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[22] Despite Sasuke's crimes, Sakura was able to forgive him after he sincerely apologised to her for how much he hurt her. Kaguya, believing the clone to be the real one, and that he is alone, attacks it and manages to dispatch it before returning back to the ice dimension. When she learns that Kakashi has defected and that Naruto has been imprisoned to stop him from going after Kakashi, she helps him escape and accompanies him. While Sakura works on healing herself, Yamato tells Naruto the truth. When she was an Academy student, Sakura succeeded through studying alone to the point of pride, able to avoid physical trials and thus allowing her to focus on her physical appearance in a bid to appeal to Sasuke. Most of those magi exhibit their talents as extreme specialists. Her jealousy sometimes comes out in other routes, but has been a recurring theme in her own route as being chosen by Shirou makes her mental fortitude unstable. When Kariya Matou, Sakura's adopted uncle and her mother's childhood friend, learned of Zouken's intentions, Kariya attempted to win the Fourth Holy Grail War in hopes of liberating her. One of the two alignments of Kayneth Elmelloi Archibold. ». Sasuke feeds him anyway, needing him in top-form if they're to work together, and Sakura does the same. Main article: Kakashi Hiden: Lightning in the Icy Sky Sasuke tries to surrender in exchange for their lives, but Naruto insists on fighting Orochimaru anyway. When Sarada's class began preparing for the Genin Exams, Sakura joined her daughter to discuss her progress and future goals with Shino. [28] As an adult, Boruto remarked that she was a suitable replacement for Naruto as Hokage. Besides feats speak louder than statements. Your trying to say that Sasuke moved before Zaku fired the jutsu but thats not what the panels show. Colour illustrations from the manga tend to depict her using nail polish and eye-shadow in Part I, both of which are not present in the anime. Command Spell: Sakura Tohsaka Again, I don't have a horse in this race, I'm just pointing out a potential angle for Sakura, as she doesn't fare well in a direct confrontation. Yet, she is ever-worrying for his safety and well-being to the point of easily feeling overwhelming guilt, and values him as one of her closest friends. After they were placed in their teams, Sakura approached Ino, telling her of her liking towards Sasuke. ", is in a sense a personality separate from Sakura herself, a fact that allows her to overcome the Mind Body Switch Technique. Aoi Tohsaka [11] At other times, Sakura and Inner Sakura are indistinguishable from each other, usually with regards to Naruto. Naruto ultimately defeats Pain and, when he returns to the village, Sakura punches him for taking such a risk and then embraces him as thanks. But nothing proves he was faster than the attack. Her attributes are: 100 in strength, 155 in negotiation, 173 in chakra, 174 in intelligence, 133 in perception, and 140 in dexterity. In fact Gilgamesh cannot be blackened. Then, when trying to come up with the oldest, most obscure hero, they went for Gilgamesh. Her team tells her it would have been better to simply tell Naruto the truth about Konoha 11's decision and that she's underestimating him by not doing so, but Sakura adamantly says she couldn't do it. Sarada's chakra control was still underdeveloped, quickly burning through it in her various actions and unleashing it randomly when attacking. Sakura's team arrives in the Land of Iron. ". While Sakura was happy to have her husband back, she was dismayed by how little time he spent at home. Later, suspecting that the attacks would make another attempt to kill the recovering guards to cover their tracks, Moegi disguised herself as one. It hates whoever Sakura hates, so it will keep them from coming near her. Accounting for the rasenshuriken head-start, i may be off by an order of magnitude, but even that would be significantly lower than 40km/s , and at worse about Mach 2-3(~3km/s). When, during the conversation, Neji proves unaware that Tonton is a pig, Sakura realises he is an impostor and attacks him. One of the main heroines of Fate/stay night. [10][11] Her Crest Worms will feed on any excess magical energy she circulates before she can use a spell, leaving her unable to even cast any in most cases. For the Chūnin Exams' first stage, the participating genin are given a written test with ten questions. Sasuke accompanies them back to Konoha and spends some time with Sakura and Sarada, even posing for a family photo that their home has been missing. Although Sakura is very supportive of Sasuke's duties, she is disappointed when he teases her by refusing to show her affection. “追い詰められてるヒロイン”“どこか歪んだヒロイン”“お兄ちゃん大好き(はあと)”等.マニアックな方々から支持を得ていますよ? Main article: Time Slip Arc Sakura would not develop as the "Black Grail" in any other route. Sasuke is eventually knocked out by Aoi, and Sakura looks after him until Aoi is defeated by Naruto. Sakura moves Naruto and Sasuke to a secluded area where she watches over them through the night. After Sakura rejects Zouken's control and regains her central consciousness, she becomes Dark Sakura (黒桜, Kuro Sakura? Sakura Haruno is a playable character in the following video games: In many video games set during Part I, Inner Sakura is featured prominently in Sakura's movesets due to Sakura's lack of a defining fighting style; games vary between using Inner Sakura as a genjutsu or as an actual physical embodiment. Afterwards, Naruto, Sakura, and Hinata Hyūga are assigned to escort Amaru and Shinnō back to their village. 25 kg (Fate/Zero)[2]46 kg (Fate/stay night)[1] Soon after leaving Konoha they are attacked by the Demon Brothers, who go after Tazuna. Julian Ainsworth controls her by taking Shirou's appearance. After Kurama was removed from Naruto, during the war, Sakura was able to prevent Naruto's death, until they were able to reach Minato and eventually saved him. Sakura runs into Sai afterwards and she tells him her theory, which, based on information he came across during his own unrelated investigation into Kido Tsumiki, he believes to be true. The next panel shows the explosion of impact. Sometimes she talks about herself in the third person. At some point after she entered in the Academy, Sakura met Sasuke Uchiha and she developed a crush on him. Converted to magical energy, he provides enough to accelerate the development of the Grail even without enough Servants. In Suna, Sakura and Ino are called before Gaara, who informs them of a man matching Sasuke's appearance and chakra signature that is evidently planning to destroy Konoha. Brother: During the investigation, Naruto and Sai are injured by strange animals. It tramples over everything upon exploding and spreading the collected energy out like a storm, swallowing its prey instantly. On their way to Suna, Naruto explains that Gaara was kidnapped because he is the jinchūriki of the One-Tail, just as Naruto is the jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails. Sarada's second problem was that her resolve was still too frail, fearing defeat.

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