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Dates: Modify . Contents. sulfuric acid (formula) H2SO4. Perbromic acid is a bromine oxoacid. ChEBI. It is a conjugate acid of a perbromate. strong acid. HBrO4. strong acid. HIO4. HBrO (WEAK) H2PO4-H3PO3 (WEAK) HNO3 (STRONG) HCl (STRONG) H2S (WEAK) H2SO4 (STRONG) H3PO4 (WEAK) H2CO3 (WEAK) HBr (STRONG HI (STRONG) HClO4 (STRONG) HClO3 (STRONG) ch3ch2cooh C2H5OH NH4Br HBrO3 NH4I NaHSO4 NH4 C2H5COOH (weak) C6H5COOH (weak) C6H5OH ammonium iodide CH3COCH3 C5H5NHBr MgSo4 aspirin (weak) vitamin C acetaminophen NH4NO3 … 2004-09-16. nitric acid (formula) HNO3. trichloroacetic acid (formula) CCl3COOH weak acid. Perbromsaure. periodic acid (formula) HIO4. 1 Structures Expand this section. HCOOH. 2020-11-15. strong acid. perbromic acid (formula) HBrO4. HIO3. HNO3. HBrO4. Create . CH3COOH. strong acid. strong acid. More... Molecular Weight: 144.91 g/mol. strong acid. formic acid (formula) HCOOH. acetic acid (formula) CH3COOH. H2SO4 - strong: perbromic: HBrO4 - weak: bromic acid: HBrO3 - weak: perchloric acid: HClO4 - strong: nitrous acid: HNO2 - weak: ferric hydroxide: Fe(OH)3 - insoluble: tin(II) sulfate: SnSO4 - strong: silver bromide: AgBr - insoluble: lead(II) iodide: PbI2 - insoluble: mercurous fluoride: Hg2F2 - insoluble: mercury(I) bromide: Hg2Br2 - insoluble: zinc oxalate: ZnC2O4 - insoluble: potassium nitrite: KNO2 - … H2SO4. 2 Names and Identifiers Expand this section. weak acid. iodic acid (formula) HIO3.

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