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It measures temperature greater than 2000 k. It uses Stefan’s law: They are suitable instruments for infants since they take the temperature of the same without causing any discomfort. The EPA recommends the use of mercury-free thermometers but it does not endorse any specific brand and suggests choosing a thermometer that is easy to use and read. What are the different temperature scales? I need a help to complete the project assiignment on ” Types Of Thermometre “. Medical thermometers are cleaned before and after each use, with alcohol. 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It measures temperature in the range of 5oo k to 2300 k. where ΔT=ΔR/Rα ,        α is a thermal coefficient of resistance. It is used to measure human body temperature in the range of 35 °C  to 42  °C. They are sensitive and accurate, having a narrow place where the level of mercury rises very fast. Generally used to measure outside temperatures, it is very accurate, albeit slow. It measures temperature in the range o k to 5oo k. These measure the temperature through a platinum wire that is attached to an electrical resistance that changes according to the temperature. For example, some substances expand on heating, some change their colors, some change their electric resistance, etc. Small expansion of the liquid in the liquid bulb will cause a big change in the length of the liquid thread in the capillary tube as it is made narrow. To measure the temperature with these devices, you must: This type of thermometer takes longer to measure the temperature than the others, and the reading is usually more difficult to do, especially for the elderly or the visually impaired. CLICK CATALOG # FOR PRICING Factors that increase range would at the same time reduce its sensitivity. Compare this item. The normal ear temperature is 99.5 degrees F (37.5 degrees C) in adults. In this thermometer, volume increases directly with the increase in temperature. This makes it easy to see the liquid level in the glass tube. Infrared thermometers capture body heat in the form of infrared energy given off by a heat source. They measure the temperature through an electrical resistance that generates a voltage which varies according to the connection temperature. These thermometers currently contain colored alcohol due to the danger of contact with mercury. Thanks, Your email address will not be published. The thermometer is made relatively small so that it is portable and cheap. This type of thermometer is based on the fact that the laws that govern the radioactive emission of bodies allow the precise calculation of the temperature of the radiating object from its emission spectrum, without requiring direct contact with it. In order for the body temperature to be measured correctly with the digital thermometer, the following steps must be followed: The temperature in the ear is also known as the tympanic membrane temperature or eardrum. When the bulb contacts a hot object, the liquid in it expands and rises in the tube. A thermometric  liquid should have the following properties: A liquid in glass thermometer has a bulb with a long capillary tube of uniform and fine bore. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The information they capture is sent to a microchip that processes it and displays it numerically on the digital screen. Turn on the thermometer and check if the number zero appears on the display; Place the tip of the thermometer under the armpit or carefully insert it into the anus, mainly to measure the temperature in children. A thermometer is a device that is used to measure the temperature of a body. What is Difference Between Heat and Temperature? If you spot any errors or want to suggest improvements, please contact us. However, such measurement is not reliable but indicative. It should have uniform thermal expansion. hoping for some new information regarding heat capacity in detail.thnks alot for granting us this kind of ultimate facts. They are easy to use, fast, accurate, and inexpensive. Subscribe to Lab Reporter; 2014-2016 Fisher Scientific Catalog; Fisher Scientific Lab Essentials Catalog; Customer Support . Range is the converse of sensitivity, i.e., the longer the range, the lower is its sensitivity., Mercury is used mostly in thermometers because of the following properties: “Im obliged for the article.Really thank you! This is one of the ways to take your body temperature using the inside of your ear. Types of thermometer. The narrower the bore, the higher the sensitivity. These thermometers were designed for specific testing and can be calibrated to your specific requirements. Required fields are marked *. plz add some more pics otherwise this is more informative than others!!! Administrator of Mini Physics. Place the tip of the thermometer inside the ear and point it towards the nose; Press the “power” button on the thermometer until you hear a signal; Read the temperature value, which appears instantly; Remove the thermometer from the ear and clean the tip with cotton or alcohol gauze. Your email address will not be published. thank you so much for appreciating us, we are trying our best to add content regularly to the website is still under processing. It is used to measure the room temperature of hot solids and liquids in experiments. Common types of thermometers are Medical thermometers, Infrared thermometers, Mercury thermometers, thermocouple thermometers, laboratory thermometers, Bimetallic strip thermometers… Many crossover to the IP standard listed alongside the ASTM number. Range is the converse of sensitivity, i.e., the longer the range, the lower is its sensitivity. Traceable® Lollipop Shock/Waterproof Thermometer . Although currently there are digital thermometers this form of temperature measurement is still very much in demand, in addition to being very simple to use. These thermometers were designed for specific testing and can be calibrated to your specific requirements. Our ASTM Mercury Thermometers are made in accordance with specifications of the American Society for Testing and Material. Related Products: Mercury In Glass Thermometers. Which properties should present in thermometric liquid? not a good information i need more information, this will be great reading material for my class! How to use Digital or clinical thermometers? A recent study found that the most accurate way to measure body temperature is with a rectal thermometer. What do you mean by Thermal conductivity? These are advanced thermometers used to measure the temperature of a body of a high level of accuracy. How to uses an Infrared ear thermometer?

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