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Blasted Landscape ($0.69), Canyon Slough ($1.65), Desert of the Fervent ($0.25), Desert of the Glorified ($0.25), Polluted Mire ($0.15), Smoldering Crater ($0.15). Commander 2019: Merciless Rage Archfiend of Ifnir lets you turn simple looting into something ridiculously valuable. MTG Magic The Gathering Zendikar Rising Both 2020 New ZNC Commander Decks! Two are great in Commander. Those prices come from, of course, and are accurate as of me writing this. Don’t worry, I still got the deck count right. Sellers declare the item's customs value and must comply with customs declaration laws. Grand Central Building Ground Floor Pabayo St, Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental, Brgy 4 These effectively give cards in your hand cycling, which lets you feel like you have an enabler even when you don’t. Commander 2019 Set Review – Merciless Rage. They trigger things that care about discarding, they smooth out draws, and they actually get put on the battlefield in a pinch. Discard and cast for an alternate cost is the name of the game with a touch of a Rakdos demon in the Commander 2019 preconstructed deck, Merciless Rage.. … This one works in this list. We’d need a Battlebond 2 or maybe a Conspiracy 3. Tossing one on an Isochron Scepter could be an option, but those are expensive! ₱5,000.00, ₱1,500.00 ₱14,000.00, ₱2,500.00 I know I dunked on In Garruk’s Wake like 10 seconds ago for costing nine mana, but eight is significantly less than nine, and the card draw you’ll get out of hardcasting this makes up for destroying your own stuff. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Imagine this with an Azra Oddsmaker trigger on it…. August 15, 2019 by Patrick Sippola (Anje Falkenrath | Art by Cythia Sheppard) M-M-M-M-M-Madness. Skyfire Phoenix also gets edged out by some other more on-theme cards, but think how much potential it has with partner commanders. Whether you’re firing off a bunch of cards into repeatable outlets or just cycling some lands, Shadow of the Grave can generate an amount of card advantage that decks predicated on discarding aren’t often known for. We're sorry. Putting dead stuff on top of my library always felt incredibly slow and painful to me, hence the Mortuary Mire cut. There are enough weird mana costs and activations in this deck that I thought the best thing to do was help the mana a little more, so I pulled one more Swamp out and found Anje a nice place to stay. As I’ve mentioned before, there’s often a defenseless player in the early game, and Azra Oddsmaker lets you take advantage of that very quickly. Depending on circumstances, that’s a lot of money to some and not much to others, but it can show you how much you can improve a deck on your budget by comparison. He's been writing about Commander since 2012 and enjoys building casual, fun decks to play with friends after long days at tournaments. ₱1,500.00. TCGPlayer 79.34 - 47.72 . View cart for details. All rights Reserved . As a reminder, the premise is to take the precons and make a reasonable improvement to them on a budget; in this case, $50 before tax or shipping. Gorgon Recluse is just a bad madness card and I don’t like seeing it just because it has madness on it. This amount is subject to change until you make payment. The rate on a four mana 5/4 trampler isn’t bad either, but the ability is huge here. ₱1,250.00, ₱2,200.00 So many great modes! Magus of the Wheel is incredibly dangerous outside of a focused combo deck. You will see some serious retaliation yourself just for using this one, so be sure you’re ready for the heat when you drop this on the battlefield. Edit. Now that we’ve luxuriated a little and spent $49.84, let’s take our 16 cents to the local copy shop and print out a decklist! Reset your hand, swing for a lot, then blast your opponents for a ton? I haven’t messed with the land ratio. So which creatures did I add? Merciless Rage. Temple of the False God is still not a worthy inclusion in 2019. Attack opponents, rummage away your hand, and let the extra mana carry you through all the rest of the things you need to do that turn. We’re finally on to the land section. Doomed Necromancer is great for a more reanimator-focused deck, as is Flayer of the Hatebound. At least, not until you play it once, at which point your playgroup will know it’s always Muck Drubb. International shipment of items may be subject to customs processing and additional charges. Product Description. As to why, I’m guessing because of K’rrik and the only new land in the whole set. A solid Wrath effect when you need one, a comical casting cost to look at when you don’t. This card is a dream. Read below to see the whole thing–I’ll see you next time when I take on one of the two remaining decks. ₱500.00, ₱16,200.00 This amount is subject to change until you make payment. Repeatable discard outlets are great, especially when they allow you to get some extra value. In fact, even after that, there’s still $11.15 left in the budget. You can find my take on Mystic Intellect here. MtG - Commander Commander Deck 2019 - Primal Genesis - Sealed New! However, the 2 damage we get from the priest isn't comparable to forcing someone to sacrifice three creatures, plus a 6/5 flier matters.. “Counter” a removal spell, steal an aura, ruin someone’s Rite of Replication… the possibilities are vast. Going off with Archfiend of Ifnir and then getting all your discarded cards back with this sounds good, right? Land cards are what gets thrown into the discard mill when there aren’t any synergy options available, so Cavalier of Flame plays incredibly well with your regular discard outlets as well as the cycling lands–and we’ll have plenty of cycling lands! Commander Legends Commander Deck Set of 2! Cathartic Reunion ($0.25) and Tormenting Voice ($0.15). The page you requested is missing or forbidden. That means we’ll be focusing heavily on the madness theme, which, prior to these decks, was poorly supported for Commander. Well, first I’ll mention that, unlike last time, I didn’t replace “like for like” entirely, which means I may be adding a different number of creatures than I’m taking out. If this card didn’t have madness I’d really be against it, but being able to get extra value puts this one over the top. ₱2,800.00, ₱2,100.00 I find this card almost impossible to cut whenever I build a deck with these colors. Don’t get mad, get angry. For reference, here are the initial preconstructed decklists for Commander 2019. This week, we’ll check out the Merciless Rage deck helmed by Anje Falkenrath. Cycling lands! ₱220.00, ₱2,500.00 In: Strength of Lunacy $0.25 Out: The Eldest Reborn Well, when you have three mana up, your opponents will never think it’s Muck Drubb. - CCG, A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item (including handmade items). Either way, it’s a decent card for the cost, both monetary and mana-wise. This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.

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