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Ask if the schools you are considering have working relationships with local Swainsboro GA plumbers or plumbing companies. You must have a minimum of 5 years qualifying experience with at least 2 years as a journeyman plumber, plumbing contractor, plumbing foreman, plumbing superintendent, or military plumber. Some of the topics that may be covered on a Master Plumber license exam include: After 4-6 weeks, you will receive your exam results. A journeyman plumber has completed the required apprenticeship and can practice the trade on his or her own. Even though it may take some time to work up to a larger pay scale, it is worth it in this field. 2. Additionally, a number of states require that the plumbing training program be accredited for it to qualify for licensing or certification. It depends on how much education, experience, and hands-on training you want out of your education. Most Master Plumbers or ones with a lot of experience can expect a larger salary, at around $73,000 or more depending on the population of the area in which they work. 7. If you have already graduated high school with good grades and excellent math skills, it’s time to look into a training program. Last, speak to a few of the instructors and learn what their level of experience is in Swainsboro GA and what certifications or degrees they have earned. You need to be physically fit. Plumbers deal with heavy materials and tools that can be dangerous if not handled properly. The best candidates to be a Plumber have a strong foundation in math and the sciences. Giving an exact answer of how much a plumber in Georgia earns is impossible because there are so many factors that determine how much one makes. Although you are still working under the direction of a master plumber, this license allows you to repair or maintain plumbing systems. As more experience is required for each level of license, more independence is also granted so that the plumber can work with less supervision. 2. Your employer. 6394 Zebulon Road Georgia does not have plumbing license reciprocity with any other states. Take the time to sit in on a few classes. An apprenticeship provides an opportunity to receive extensive training. Step 4 Get Licensed. In order to obtain licensure as a journeyman, it’s required to show proof that you’ve: The journeyman exam is provided to show the competence of Plumbers in their field. Numerous plumbing trade programs have acquired either a regional or a national accreditation. Conversely, schools that are not well regarded or that provide low quality training generally don’t stand the test of time. Since the plumbing profession is highly competitive in the state of Georgia, planning your career path ahead of time is key. If you can only attend on a part-time basis, make sure that the school you select permits part-time enrollment. Compare to a teacher who only makes $40,000/yr in Georgia. An apprenticeship can take up to five years, which is how long is required to become a journeyman Plumber. On average, this is much more than many other careers in the construction field. If you are willing to work in the weather with your hands then this might be for you. The rise is due to many people building new homes and businesses, as well as new technology and piping systems available. Required fields are marked *. This involves submitting an application fee and the documentation that states you are receiving your training from a licensed plumber. In many states, it is required that a student acquire an apprentice license before they are able to work. The programs offered will vary, but in general the shortest is the certificate program which will focus on the fundamentals and generally take about a year to complete. Below is a checklist of those added qualifiers that you will need to assess prior to enrolling in a plumber vocational school. Both the Journeyman and Master licenses must be renewed every three years.

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