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To make the bottom layer, just toss the graham cracker crumbs, peanut butter, and powdered sugar in a large mixing bowl, and stir everything together on low speed to get it combined. It only took about a minute. If you have a peanut butter lover in your life, you’ve got to make them these. Pretty easy, right? Maybe if you use more peanut butter less corn syrup (or honey instead) and add some semi-sweet chocolate chips or something they would be better. 260 calories; protein 5.4g 11% DV; carbohydrates 42.7g 14% DV; dietary fiber 2.9g 12% DV; sugars 27g; fat 8.7g 13% DV; saturated fat 1.3g 6% DV; cholesterolmg; vitamin a iu 137.7IU 3% DV; vitamin c 2.8mg 5% DV; folate 56.3mcg 14% DV; calcium 21.3mg 2% DV; iron 2.2mg 12% DV; magnesium 46mg 16% DV; potassium 242.2mg 7% DV; sodium 70.8mg 3% DV; thiamin 0.2mg 15% DV. We are almost at the end of the week! The base is so peanut-butter-y! Today I didn't have rice krispies so I used cheerios instead. I haven’t tried using natural peanut butter, but I think it would probably work ok if you’re looking for a more healthy option. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, 4 Mistakes That Ruin Stuffing (and How to Fix Them), Nutrition Remove from heat and slowly add flour mixture, followed by milk and egg mixture. I love these bars! Added 2 scoops of protein powder as suggested by another reviewer (mine was vanilla). amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "yinmomyangmom-20"; Whisk together ½ cup milk, vanilla extract, eggs. YUMMY! So listed in the ingredients is acutually 1 cup of peanut butter, as well as 3 Tablespoons listed separately. amzn_assoc_asins = "B0029JOC6I,B071SKFL77,B00I8G7268,B0000VLEU4"; These no-bake peanut butter bars are such a delicious treat! Whisk together ½ cup milk, vanilla extract, eggs. This recipe was updated in 2019 with more confectioners’ sugar and peanut butter to produce thicker bars. You can do this in a double boiler, or in the microwave. Instead of using raisins I cut up 1 cup of dried apricots and 1 cup of mixed fried fruit. Grease a large cookie sheet or line with parchment paper. Perfect for mid-afternoon snacks to hold you over until dinner or breakfasts on the run. Chill for 1 hour, or until set, before cutting into bars. For the crumbs, you can grind up your own graham crackers in the food processor, or just buy the boxed kind. Just tip the mixture into a parchment-lined 9×13 inch pan. Only better! I have shared these bars with others and they couldn't believe these were not store-bought. It's a quick breakfast or snack. I’m telling you, they take just 10 minutes to make and there are only 4 ingredients. I used corn syrup. These are awesome. Once they’re set, they can be cut into bars and enjoyed! Source: EatingWell Magazine, July/August 2008. In my fridge, this took about 1 hour. As long as it’s not really really hot in your house, these bars should be ok to sit out without melting. Bars: Preheat oven to 400°F. Here are a few more of my favorite bar recipes: As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Hey Cynthia, sorry for the confusion! chocolate peanut butter bars, no-bake peanut butter bars, peanut butter bars, peanut butter candy bars, peanut butter chocolate bars. I should have read the previous reviews first. Bake for 20 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. This is the 2nd week since my kids finished up school, so we’ve definitely gotten into the summer groove. Not me- I’d rather be lounging on a deck chair at the pool! Add vanilla and stir until blended. **Can also be made in an 8x8" or 9x9" square pan (bars will be thicker). No thanks. Pour the peanut butter mixture over the dry ingredients and stir until coated. Everything you need for a delicious feast. Really delicious! I also think this is a great recipe to tweak to your liking while keeping in mind the nutritional differences this makes to the overall recipe. You could probably use the crunchy kind too if you like. Make them for get togethers, parties or for brunch. Like I said, there are just 4 simple ingredients in this recipe! Info. Pour the peanut butter mixture over the dry ingredients and stir until coated. Easy and quick to make. no thanks. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; So easy to make, & they taste just like a Reese's, but better because they're homemade. These bars are also perfect for adding something sweet to your child’s lunch. The base is so peanut-butter-y! amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Discover my baking secrets to melt-in-your-mouth soft cookies in 5 free lessons. Here’s a link: Graham Cracker Crumbs. The Best Granola Bar Recipes for a Healthy Snack, ½ cup 1/2 cup roasted sunflower seeds, or other chopped nuts, 2 cups 2 cups raisins, or other chopped dried fruit, 2 cups 2 cups toasted rice cereal, such as Rice Krispies, ¼ cup 1/4 cup toasted wheat germ, (optional), ½ cup creamy or crunchy natural peanut butter, © 2020 is part of the Allrecipes Food Group. Since I’m all about easy recipes right now, I went for the box. *Dark or white chocolate chips may be substituted. At first, the mixture may look really dry. I'm going to try using what I made as a granola with plain yogurt. Press down firmly. Let stand for about 1 hour to harden. In the fridge, they should last for around 2 weeks. Plus, they taste just like a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Cons: Bars don't stay together so they are hard to eat as a bar! I've made it many times. amzn_assoc_linkid = "3485abe3fbf906d54a5d03d25c3530db"; This carbohydrate-rich bar, full of nuts, seeds, fruit and oats, was adapted from Amy Harrison's prize-winning submission in the Plains (Georgia) Peanut Festival recipe competition sponsored by The Peanut Institute. See what I mean? Just hit it with quick, 20-second bursts, stirring after each, until the mixture is smooth and luscious. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Pros: No baking involved very easy to make Cons: Bars do not stay together too sweet for my taste. I have made these many times sometimes using different nuts and dried fruits. These can also be made dairy-free if you use dairy-free chocolate chips. Allow frosting to cool and set before serving. And today, I’m adding a new one to the list: these amazing peanut butter bars. So I'm not reviewing the recipe as written but this is a testiment to the versatility of the recipe. Combine peanut butter, brown sugar and corn syrup (or honey) in a large microwaveable bowl; microwave on High until bubbling, 1 to 2 minutes. When the weather is sunny and gorgeous, who wants to be stuck inside making food?

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