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Now is the time to welcome new friendships and to open up your social circle by accepting invitations to parties, or by indulging in activities that you love. There is some deception coming up in your life and this person may be disrespecting you or others and possibly manipulating the situation. In dealing with the situations that you are facing, your angels and guides are encouraging you to think out of the box and to take a chance on something new and adventurous. An Oracle reading will help you connect with Spirit and bring peace and clarity. You will get over it and walk away. WOMAN HOLDING A COIN (CENTER, REVERSED): As you find yourself nearer to the goals that you have set earlier in the year, there may be some who will fall into a trap of complacency and extravagance. In work, do what you enjoy. ( Log Out /  Be sure to make the conscious decision to take some time off from whatever problems that you may be facing at work or in your personal life. This weekend’s universal theme seems to center around finding your groove and marching to your own beat. Before entering into any discussions related to matters of the heart, you may find it helpful to pray that your words be tempered with love, grace and compassion. All Talk Tarot articles, posts and images are the copyright of Talk Tarot in general and Lorraine McGhee exclusively. Are you struggling with a broken heart? Moving away from my obsession with traditional tarot to an other obsession of mine Angels, this deck also contains angelic influence and again it’s similarly well depicted, all in all there are 10 Angel based cards seven of which Ms Taylor has combined with each of the chakras. . When the storm is raging at its fiercest, just remember these words: “Storms make trees take deeper roots”. Today's card is from the Energy Oracle Deck. on Weekly Angel Oracle Forecast for October 30- November 3, 2017. The events of the past 3 years have brought about many big and small lessons to do with forgiveness, integrity and what it means to you at an intimate level, and living authentically in your highest truth. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. If you have been working hard for the past 1 to 2 years, diligently and consciously sowing seeds of goodness and abundance in your life, this is the beginning of harvest season. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. We get the higher frequencies in play and all turns out so much better than originally anticipated. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Be ready to receive blessings in the form of financial riches, career advancement or happy relationships with loved ones. As you continue to seek clarity and direction in discovering practical ways to live to your highest potential, you may reach a point where you feel as if the road that you are on is leading you in circles, leaving you feeling stuck in self-doubt and procrastination. If they deceived you out of money, don’t focus on being upset for too long over this matter. Be honest with yourself and the truths will bring value in your life. When this card is upright, it indicates a hostility about to reveal itself or there is hostility towards you at this moment. If you are spending too much and are struggling with bills, or are indulging in food, drinks or activities that are taking a toll on your health, it is now time for you make the conscious decision to instill more discipline in these areas. Or are you simply in need of some guidance and healing? = 9.00cm x 12.80cm Card Language: English Card Back: Reversible Back Design: Central circular Celtic design on a background in shades of blue and green. This card in upright position indicates someone in your life is going to betray or deceive you, which will have upsetting impact on you. It is the 5th card of the suit mental from the Minor Arcana. This could also mean that a woman of certain financial standing and influence may prove to be very helpful to you in the near future. With this newfound insight, you are now given the opportunity to reassess your the choices and the new direction in which you would like your path to take. New ideas and urges to pursue them are a form of divine inspiration and answers to your prayers, so it is time to walk forward with faith and conviction. Your angels are preparing an abundant feast of celebration in acknowledgement of all the work that you have put in to realising your dreams and highest potential. Personal problems or a career issue may pose a distraction to you, causing you to forget that divine guidance and help is readily available at all times. Regarding symbology in this oracle deck, it’s very well done and incredibly accessible which despite the influence of the relatively specialised symbology of the tarot, angels and chakra’s I doubt you would need any kind of previous knowledge to be able to get good intuitive hits and accurate readings from this deck. This card may also indicate some internal conflict you may need to resolve. Your angels are here to comfort you with the reassurance from your loved ones who have passed on that it is alright for you embrace happiness and to allow yourself to laugh again. By allowing this type of negativity to surround you, it will continue attract the same type of energy. (It’s hardly any coincidence that this card is numbered 11 as well!) After that, it is good for you to ask for God’s highest light to fill you and to leave you in a state of peace and wholeness. I must agree that I find improving and empowering lives via the medium of tarot reading highly entertaining however tarot readings should never replace the advice of a qualified medical, financial or legal professional. Honor your intuition and draw as many cards as you feel inspired to. GODDESS OF THE MOON (LEFT, REVERSED): You may now feel as if your inner voice of intuition or guidance has gone quiet, leading to a sense of “disconnect” and to worry that you are not making the right decisions and choices. You are encouraged to indulge yourself and to set aside some time to do something that you genuinely enjoy. So essentially, an Oracle Card spread just refers to the number of cards you draw for a reading, and the pattern you lay them out in. There is a possibility that the deception is coming from within yourself – whether you’re having some self-esteem issues, you’re lying to yourself or you’re not taking the time out to care for yourself.Reversed. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Are you getting the respect that you deserve, or do you allow certain men to be overly and negatively critical of you, therefore affecting your sense of self worth and self respect? Take a slow walk in nature, or light some candles and indulge in some quiet reflection this weekend. The energetic “theme” for the recent few weeks leading up to the Supermoon on December 3 seem to revolve around finding and living your true purpose, letting go of the old and laying stronger foundations for the future. It is a happy time for family reunions, a gathering of friends or to open your heart to a new relationship. For others, failed relationships from the past and deceit in a current partnership could be making their appearances like shadows in your life. Besides some internal deception, I thought this card may be about the people surrounding us. Your automatic reaction is to be on the defensive as people come towards you with a front. Raine’s Energy Forecast for November 20- 24, 2017… Listen to your heart. There may be a tendency to be pessimistic about career or relationship situations, with a sense of disconnect from your usual inner wisdom and a feeling of stepping into unknown territory, causing old fears and self doubt to surface.

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