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It's free to use and is both iOS and Android-friendly. ... Is mint safe enough to use to create a budget and to try to help me cut back and start saving towards retirement. Is Mint a Safe App? Yes. Millions of Americans use free personal finance apps like to track their spending, but many people still have reservations about whether it’s safe to link bank accounts with online budgeting tools.. Gain access to a myriad of features, including bill tracking, financial goal creation, and credit score monitoring. What’s more, Mint is backed by the financial services firm Intuit, which has thousands of employees and many dedicated security personnel. Understandably, the Equifax data breach in September 2017 has only made people more cautious.. RELATED: YNAB review: Is this budgeting app better than Mint? Learn how to use Mint, the security and safety of Mint, and how Mint's security protects your linked bank information to protect you from hackers and cyber criminals. Mint launched an unlimited data plan in 2020 that's only slightly more expensive than its tiered options. Is Mint secure to use? Is Mint safe and free? What is Overview Intuit's is a financial management website that offers a variety of tools to track and manage your finances. Simply Put: Mint is a customized budgeting tool that syncs all of your financial accounts under one roof - a one-stop-shop for your money tracking needs. The app uses several advanced security features, including multi-factor authentication and TouchID for account access. Larry Ludwig June 29, 2020. Use a separate email address dedicated to Mint, and don’t have any personally-identifying info in the email address itself (e.g. The website is free to use and generates money by suggesting products and services to you (they get a commission when you, for example, open a credit card they recommend). As a finance aggregation app, Mint helps users create and manage budgets by using the information from bank accounts, bills, credit or debit cards, and PayPal - … 2020 review: Intuit finance, budgeting account pros and cons, complaints, and fees. “[email protected],” instead of “[email protected]”) Don’t fill out the personal information section within Mint; Use the two-factor authentication feature. Mint is safe to use. I’m almost 45 and am realizing that I have to do something now. Review 2020 A Free Budgeting and Personal Finance App.

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