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Thanks. I had to throw the fish out as I was not ready for it and had NO place to store it. It taste of frozen water with a terrible aftertaste. I worked on boats based in Kodiak in the 1970's. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Arrives promptly and freshly frozen, so we can throw it into our freezer. If the skin has been removed, the skin side will appear slightly darker. Bookmark. Since they are not answering their phone I tried emailing the company but got no response but I was able to cancel membership. Their photos all feature full sized center cut fillets. Check us out here: Pre-heat olive oil in a skillet on medium-high heat, add just a bit of butter as well if you prefer. Personalized health review for Kirkland Signature Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon: 220 calories, nutrition grade (B), problematic ingredients, and more. Trader Joe's Wild Sockeye Salmon goes for $12 a pound, whereas Costco's wild salmon package is $30 for three pounds. I tried making pate and salmon cakes and it's still inedible. Between the cardboard, the dissolvable insulation and the dry ice, there is very little trash. we do not offer any subscription service for monthly or bi-monthly orders. Hi John, I'm sorry but you've reviewed the wrong company! There's no comparison as Wild Alaskan Salmon and Seafood is far superior. I'm looking forward to trying recipes from the website and to my next shipment. I have never had either of those problems. Please reach out to me directly at and reference your order number and I can be sure to make this right with you. Apparently it's very common to find worms in wild salmon. Add to List. Thanks Tony! Second, there is nobody named "Carlos" that works for us! When I reported this to the company they suggested it was probably because the seal had leaked during transit, but that was not the case, they were all still sealed. First, we don't offer any subscription based orders for monthly or bi-monthly deliveries. Hi Kenneth, I'm very sorry to hear about your experience! We show no record of an order under your name. This did not ship directly from Alaska -it shipped from a warehouse in Illinois. Dress the salmon with your choice of marinade or spices and cook in oven until opaque which depending on oven temperature could be between 8-15 minutes. Cook for a just a couple of minutes uncovered on each side and turn only once. Most of the 12 6 oz portions I received consisted of 3 to 4 small tail ends in a package. Thanks. Just don’t scam me on a product and I would have given a 4. They did issue me a 50% credit which shows they're an ethical company. 7 of the 20 pouches of salmon had not had the air removed from them, and so were not vacuum sealed. Share! Thanks. I've even messaged them on their website for recipes and cooking instructions and they get back immediately and their advice is always excellent! First pack was awesome, so we decided to add few additional items in our second pack.Few days after 2nd order was placed we received a note from Carlos, Customer Experience Mgr (not sure if he is real) stating order has been delayed in transit and not to worry - (essentially the perishable was sitting at a FedEx facility 20 miles from my home for 6-8 days)Box arrives and we open to see the biggest disappointment..forget FedEx delay ..the entire seafood was packed with no dry ice...just random salmon thrown into a cardboard box ..essentially we receive raw/rotten fish ..terrible experience. Hi Mike, thanks for the review. Cook it with care. We'll show you how it's done right! Offered to have another shipment-or a refund and apologized-they should take down the picture of the prime center King Salmon displayed on the website- I did not get any of those cuts-and at $34.99 they all should have been center. You get what you pay for. Never forget to buy some of his rub, it's amazing on so many things. The Salmon is frozen test different and i can get fresh for the better price I am not satisfied and canceling my further shipment. Thanks. Flavor and texture are both lost this way. Knowing where my fish comes from, and the stringent parameters Alaska has in place, are definitely shared passions with Captain Tony and his crew :) One would be doing themselves a tremendous disservice not to try it for themselves! EVERY SINGLE ONE of my email addresses that I have ever used in public gets their UNSOLICITED SPAM EMAILS. I can purchase from Walmart better, more for $20. Preheat oven to between 400-450 degrees. Garbage!!!!! This is not a product you want to overcook. This allows the natural fat carried beneath the skin to be drawn into the fillet, keeping it rich and moist. Thaw naturally in the refrigerator. From two frozen fillets, I was able to find 8 worms. The fact that I got absolutely no response from the company is equally disappointing. Made my first experience a bad one!!!! I ordered King Salmon for the thick middle sections-I received all skimpy end cuts where there is more skin than fish-2 out of the 10 packages had a bit thicker part of the fish. If you so choose, once the salmon is finished cooking, remove fillets from pan and de-glaze the pan with white wine or chicken broth, let reduce add a little bit of butter, stir together and pour over salmon before serving. They always arrive frozen and packaged perfectly. However, you have posted this review on the wrong profile! Place lightly seasoned salmon fillets in pan and give the skillet a light shake to prevent the fish from sticking. It appears several of the reviews on this website are for another Alaskan salmon producer. I made one order for $126 and won't make another. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Our first and only order from Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood was very unsatisfactory. If you like the tail end-order this. I am SO SICK of these jerks and their spamming tactics. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Kirkland Signature Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon 6/6 Ounce Cans at Hi Susan, thanks for your review. However my biggest complaint is the $60 crab legs offer. Never allow seafood to thaw at room temperature or place in water to thaw. We are Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood and we show no order history under your name. However, as has happened many times to us here on TrustPilot, you have posted this review on the wrong profile! Lastly, if you are still in the market for truly 100% wild caught Alaskan Salmon and Seafood that comes DIRECTLY from the fishermen, I hope you keep us in mind! I got a mix of Sockeye, Cod and Shrimp. Also, nowhere on our website does it state that our fillets are "perfectly sized". I’m not sure who those other reviewers are talking about in regards to getting spammed or no response to emails. Whatever the issue is with your order, I can help. We are the fisherman, processor and seller of our own 100% wild caught Alaskan salmon and seafood. Always start cooking salmon with the skin side up. The one time we did need to contact WA, they responded immediately and made the changes we asked for. His Sockeye is the best quality you can get, Sushi Grade! Is this who you ordered from? If you are ever willing to give us another opportunity, we know we can do better. Both thumbs up! We are Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood and 1.) Oh and not only is it great fish but they ship it in very eco friendly packaging. I received less than half of my order. I buy frozen salmon from the local store and have never had fish this terrible. Please reply back to our email address: or call us at 907-290-0992. Thank you again. I was a bit leary at first because it is not inexpensive but I am very pleased with the product and have already bragged about it to family. I believe the company you are looking for is Wild Alaskan Company. Salmon Wild Alaskan Sockeye. Always start cooking salmon with the skin side up.

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