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3. 5. If Facebook came pre-installed on your phone (as it did on mine), it may not be possible to delete it completely because your phone considers it a system app. The pixels displaying black just don’t turn on. Unless you really need it, avoid using fast charging. Factory reset will remove all the files, folders, pictures, apps, and other data of the device, but it will solve your problem. If no signal is available, your phone will constantly be looking for one. On thing to think about in terms of radios is that the weaker your cell or WiFi signal, the more power your phone needs to access that signal. Firstly, you must turn off the auto brightness mode which consumes lots of battery capacity. 6. There is no such feature in Android, but there are third-party apps that will perform this function. You can restore the data after a factory reset, but don’t forget to back up the files before performing the below steps. 6. Some people find a darker theme is easier on the eyes in terms of preventing eye strain, and less light overall may mean less blue light, which can affect sleep patterns. In Short By Gadget Features To Fix Oppo Find X Battery Draining Issue (Problem Solved). But until we know about US pricing and can get our hands on one to try out, I’m reserving judgement -- an impressive specs list is nice, but what matters more is the real world experience. 2. 11. 7. There are two general types of suggestions here. Some of the users have noticed that the latest update has affected battery performance. You will get lower performance but better battery life. In that case, you can disable it in Settings if you wish. 3. Where Is Larry Page? 1. Runners will also appreciate the onboard GPS for mapping their routes, while those who like swimming will welcome the water resistance of up to 5 ATM. Learn how to turn on your phone’s energy saving / low-power modes. Tap on the applications. Don’t forget to share it with your friends who have to carry a phone charger wherever they go. The most intriguing thing about the Oppo Watch is the tweaks the company made to Wear OS on its device. I use Cygnus Dark, Mellow Dark, Moonrise Icon Pack, and Moonshine. You will see the safe mode appears at the bottom of the screen If you are going to store your phone for an extended period, charge it to 50% before turning it off and storing it. 1. 4. Smartphones are always on the lookout for cell and WiFi signals if they don’t have them. 2. Basically, the less you drain and charge the battery, the longer the battery will last. Not only OPPO phones but other Android devices are affected by the severe battery draining problems nowadays that has turned to a common issue now. 8. Mostly, the battery draining fast issue is found in Chinese smartphones. These methods will help you to detect those apps through your phone settings. Now, tap on the About Phone option. I use AccuBattery which tracks battery health and other stats, as well as giving you a notification when your phone charges to a certain point so you may unplug it. The cache can also result in battery draining problems. Choosing a dark theme for your phone, if it has an OLED or AMOLED screen, can save energy. So, this was the full troubleshooting guide to fix Oppo Find X Battery Draining Issue. Turning down the screen brightness will save energy. It will only be able to store 80% of the energy it did originally and will continue to degrade with additional charge cycles. Click on the ‘General’ tab. Using Auto Brightness probably saves battery for most people by automatically reducing screen brightness when there’s less light, although it does involve more work for the light sensor. In this case, you can find out the power-consuming apps and uninstall them easily. 10. To be extremely precise, they’re happiest around 50% capacity. If the phone works good in safe mode, then delete the app which you think is the cause of battery issue. I hope you liked this article and it helped you to fix the smartphone battery issue. My default is a fairly short screen timeout of 35 seconds, but for apps where I am likely to be looking at the screen without using it, such as news and note-taking apps, I extend that timeout to over a minute. The Android complaint forum is full of companies like “The phone has suddenly stopped charging”. Tap on the Battery option. But when I owned my first smartphone I thought battery memory applied so I generally drained it low and charged it to 100%. Older types of rechargeable batteries had ‘battery memory’. Buy the premium version of ad-supported apps you use frequently. 6. Change its settings on a smartphone. We are here to solve all your smartphone problems. To force stop an app, visit the Settings. So far, AccuBattery seems to be confirming my understanding of battery degradation. Fetch means your device checks for new messages at a given interval, every 15 minutes for example. Release both the buttons. By default, I believe iPhones set their Auto-Lock to 2 minutes, which might be more than you need. Energy savings from micromanaging radios will probably be limited. Here are the methods to run the device in safe mode. Mostly, the battery draining fast issue is found in Chinese smartphones. There are also environmental concerns. Android devices are affected by the severe battery draining problems nowadays that has turned to a common issue now. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Depending on the size you choose, you’ll be getting either a big 1.91-inch or 1.6-inch 1,000-nit touchscreen that should be easily readable in sunlight. These limit the performance of the CPU (and other features). Understand how your phone battery degrades. Avoid draining your phone battery all the way to 0% or charging it all the way to 100%. Verify your passcode if asked. So far, though, only the iPhone X series have OLED screens so they are the only iPhones that would see energy savings from a dark theme. That 400 cycles / 20% figure is to give you an idea of the rate of decay. 4. Although it looks a lot like the Apple Watch, the larger Oppo Watch actually has dual curved edges that the company describes as a “flexible AMOLED”, while the 41mm model is flat. Monty Pal is a professional Full time Blogger And Smartphone Expert, also he loves doing Reviews on Gadgets, he is a Gadget lover, Sort Phase: Geeky Guru! If you never use NFC there’s no reason to keep it on. If you’re out of range of cell service and WiFi, turn airplane mode on. Newer phone batteries work in a different way. Press and hold the power button to turn off the smartphone. That removes white space off of the screen, and I also think it looks nice and is less distracting. A charge cycle is a full discharge and charge of the battery, from 0% to 100%. Consider using them. Many online sources say changing your email from push to fetch will save battery. 3. How to Check Your Laptop Battery Health in Windows 10. Fix Oppo Find X Battery Draining Issue (Problem Solved). The reality, however, is that phone batteries probably degrade faster than that. AccuBattery recommends charging to 80%. 6. Avoiding extremes of heat and cold would be an example of this first type. This generation of batteries was designed to be used. Generally, you are automatically informed when the company issues some updates. Reducing screen brightness would be an example of this second type of suggestion. Avoid draining your phone battery all the way to 0% or charging it all the way to 100%. 4. It is efficient enough for me. If you didn’t charge them to full and discharge them to zero battery they ‘remembered’ and reduced their useful range. I found a dark theme I like in the Samsung store, and there are some excellent free icon pack apps for Android out there that focus on darker-themed icons.

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