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owe on your mortgage (not the original amount that you borrowed). Plan included on the deceased taxpayer's final return. Therefore, the ending mortgage balance asked for is the balance as of the end of the year or December 31, 2018. A state of bodily equilibrium: thrown off balance by a gust of wind. Learn more. We still have some outstanding issues to resolve before we'll have a treaty that is ready to sign. Resolution of that item is still in the balance. You can complete the definition of outstanding balance given by the English Definition dictionary with other English dictionaries: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Oxford, Cambridge, Chambers Harrap, Wordreference, Collins Lexibase dictionaries, Merriam Webster... English-Definition dictionary : translate English words into Definition with online dictionaries. Synonym Discussion of outstanding. [...] basis of the outstanding balance, including taxes, [...] multiplied by a rate corresponding to three (3) times the basic interest rate in effect at the beginning of the given month, and without requiring SYSNEXT to give formal reminder or notice. aux organismes publics était de 1 337 millions de dollars, soit une augmentation. "Remaining balance" is simply the current balance due after the most recent payment. The balance of the blame is on your side. outstanding balance The amount owed on a debt, as of a particular date. You have to pay your outstanding bill before joining the scheme. Il a réglé le solde impayé par carte de crédit. Il n'existait pas d'arriéré à la fin de l'année 2004 et aucune nouvelle opération n'a été effectuée en 2005. For example, the outstanding balance on your monthly bill is the total debt as of the statement date. yen, Gov't to mull issuing bonds convertible to NTT shares, Outstanding and Exceptional Resource Waters, Outstanding Christian Inclusive Community, Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement, Outstanding Connections Enriching Primary Schools, Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning, Outstanding Customer Service Representative of the Year. dans la déclaration pour l'année du décès du contribuable. An average outstanding balance is the unpaid, interest-bearing balance of a loan or loan portfolio averaged over a period of time, usually one month. Farlex Financial Dictionary. Outstanding balance synonyms, Outstanding balance pronunciation, Outstanding balance translation, English dictionary definition of Outstanding balance. En cas d'accord des Parties sur un paiement à une autre date qu'à la Commande, le retard de paiement des sommes dues par le Client à SYSNEXT au-delà du délai prévu entre les Parties entraînera de plein droit l'exigibilité immédiate de toute somme restant encore due par le Client à SYSNEXT ainsi que l'application de pénalités de retard. In accounting, the accounts payable department tracks all outstanding invoices and schedules them for payment. The Government of the Philippines returned to the Compensation Fund the full amount, for 13 claims (USD 62,500) and partial amounts for three claims (USD, Le Gouvernement philippin a restitué au Fonds d'indemnisation le montant intégral des indemnités allouées pour 13 réclamations (USD 62 500), et une partie des indemnités allouées pour trois réclamations (USD 7, The increase was due to the interest on the Biolevier loan, which is being capitalized and, Cette hausse est due à l'intérêt sur le prêt Biolevier, qui est, The proposed regulations announced last week will first of all mandate an effective, minimum 21 day interest free grace period on all new credit card purchases when, Tout d'abord, les règlements proposés qui ont été annoncés la semaine dernière imposeront un délai de grâce minimum effectif de 21, However, the Company will convert any request for partial purchase into a request for purchase of all shares held with a, view to closing the account if acceptance of the request would, Par ailleurs, la Société transformera toute demande d'achat partiel en demande d'achat de la totalité des actions dans, le but de fermer le compte lorsque l'acceptation de la, The interest on the Biolevier loan is being capitalized and. the Sahtu Tribal Council shall pay, at the time of, loaned under 8.3.2 bears to the unpaid balance of the capital transfer in 8.1.1, le Conseil tribal du Sahtu doit, au moment du, représente le montant prêté en vertu de l'article 8.3.2 par rapport au solde impayé du transfert de fonds prévu à l'article 8.1.1. ©2020 Reverso-Softissimo. She balanced the jug of water on her head; ہم وزن کرنا، متوازن بنانا یا متوازن رکھنا, zaudējis līdzsvaru; zaudējis savaldīšanos. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary The amount owed on a debt, as of a particular date. The box 2 amount of mortgage principal from your 1098 is the mortgage balance from the beginning of the year (Jan 1, 2018). a paper showing a summary and balance of financial accounts. Delegates are kindly requested to note the revised version of Annex I, the table on the Status of CMS Trust Fund, clarifying that Sweden ha. est portée au compte pendant la période couverte par le relevé, Although 99 Member States had paid their assessed contributions for both Tribunals in full by 31, rather than decreased over the corresponding. outstanding balance definition in the English Cobuild dictionary for learners, outstanding balance meaning explained, see also 'outstandingly',outstay',outstrip',outset', English vocabulary A concept as applied to an arms control measure that connotes: a. adjustments of armed forces and armaments in such a manner that one state does not obtain military advantage over other states agreeing to the measure; and b. internal adjustments by one state of its forces in such manner as to enable it to cope with all aspects of remaining threats to its security in a post arms control agreement era. en raison de la composition des versements. The opportunity to default is treated as a put option, since it enables the borrower to sell the property to the mortgagee at a price, La possibilité de défaillance est assimilée à une option de, vente, car elle permet à l'emprunteur hypothécaire de vendre le logement au prêteur, Those two Member States have respected their, payment plans and pay their annual contribution but have to submit a, Ces deux États membres ont respecté leur plan de paiement et paient leur, contribution annuelle mais doivent encore soumettre une proposition de. period, owing to the composition of payments. To adjust a chemical equation so that the number of each type of atom, and the total charge, on the reactant (left-hand) side of the equation matches the number and charge on the product (right-hand) side of the equation. [1250–1300; < Anglo-French; Old French < Vulgar Latin. The invoice shows the outstanding balance. © 2012 Farlex, Inc. I have a balance (= amount remaining) of $100 in my bank account; تلل، برابرول، انډول كول، پر تله كول، بيلانس جوړول، حساب پاكول، برابرېدل، اندول كېدل متوازن كېدل.

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