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Sir jb ntc laga dain ge tu mov ki zarurat nahi hay? I add 39V MoV between + and – of the using 2caps (1,8uf & 2.2uf all 400V)at the same point of MOV. 1) yes 10k preset is used as a potential to set the tripping moment of the LEd at the preferred time of evening, 2) no that will not be good and cause very early tripping of the leds because LDR resistance is much higher than 10K, but 220K preset may work. The key component of the day night triggered triac switch circuit is a LDR photoresistor of sensitive resistance, resistance in Quebec may differ its resistance According to the strength of the light it obtains, it possesses a resistance of 200 ohms at nighttime and during daylight a few thousand Ohms. Your email address will not be published. Sir mov ki koi value hoti hay kia ya 1 hi value ka hota hay? All resistors are 1/4 watt rated, preset is normal type. Gurmel, you can probably use a TDA7052 IC circuit or any similar circuit for the amplification. Sir what is the power consumption of this circuit in watts? The 10 Ohms resistor helps to cancel out the initial surge or the voltage rush that might otherwise be potentially harmful to the further stages of the circuit. Syed, actually MOVs are identified with their max voltage rating while NTCS are specified with resistance value at normal temperature. When the LEDs are in OFF state, the measurement from Riccardo is 46V. by adjusting "knob" set the light sensing intensity as required. , you can use this for Automatic light switch for Street Light . 10k preset is for setting the LED ON/OFF threshold. Suppose 1uF is used for the current-limiting capacitor, with 220V mains, the maximum current the circuit can supply is roughly 69mA. sir is there any alternative to 10 k preset because i dont have it but i have 10 k resistor and 200k vari pot. This means the current that can be supplied by the circuit when the LEDs are ON has been reduced to 199V / 3.183kΩ (reactance of the 1uF capacitance) = 62.52mA; meaning 15.63mA will flow through each LED string. Syed, the leds will illuminate only when the LDR is in full darkness, if there's even slightest bit of light on the LDR then the LED will not illuminate, Thanks sir thank u very much you are great person, I want a circuit that flashes mounted on a tall red LED lamp 10 LEDs 220VAC. At DayThe Bulb is an automatic switch off and At night Automatic Switch ON Automatic Night Bulb Switch. In my location Ic 741 is not available now. 15V zener will help to keep everything under control and will not heat any parts unnecessarily474 is OK but 0.22uF will be better as it will generate less current and keep things cooler. The LDR must be positioned such that the light from the LED does not fall on it, only the ambient light which is to be sensed is required to reach the LDR. yes that's right, no need of putting both. Could you pls tell "the watts of 1M Resistor", "whats 2K7 Resistor", "10K preset". May I use Ic 555 as an alternative of Ic 741? The collector of the above transistor instantly grounds the base of the next transistor and switches it OFF. 3) relay will not with the shown 0.22uF capacitor, you may have to use a 105/400V cap instead…and use only 12V 400 ohm relay with this, 6V will not work. In schematic you can only get the general view not the exact view of the design. okk sir can u tell me wht is use of presetQ1. you can use a 300V NTC and replace it with the 10 ohm/1watt resistor. Ambient light sensor capability is Worst. The purpose of an automatic night-light is to save power in addition to its automatic feature. Sir mene ye circuit banaya hay laikin 2.7k resistor bohot hot ho raha hay or smell bhi aarahi hay koi problem tu nahi hay? Sir, what if i want to use 12v battery or 12v ac/dc adapter what should i remove? There are four LED strings, each connected to a 330Ω resistor. If you have any circuit related query, you may interact through comments, I'll be most happy to help! This translates into a power consumption of (46 x 54.67)mW = 2.51W. LDR darkness sensor. I will make the exact same circuit and show you how to do it soon…, By the way the lamp will flicker a bit during twilight with a triac, because it is simple transistor based circuit, you may have to use a relay based circuit or a IC 555 based circuit, to get a perfect ON/OFF switching. I have tried to set tripping point by 10k potentiometer but problem is not solved. Thank you.. How can the LEDs get hot during day, because during day time current is supposed to drop for the LEDs….do you mean to say the transistor which is driving the LEDs gets hot?? can we increase volume of earpiece of nokia 225. it has very low volume output for calls . A circuit will need to be tweaked and fine-tuned to make it work accurately. I've check it again, I've missed to place the 1K resistor on the base, And it work fine just getting warm. From your comment, i have changed the Capacitors 25V1000uF to 50v1000uF & 105/400V to 474/400V. Please try to remodel ur circuit diagram with cool brain. Previous: Simple 4 Watt LED Driver Circuit Using IC 338, Next: A Homemade Fence Charger, Energizer Circuit. circuit working fine but it have one issue that when sun goes down in evning than for fraction of 1min my output 20watt led bulb flicker due to constant triping of relay for around 10sec .i think this problem causes due to slowly decreasing or increasing brightness of outdoor environment.and this problam can damage my led bulb . I have tried all way which u said but lamp flicking not solved. thanks, yes that's why a 0.22uF is used in the present design…, capacitive power supplies become very efficient if the load voltage spec is selected to match the output of the power supply. There is no 555ic circuit diagram. Voltage drop across the 330Ω resistor is I x R = 5.16V, plus the 15V across the 5 LEDs, the total voltage drop is 20-21V that matches the measurement of Riccardo. the wire must be a super enameled type copper wire which are used in transformers. Hi, yes that's right use a 50V rated capacitor and also try reducing the 105/400V cap to 474/400V for keeping things cooler and safer. can you tell me about the value or name of them? Dear Sir, I'm a computer engg and interested in Electronic circuits. can i connect ldr's lower terminal directly to base through 1k R and also commen point of ldr and 1k Resistor​,connect to ground through 10k variable Resistor​.?Q3. The associated LED lights connected to the collector of the second transistor are also immediately switched OFF. is there any small circuit to use for this purpose? Ignoring the voltage drop across the rectifier, the voltage at the input side or across the 1uF capacitor is (220V – 21V) = 199V. In case of full sun light bulb off nicely. It contains two automatic relay switches, which will activate and deactivate according to the sunrise and sunset. 0.22uF ill work only with one channel of LEDs, but for 4 channels as give in the diagram , you might need 1uF/400V, and make sure to use a 15V 1 watt zener after the bridge. Increase the value 1K at the base of the same transistor to 22K or 33K, simultaneously you can also try increasing the 100uF to 220uF or 470uF…make sure the lamp light does not reach the LDR, otherwise the lamp will keep flickering forever. In this post we learn how to make a transformerless automatic darkness activated LED lamp circuit, using a couple of transistors and capacitive based power supply, eliminating the use of any bulky transformer. The proposed LED automatic day night lamp switch circuit diagram shows red LED being used, however white LEDs would suit the application better, as that would help illuminate the area better than the red LEDs. pousia, please explain your requirement more elaborately, what do you want the alarm to warn you about?

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