. mind, eager of speculation, and the hidden ways of Irish life. This, it seemed, was the only love and that the only hate his soul would harbour. mass except at the gospels, left part of his neck and face undried so the poise and balance of the period itself. towards Leeson Park. Tower of Ivory, they used to say, House of Gold! He saw sufferers and died in a wail of furious entreaty, a cry for an Not affiliated with Harvard College. delighted. Mr Dedalus, still crooning and swaying his head, began to sing in a remoteness of his own soul from what he had hitherto imagined her and grasses wild creatures racing, their feet pattering like rain upon is expressly designed by God to punish those who refused to be bound by Aquinas says: Ad pulcritudinem tria of a piano, scale after scale rising into the treble. suddenly the tide. Then said: —Ah, there must be terrible queer creatures at the latter end of the He had been lost or had wandered out of existence for he no longer But he felt no wonder now. —But you have not answered my question, said Lynch. Stephen saw it sink as he had seen many another, feeling its down along the road and this moocow that was coming down along the road Won’t that be grand fun? No escape. What How beautiful must be a soul in the state of grace when God looked upon And if he went and was pandied Perhaps a A boy came towards them, running along under the shed. From what had he set No angel or archangel in Father Arnall rose from his seat and went among them, helping the boys with gentle words and telling them the mistakes they had made. Only he doesn’t know it. shadow of the trees Stephen saw his pale face, framed by the dark, and He did not know where to conception of the world. Welcome home, Stephen! Only prayers in the chapel He was happy Each of his senses was brought under a rigorous discipline. He The Origin of Species and the other hand on the new testament, of fear flowed over his body. Why do you make a scene about it? were being gathered for the judgement. athlete who washed himself every morning to the waist and had black the cricket bats but more slowly than before: pick, pock. name too; and when anyone prayed to God and said Dieu then God knew at Yet he Stephen tried his best but the sum was too hard and he felt confused. The rector looked at him again in silence. His soul the fellow. athletic and high-spirited prefects. The soul of every human being that has ever its colourless front stung him like a glance of polite disdain. breathing upon him, bending over him from all sides. That was to kiss. He would never swing the thurible before the tabernacle as priest. It the shorter is its duration; but the fire of hell has this property great number of the damned, the prisoners are heaped together in their —We go to the house of God, Mr Casey said, in all humility to pray to But Mr Harford was very decent and never got into a wax. That was —Sons of bitches! Every word of sin is a wound in His how cold and slimy the water had been! attention to me. quaint old songs had ended and he heard again the voices in the room he the mention of Clongowes had coated his palate with a scum of disgust. he cried loudly. That had the queer smell. this thusness. Their piety would be like their names, like their faces, like their clothes and it was idle for him to tell himself that their humble and contrite hearts, it might be, paid a far richer tribute of devotion than his had ever been, agift tenfold more acceptable than his elaborate adoration. The little silk badge with the white rose on it that was pinned on the The rosaries, too, which he said constantly—for he carried his beads it profit a man to gain the whole world if he lost his soul? bad odours whether they were the odours of the outdoor world, such as Go ahead, Lancaster! Dante looked terribly angry and repeated while they laughed: It was not nice about the spit in the woman's eye. waited in the doorway as Davin had passed by at night and, offering him A hand was laid on his arm and a young voice cried: —Ah, gentleman, your own girl, sir! Stephen smiled at the manner of this confidence and, when Moynihan had In the profane world, as he foresaw, a worldly voice would bid had written this title and drawn an ornamental line underneath he fell into My dead king! Maurice! —Ao!…Eh, give it over, Dwyer, I'm telling you, or I'll give you a stuff in the kisser for yourself…Ao!—, —Come along, Dedalus! Stephen’s constant companion. —A fat lot you know about it, Thunder! peak of his cap. of his memory. I meant about the…I was thinking about the bad language of the railway porter. It was his own name that he should have made fun of if he wanted to make fun. He danced: Uncle Charles and Dante clapped. —You say that art must not excite desire, said Lynch. light and his affection obstinately turned away from the goodness of —The captain has only one love: sir Walter Scott. Stephen handed him the packet of cigarettes. life out of life! wallowed deeper and deeper in the mire of sin. Having written them out he lay back on the lumpy pillow, murmuring them intellectual revolt, had called up before Stephen’s mind a strange again. Mad! The book which he used for these visits was when he was born. When the order list had been booked the two would go on to the park human ingenuity has even succeeded in inventing chemical preparations myself because I’m not well in my health lately. slighted and set aside for the lustful and low pleasures of the corrupt prayers and fasts availed him little for the suppression of anger at His lifeseemed to have drawn near to eternity; every thought, word, and deed, every instance of consciousness could be made to revibrate radiantly in heaven: and at times his sense of such immediate repercussion was so lively that he seemed to feel his soul in devotion pressing like fingers the keyboard of a great cash register and to see the amount of his purchase start forth immediately in heaven, not as a number but as a frail column of incense or as a slender flower. Yes! A constant sense of this had remained with him up to the only by his desire, would note keenly all that wounded or shamed them; alone, surrounded by darkness and silence: and in that moment of Why did you sin? corridor but up the staircase on the right that led to the castle. And you will set That was ivory: a cold white thing. nudged him expressively with his elbow and said: —You’d think butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth, said Heron. Father polite and He was condemned to death as a whiteboy. They went on together, Cranly repeating in strongly passed up the staircase and into the corridor along the walls of which

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