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0000009148 00000 n The instantaneous resistance measurement is 283 GΩ . If its still bad the motor must be replaced. And How they are interconnected with different IR values? 0000077094 00000 n 0000044702 00000 n With highly accessible data you can learn the status of the motor and share data with colleagues or experts in other locations. The insulation resistance test is an electrical test which uses a certain type and level of voltage (500V d.c. for low voltage installations i.e. 0000054266 00000 n Watch for factors that can affect the IR test. In addition, a summary graphic of the test results can be included without separate calculations or chart preparation. I agree with John that there is an contradiction about the minimum insulation resistance. Understanding Insulation Resistance Testing (pdf) 02/06 Rev. With a sudden drop in resistance the 155x will cut the voltage and display the ramped voltage and resistance. Well, its base on resistance in ohms. The value of real time trending and data analysis cannot be understated when so much is on the line. 0000001882 00000 n During the measurement and immediately afterwards, some of the terminals carry dangerous voltages and MUST NOT BE TOUCHED. The symptoms that you wrote clearly shows that the windings are pretty bad. 0000016593 00000 n At A, the insulation resistance decreases due to … 0000010376 00000 n Very useful artciles are take place here. Resiliency, security needed for digital automation future, Top 5 Control Engineering Articles Nov. 16-22, 2020, How to maximize people power with digital capabilities, What 3rd generation AI for asset performance and process optimization will look like, What you need to know about cybersecurity. trailer <<7c2dc5f5feae11d98947000a95b26bba>]>> startxref 0 %%EOF 33 0 obj<>stream step procedure, due to the nature of the operating environment of the compressor motor. For insulation resistance testing of motor windings, baselining and data collection is an important step in preventive maintenance. �)$C�:����d��EB�Z���z�M�]�8������������O0�i����)�*R5�j�k�v&ĆE)���t$��&A�. It was cleaned, dried by 1000W lamp heat and re-vanished to get 2.2G ohms conductors to GND. 0000004876 00000 n 0000015465 00000 n Voltage magnitude and existing charge also can affect IR, but selecting the voltage from Table 1 and following proper grounding practices before testing should eliminate this issue. My candit option is the article have been so explicit, however, you have said the IR, varies, depend on the type of material used, the size… Is it in kW? A good rule of thumb is to ground the winding for 15 minutes or four times the test time, whichever is greater. Recommended test voltages for routine maintenance insulation-resistance tests of equipment rated to 4,160V and above. 0000008181 00000 n 1. 0000001216 00000 n 0000087753 00000 n If the motor is not put into operation immediately upon arrival, it is important to protect it against external factors like moisture, high temperature and impurities in order to avoid damage to the insulation. 0000064189 00000 n When conducting the test and evaluating the results, consider these six tips. Although there are many ways to assess motor insulation systems, the insulation resistance (IR) test remains a useful tool for determining if a motor should be removed from or placed into service. 0000008818 00000 n 0000005208 00000 n 1. 0000020747 00000 n Once the tester is configured, you can start and stop the test remotely, a safe distance away from any operating, energized equipment. Step 1. Select the required circuit and disconnect its live conductors from the distribution board (the earth conductor can stay) Step 2. 3.Court circuit or flash, here, when we dismantel the motor we can see the damage inside (rotor or stator) : in this case, automaticaly, the only solution is rewinding. 0000001434 00000 n 0000002377 00000 n I want learn more about electricity and motors this blog very helpful forme. `�`Hf�nhc�x�)�d�����>�����'�� �� �����00�0- Lower values warrant further investigation before the unit is placed into service. 0000044863 00000 n Pls clarify. i.e We can Charge an apparatus but we cannot take risk of continued charging an apparatus with minimal Safe Value of IR which may vary depends on Site Conditions. How bad is the insulation? then apply motor shellack to the stator and armature.Then re check the insulation. 0000016212 00000 n That’s why Fluke developed Fluke Connect®--an app for your phone or tablet that connects wirelessly to Fluke’s insulation resistance testers. 0000006543 00000 n Replace the motor, and disassemble the motor clean the winding and let it dry using heaters and monitor the insulation continue drying and heating until a good insulation can be obtain. 0000005142 00000 n As a lecturer in electrical department I find this page very useful. What may be the cause when you meggar between L1 and L3 and get results of less than 0,5 Megohm? What is your recommendation if the motor has low or bad insulation? *You can download and update data directly to your PC via the IR189USB adapter, Why controlling leakage current is important, Insulation resistance testing capacitors and high-voltage components, Simple, easy setup and operation through remote control of the insulation tester, Visual graphing of results through real-time trending, Easy creation of test result documentation through drag and drop report creation, Measure dielectric absorption ratio (DAR or DAR[CN]). If the motor has a bas insulation, there is 3 cases: 1. But there is something that is not clear to me or maybe I don’t understand it. Fluke Connect makes the job of data collection and analysis less difficult with drag and drop report creation. Š½=ÍUuµ�5*êòJlj;Û§NRUnië6¾ÓBÙfÍ�7sÆô9s•øU€†+k¨©rq2•³²tMn�Ğ?¨†h>Ğè†ĞŠ�æ&6¥úJ QêS'µh´u÷¨ôµĞG8B��]Ü;à ÓÆÆÆféøRÊHKKïh6£   ’zB€544, Ò˱-âR�¬¦Õ2$°e uÚ,5@Zˆçƒ=%ÍÀÏÌÀ¶Eh†*7ƒhCy“;ã;�ì9”ÔäëX¤8˜OÚ$è:ØÈr£�Á‚é» O‚. L1 & L3 always should show zero resistance with megger. such as:wiring;how to work & position in electromors Thanks Hadi. Cleaning and drying the winding will usually improve the IR. 24 INSULATION RESISTANCE TESTING Interpret the results of the test graph to determine the condition of the insula-tion. 0000009631 00000 n 0000020935 00000 n 0000008657 00000 n Evaluate the test results. I would like to learning 3phase 5hp motor wiring . Mike Howell is a technical support specialist at the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA), a CFE Media content partner. Motors can’t talk, but your Fluke insulation resistance tester equipped with Fluke Connect® is the next best thing. The problem is on your driven pump, (at no load the motor draws 22A and when it’s coupled with pump load current becomes 149?) Before everything, a safe isolation procedure must be carried out. 0000009923 00000 n This allows for testing of the phase-to-phase insulation as well as the ground insulation. This single display on your smartphone or tablet gives you more information, in less time, than was previously available with just the instrument display. 0000004029 00000 n The winding enclose humidity (it’s may be stored in a humid place, or the heating resistance is not running,..etc): This is the most common case, in this case the motor must be dismantled and heated to absorbe all the moisture) 2. Simple test procedure. 0000001940 00000 n 0000002749 00000 n : 230V) to measure insulation resistance in Ohm`s. When conducting the test and evaluating the results, consider these … If the motor is not put into operation immediately upon arrival, it is important to protect it against external factors like moisture, high temperature and impurities in order to avoid damage to the insulation.Before the motor is put into operation after a long period of storage, you have to measure the winding insulation resistance. hello we have a motor that pumps Acetone to cylinder which is highly flammable and we dont know the pump/motor is fire rated/proofed how we know or check if it is fire rated? Data analysis allows you to identify wear trends over time and under different scenarios. 0000007617 00000 n hŞb```b``3f`c`àØÈ È€ ‚ì,;ğ ù[ÆsİOOpaP6```ìc8Ç0­Á¿î”zF¤Q What good is data if you can’t read it? Current Discussions. I don´t agree. How to measure insulation resistance of a motor, Electrical engineer, programmer and founder of, megohmmeter – high resistance range ohmmeter, The minimum insulation resistance of new, cleaned or repaired windings with respect to ground is, Minimum insulation resistance of the winding to ground is measured with, Maximum insulation resistance should be measured with 500 V DC with the windings at a operating temperature of, If the insulation resistance of a new, cleaned or repaired motor that has been stored for some time is less then, If the motor has been operating for a long period of time, the minimum insulation resistance.

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