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"Thou." The doom of death is recalled; a respite of fifteen years granted. 19. )Contemplating the time of deathH. 77 "Putting sins behind the back" is a bold anthropomorphism to stress that they were kept out of sight--did not get in the way of God's love for him. 2. Those who believe in the LORD and pray to Him, living a life of cautious obedience—they are blessed by God with life.75 And this is why God blessed Hezekiah—his spirit revived when he knew what God was doing to him, and what God wanted to develop in him. III. )Set thine house in order.Human mortalityJ. HIS REQUEST he enforces with the following arguments. B. Isaiah 38 Home | M. Henry Commentary | Play! The effects of death on the soul include, doubtless, the enlargement of its capacities, as well as its entrance on eternal joy or misery.II. I did mourn as a dove: mine eyes fail with looking upward: O LORD, I am oppressed; undertake for me (Isa 38:14). No doubt there is. The first point in this work is to see that our hope for eternity is placed upon a right foundation; and none other can be found but that which God Himself has laid for us to build on — namely, His own free mercies in His dear Son, Jesus Christ.2. Where God more or less reluctantly says, "Well, if that's what you want, have at it." willingly and knowingly commit? ", II. All combine to remind us of the cheering saying, "While there is life, there is hope!" In its causes. THE AUTHORITY OF THE COMMISSION. Parker, D. D.)Facing deathH. There is a childlike simplicity in the scene. Sometimes it is a blessing to a man to be brought suddenly to the brink in his own life, to look over it seriously and prayerfully, and then to take back into life the lessons he has learned there. Hurwitz, Marshall S. “The Septuagint of Isaiah 36-39 in Relation to that of 1-35, 40-66.” HUCA 28 (1957):22-38. But again the angel of the Lord stood where there was a cliff and the donkey edged up against the side of the cliff and got old Balaam's ankle, and he beat the donkey again and got him going. "Conscience is the great repository and magazine of all those pleasures that can afford any solid refreshment to the soul;" and of that solace which is needed in the moments of weakness. Then Hezekiah turned his face toward the wall, and prayed unto the LORD. The last enemy to be destroyed is Death. Yet why all this foolish hiding of the truth? Garbett, M. To spiritual matters.II. Surely this is no longer true, if, accepted in Christ Jesus, we have peace with God. Seeker, LL. The primary cause of death was sin. Death was an enemy that God could and should conquer. Of course, people who have had health restored from lesser ailments can also appreciate the blessing of life. God didn't just slam on the brakes, yank, and everybody goes flying off. You have put all my sins behind your back. THAT WE ARE TO BE DILIGENT IN OUR DAILY WORKIII. But we see here that calm conscience which is the result of a pious life, and which gives confidence in prayer. His cries and moans are compared to birds (similes), suggesting that he was losing his strength and resolve and could only moan softly like an injured dove. This idea includes faith in the LORD and obedience to His Word and living so as to be pleasing to Him. And that being instantly granted, he had no need to apply further to God, in relation to his sickness, otherwise than by thanksgiving, which he did. God's wisdom and goodness have appointed a bed of sickness to be the general precursor of death. Don't cry. “Waited patiently” could very well be a metonymy of adjunct since it accompanies his praying. A. De Witt Talmage, D. D.William the Conqueror established the ringing of curfew bells. When St. Paul bids us to follow after "holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord," he surely meant something more than a negative quality. )Preparing for the endHomiletic Review.I. THE INJUNCTION URGED. We want to join together with pastors and Christian workers to equip the church in China, broadcasting translated sermons, providing ministry resources for Christians and pastors in China. It was like a man gazing into his open grave. That which made Hezekiah more lath to leave the world at this time was, that he had no child to succeed him in his throne.II. Preparation for death is an immediate duty, because YOU CANNOT TELL WHAT A DAY MAY BRING FORTH.II. THAT WE ARE TO BE DILIGENT IN OUR DAILY WORKIII. When St. Paul bids us to follow after "holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord," he surely meant something more than a negative quality. Shall I die as an impenitent and despairing sinner, or as a pardoned, a redeemed, a rejoicing saint? "Set thine house in order.". So God often scuds a time of sickness as a special warning. II. The best of men need special preparation.Hezekiah was not a bad man, but he had a special message. There are things that we must take care of before we die. willingly and knowingly commit? Always there is an "if" or an "unless" to break the fall of the severest sentence; and, in fact, the dealings of the merciful God with men are more lenient than they can ever be represented in words. That we often rehearse in life the last preparation we should make in death. )Supreme attention to spiritual concernsW. In its nature. (with Luke 10:42): — Let us reflect —I. In its causes. Get me a new donkey and a new house." So long as we entrust ourselves in the hands of a gracious God, we need never despair. We will be able to praise God in heaven throughout eternity; but only in this life can we praise God by saying, “He kept me alive to serve more in this life.”. 38 In those days Hezekiah became ill and was at the point of death. The grave80 cannot praise—he is no good to God if he dies and goes to the grave because he could not then tell how God saved him from the grave. But His wisdom discovers in what ways our deceitful hearts will teach us to abuse His mercy, and He provides against the evil. But they who have more extensive wants at that time are both authorised and bound to enlarge in proportion the subject of their addresses to the throne of grace; and therefore I shall endeavour to comprehend under this head all the religious duties of the sick.1. There are TWO SHORT COUNSELS which it may be well to add.1. By God’s love and grace we have been given new life in Christ—salvation. June 12, 2011 Isaiah 38-39 – The Folly of Man. Sermons for Sundays, Festivals, and Fasts. The experience of such a deadly sickness may be the needed lesson to teach us the worth of our days, to stir us up to the useful employment of them. The whole difference lies within the sphere and compass of the will.II. III. His names tell us why he came. I. calm conscience which is the result of a pious life, A True Life the Best Preparation for Death, Hezekiah's Sickness: the Historical Framework, The Habitual Thought of Death not Painful, Hezekiah's sickness: the historical framework, The habitual thought of death not painful, A true life the best preparation for death. The pleasure of conscience is not only greater than all other pleasures, but may also serve instead of them. "Life" is literally "days"--a synecdoche. For as they are cut off from active life, they have more leisure for religious contemplation. Soon for us the curfew will sound. All our past life then seems to be a cloud of words and shadows, altogether external to the realities of the soul.

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