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Color temperature is relative as many others have noted. She was confused, as was I, till I researched it. Many people would name ultramarine blue. ​You can only paint from your viewpoint. Our Ultramarine Blue is beautiful in so many of its aspects. Before learning anything about color temperature (and I am still learning), I believed I had picked up all cool primaries in my first watercolor class-which included Ultramarine Blue. I don’t know if science has defined optical “peaks” for warm and cool, but am certainly interested. Where does the yellow come from? Art teachers cannot agree on a definite solution. Yellow comes in the warmer blue, and in the warmer red. Colour shapes are rarely seen in isolation except in maybe abstract colour field paintings. But when you introduce a new color the whole relationship changes. The Zenith = cool air = ultramarine must be cool is an argument that doesn’t work for me. What if you could use the context of the Munsell color space that organically forms by ordering color by hue, value and chroma as the context needed to make the necessary comparisons to determine which colors are warmer and which colors are cooler – in that context. Fax: (561) 655-6164, Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | Cookie Policy. For beginners wanting an introduction to basic color mixing theory, they can check out my book: Color Mixing, “Color Matching – How to mix clean bright colors and beautiful neutrals,” which is for sale through Amazon. Warm or Cool? Of course, we are talking about recreating the effects of light with paint, and the subsequent subtractive light by which we see the painting, so that further complicates any explanation…, To digress even further, Sorolla once said this about the French Impressionists: “With all its excesses, the modern impressionistic movement has given us one discovery, the color violet. Each artist will see color differently. Even though even the name ultra – marine – ocean… Would point to cool with that alone, this explanation made me gasp lol! STREAMLINE PUBLISHING, INC. PLEINAIR MAGAZINE IS A TRADEMARK OF STREAMLINE PUBLISHING, INC. Leave the argument over the relative warmth or coolness of colours to the academics. Simply The Rule of ER. But I find it utterly pointless to use ‘wavelength” when discussing color. And in my mind — though it might not be true— as light would go through a glacier, it looks like a blue green color. Do you want to draw but don't have any art materials? Ultramarine Blue vs Thalo Blue" colored pencil artist Sharon Hicks reports that years ago she was taught that ultramarine blue was cool and phthalocyanine (thalo) blue was warm, but she has also more recently come across articles saying the opposite. But if you are 3 degrees towards red, then it will be warmer than a blue only 2 degrees towards yellow. Hi - this is a great article and the the reasoning is well supported. However, one landscape painter says cool greens recede more than reddish blues. It is irrelevant. Even though the Zenith is closer to the sun than the earth, because of air pressure, volume and energy, it is warmer at the earths horizon….Its complicated but google it…or to simplify, the air is always cooler at the top of a mountain than air at sea level despite the top of the mountain being closer to the sun. So now, I call my Ultramarine Blue warm for color mixing exercises, but I’ve also come to think of my Cobalt as cooler and my Prussian blue as warmer due to those same exercises. He noted that on the Kelvin Scale the hottest, harshest light that simulates daylight is pure white. His ideas really raised some eyebrows! Not sure about the concept, but blue is always cool for me . I have had a lifetime passion for drawing and painting. And, I have heard this is “pure bunk!” But, guess what, not to my eyes! As one goes deeper in the ocean, it gets colder. April 2018. In my own opinion, of course. In my view, this is a clear range of cooler air and color at the Zenith progressing downward to warmer air and color at the horizon. This is not supported by science. Also, since ultramarine blue's bias is purple, that would make it a cooler color since purple is the complement of yellow. It is only useful in a relative sense — to adjacent colors or over-all schemes, and even there it is often a lazy expression. Many beautiful, intriguing paintings/drawings are black, white and neutral grey tones. With the exception pointed out by the Gamblin representative quoted in the article – what he calls middle blue. Perhaps it is a sorta like a mirror effect in the light spectrum, the yellow in blue having the opposite effect on the warmth of blue than it would on its compliment orange. November 2018 i did not like that at all. What if that context of the Munsell color space meant that you couldn’t split the color wheel in half and call one side warm and the other cool; that warm and cool was not a continuous spectrum from one side of the color wheel to the other but rather a spectrum within each hue family. However, a painter who works with the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow primary philosophy will find that the secondaries are Red, Green and Blue – thus making a warm orange-red and a very violet-blue their secondary colors. Particularly in plein air painting, where carrying a lot of paint tubes around and having a complex palette is often avoided, artists go for a split-primary palette, with a warm and cool for each primary color. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We asked Scott Gellatly, the product manager for Gamblin, to help explain what might be going on. I have been playing with color for over 15 years and the subject of “cool” vs. “warm” colors has always thoroughly confused me. The internet is a great source of information and after a few attempts, many of which supported my original theory, I came across an article by Lisa Marder  on the “Spruce Crafts”  website, which is an American DIY craft and hobby site, and worth a look. If you stack up the available blue PAINT on the market, it is easy to agree where one is leaning violet , and where the others are leaning green, and where others are less chromatic. And to address the temperature of the sky at the zenith vs the horizon….physical temperature and color temperature have absolutely no practical relation. I see Ultramarine as a cold or cool blue (it looks icy and frigid to me) and Phthalo blue as a warm blue like summer skies and tropical waters. It is a warm blue, so on the purple side rather than the green side, and will mix with pinks and crimsons to make wonderful purples, with warm yellows to make realistic greens, and with oranges/orange-browns to make great neutrals, as well as a whole range of other colours. When you use ultramarine blue and cerulean blue that ultramarine blue tends to recede and cerulean blue tends to come forward, as is the general rule for cool and warm colors. Before leaving the issue of whether French Ultramarine is visually a warm or cool blue, let’s just ask the same questions of Kings Blue. On the other hand, if blue's bias is towards green, then it must also contain a bit of yellow, since blue and yellow combine to make green. Depending on who you listen to, ultramarine blue can be considered warm or cool. In other words, color data values based on measured wavelengths is not divorced or somehow separate from the Munsell Color Order System. A blue purple which has more ultramarine in it is a cool purple. That’s what I see. It makes the most senses when explaining warms and cools. What makes a blue color "warm" or "cool," and how do cerulean and ultramarine fit into the mix? What makes a blue color "warm" or "cool," and how do cerulean and ultramarine fit into the mix?Â, There is much debate over the color temperature of blues. There are more important considerations to making a painting work. Bc I’m of those that sees ulta blue as warm. So is ultramarine warm or cool? She believes that is because instead of using the traditional color wheel, more people today use the color spectrum, which is the conversion of the visible light … Violet is closer to red, and green is its complement on the color wheel, so you could decide that ultramarine is warmer. And someone said to ditch the temperature stuff…. ​Depending on who you listen to, ultramarine blue can be considered warm or cool.

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