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Both are one-cost instants that prevent all combat damage for a turn, an easy stall tactic. The Vault will open once you’ve gathered enough card duplicates and give you a reward in the form of three Uncommon, two Rare, and one Mythic Rare Wildcard. CMC: 3Matron is a weak 1/1, but when she enters the field, you can add any goblin from your deck to your hand. Search for the perfect addition to your deck. But Undergrowth also has an optional cost; if you spend three more mana (including a red), red creatures get to ignore the effect.Honestly, you'll rarely have both the mana and field state for this kicker-like ability, but it's still nice to have available, potentially letting your red creatures strike without fear of repercussion. Bonus points if you eliminate powerful terrains like "Azorius Chancery". But you can sacrifice it at any time to regain the life you've lost during a turn. CMC: 1Tinder Wall's 0/3 stats make it a solid early-game blocker, and its plant subtype offers a few synergies. CMC: 2Like Negate, Mana Leak only needs two mana, and one can be any color. Titanic Growth is exceptionally strong on creatures with Trample, of which there are several to choose from in M21. Setessan Training also pumps a creature’s power level up one, synergizing with GR builds, and provides Trample. CMC: 1We've seen plenty of blue's best deck manipulators, but none can compete with Brainstorm. CMC: 1One of green's best instants, Vitalize simply untaps all creatures you control. Having a cost of three mana is a slight downside, but the bonus of getting your creature back from the graveyard and two Saproling tokens can make it worth it. In addition to your regular land play, Touch lets you play an extra basic forest each turn, and you can sacrifice Touch to obtain two green mana, a powerful and instant-speed ramp. CMC: 1Again, artifact and enchantment removals are crucial in EDH, and here's another great choice. Much like the Commons, there are number of solid Uncommon cards to choose from too. CMC: 3Note this card is banned in pauper.Unlike many blue spells, Frantic Search doesn't actually increase your overall hand size; you draw twice, but then have to discard two cards. Commons offer several advantages—they're the only spells you can use when playing pauper format, and they tend to be much cheaper in price, letting you build decks on a budget. If you've diligently swarmed tokens, you can quickly attain huge amounts of resources, especially since the effect even counts opposing goblins. Counting herself, that's at least one, but tribal decks will quickly score massive amounts of mana, especially if opponents are also running elves. But they count as both artifacts and lands, letting them empower any artifact supports you run (like affinity). Pierce is an easy pick for my own blue decks, and despite being one of blue's most competitive cards, it's surprisingly cheap, costing well under a single dollar! Darksteel Ingot ensures you don't need to draw them all, tapping for a single mana of any color. CMC: 2Again, in commander, you have life to spare and want more cards. Colossal Dreadmaw is a reprint and a solid one at that. A combination of  Elvish Visionary and Llanowar Elves, Llanowar Visionary is a great first pick. CMC: 2Engineer's stats are a poor 1/1, and he lacks useful subtypes like wizard or merfolk, but he can tap for two mana of any color. You can choose which categories you want to be notified for. Unlike Sculptor, who needs a turn before he can tap, you can utilize this discount immediately if you have the mana for it. Green is a solid color to play in M21 Limited, providing staple abilities like ramp and mana fixing, in addition to +1/1 counter synergies and big creatures as finishers.

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