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It smells like melting butter in a Teflon pan before dolloping circles of pancake batter. A version of KitKat Gold was introduced in Australia in 2018 as a limited edition, so UK fans will no doubt be thrilled to finally get their hands on it. Nach KITKAT ® Ruby und KITKAT ® Green Tea Matcha gibt’s jetzt die nächste außergewöhnliche Variante des ikonischen KITKAT Riegels im 4 Finger-Format: KITKAT ® GOLD! It’s lovely! After Ruby and Green Tea Matcha, Nestlé has unveiled the latest edition of its most iconic confectionery brand: the new KitKat Gold. Knackige Waffel und zartschmelzender Milchschokolade treffen auf ein Topping aus cremiger weißer Schokolade mit sanfter Karamellnote, die dem Riegel die außergewöhnliche goldähnliche Farbe verleiht. Limited-Edition KitKat Gold, on the other hand, is amazing! I love it. Happy eating! The new four-finger treat will launch in major retailers across Europe and selected other countries throughout 2020. It tastes like burnt caramel wafer covered with golden-white chocolate. Share this post to your friends! KitKat Gold offers a tasty combination of crispy wafer and smooth milk chocolate, topped with creamy white chocolate with sweet caramel notes. Telegram; Share on Tumblr; Pocket.

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