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In 1878, Harper's Magazine published an approving article about the then-new school: The first thing to excite our wonder and admiration was the number – there were 1,542 pupils; the second thing was the earnestness of the discipline; and the third was the suggestiveness of so many girls at work in assembly, with their own education as the primary aim, and the education of countless thousands of others as the final aim, of their toil. During the 2005–2006 school year, the girls' volleyball team won the PSAL city championship after many years of falling short of the championship, losing in the semifinals and finals. All interested students are encouraged to participate. In 2002, the music groups toured in Spain, performing a number of collaborative pieces. It has since captured the silver medal in winter 2008, losing to Stuyvesant in the final, and the bronze medal in winter 09, again losing to Stuyvesant, after beating them twice during an undefeated regular season to win the division championship. Dawn Roy is the principal of the elementary school, and Lisa Siegmann is the Director of the Campus Schools. Stay updated with what's happening at Hunters Woods Elementary School with, © 2020 Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax County, Virginia, Reminder: Referral Window for Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) Level IV Screening Consideration Ends December 1, No-Cost Meals for All FCPS Students through June 30, 2021. [24][citation needed]. The majority of subjects are accelerated such that high school study begins in the 8th grade and state educational requirements are completed in the 11th. Each junior and senior is assigned a college guidance counselor. [16] All Hunter students pursue a six-year program of study. You may register online here. [19] On the other hand, while Asian population constitutes 16.2% of NYC public school children, they make up 49.4% of the student body at the school, based on NYC department of education data. Grab and Go service hours are 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). The PTA works plans and organizes numerous annual community events; raises money to directly fund school and family activities; and encourages every parent to participate. For a complete list of school holiday and important dates, please click here: During 7th and 8th grades, students must also participate in the school's science fair; the fair is optional for older students. They toured Greece in 2006 and Budapest in 2008. "[9] Hunter was the subject of the 1992 book Hunter College Campus Schools for the Gifted: The Challenge of Equity and Excellence published by Teachers' College Press.[10]. November 23, 2020 [citation needed], Students can choose to further pursue their academic interests through school activities such as the National Economics Challenge, Hunter United Nations Society, Fed Challenge (economics), Mock Trial, Debate Team, Math Team, the Hunter Chess and Go Teams, Quiz Bowl, Science Bowl, History Bowl, First Robotics, and the Washington Seminar. [1], The General Organization (G.O.) It proceeded win the city championship again in 2011, followed by bronze in 2012, and silver in 2013. 11/16/20 Family Update. The other entrance to Hunter is through the elementary school. The school building itself, which faces Park Avenue, was constructed to resemble the armory. January 13, 2019. There is also a selective jazz chorus, founded by former music teacher Campbell Austin, which focuses solely on jazz and pop. [23] The class of 2013 averaged 2200[1] on the test and the class of 2016 averaged 2208. In 1984 the boys' cross country team, in its second year in existence, defeated George Washington High School for the Manhattan Championship. In 1914, both schools were named after the Female Normal School's first president, Thomas Hunter. The Hunter Chess Team has won numerous tournaments and championships. – December 04, 2020, December 07, 2020 [2] Worth reported that 9.4% of Hunter's classes of 1998 through 2001 attended Harvard, Yale or Princeton (the highest rate of any public school in the United States). Tony Fisher is the principal of the high school. "[5] Publicly available data indicate that Hunter has both the highest average SAT score and the highest average ACT score of any school in the United States, public or private, though complete data is needed to be conclusive.[1][23]. There are likewise two Theater Production Practicum (TPP) showcases, with student-directed one-act plays (through the class TPP), as well as a 7th grade play festival. The Jazz Band performs arrangements of jazz music. Parents of students in grades 2-7 will need to submit the referral form by December 1. View the latest "News and Announcements" from Hunters Woods Elementary School. Principal. Congratulations to Parent Liaison Jo Wechselblatt, First Grade Teacher Vanessa Beverage, Sixth Grade Gifted Education Center Teacher Christine Plagata-Neubauer, Office Assistant Connie Hernandez, School-Based Technology Specialist Laura King, and Principal Emily Cope who were recognized at the 2018 FCPS Honors Ceremony! [citation needed]. [20][21], In light of Hunter's academic excellence, The Wall Street Journal ranked it as the top public school in the United States and noted that it is a feeder to Ivy League and other elite colleges. During the 12th grade, students take electives, have the option to attend courses at Hunter College (for transferable credit), undertake independent academic studies, and participate in internships around the city. These include: Several formal dances are arranged throughout the year: Several classes and extracurricular groups hold annual trips outside of New York City. The middle school team also won first place at the 2019 Middle School National Championship Tournaments. Following another undefeated season, the team took first place in 2014, winning in a single-touch tie-breaker against rival Brooklyn Technical High School. Hunter is publicly funded, and there is no tuition fee. In the 1983–84 school year, the Hunter Heat, Hunter's bowling team, finished as the top team in Manhattan, Staten Island, and the Bronx, losing to Cardozo High School (number one team in Queens and Brooklyn) in the PSAL city championship. Students whose parent/guardian have not returned a signed form will be required to complete a health screening and have their temperature taken daily by school staff until the form is received. Hunter's English Department incorporates reading novels and writing analytical papers beginning in the 7th grade. They elect two senators for each grade who share their concerns with the G.O. [1] Beginning with incoming students in the 2010–2011 school year, elementary school students must make "satisfactory progress" by fifth grade in order to gain admission to the high school. In the winter of 2006 the boys' fencing team won the PSAL city championship for the second year in a row, beating rival school Stuyvesant in the finals. being evaluated by the Faculty and Curriculum Committee. Standout Julian Ricardo also was injured, tearing his ACL, but continued to play on. [citation needed], Term Councils are grade governing bodies. Hunter was an all-girls school for its first 105 years, with the official name "Hunter College High School for Intellectually Gifted Young Ladies". Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. During the 1998–2001 era, an unusual concentration of athletic talent led the basketball team deep into the PSAL playoffs for 3 consecutive seasons. [34], In the 2012 season, the Boys' Middle School Soccer Team were the Citywide PSAL Champions winning the finals against Salk. The prototypical Hunter girl was the subject of the song Sarah Maria Jones, who, the lyrics told, had "Hunter in her bones." The History Bowl team were varsity national champions in the 2012 National History Bee and Bowl during its second year and won junior varsity championships in 2015 and 2019. She competed in the rifle shooting competition. Dawn Roy is the principal of the elementary school, and Lisa Siegmann is the Director of the Campus Schools. The G.O. Enrollment is approximately 1200 students. Students from the five boroughs of New York City who have high scores on standardized tests are eligible to take the Hunter College High School entrance exam in the January of their sixth grade school year. Although most of the armory building was demolished, the armory's facade, including two empty towers, was left partly standing on Madison Avenue. In January 1982, the school was featured in a New York Magazine article entitled "The Joyful Elite. A series of English and mathematics courses are taught from 7th through 11th grades. In 2013 Boys' Lacrosse won the City Championship against Tottenville.

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