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I agree, I just wanted to make sure that it's not going to be swept under the rug as a stereotype used by only one kind of people. And beyond that to me it doesn't matter. The trait line with assassin's presence has a lot more damage modifiers for direct damage and life leech. Blind possible. A lot of damage, but still just damage. Heat is generated passively while the forge is active, or by activating forge skills. And it doesnt seem like swiftness is gonna help you much in a build without rocket boots. Apart from that, every seed of life from your druids should keep this up as long as they use glyphs or their avatar. Even freeze isnt going to be up all the time. Is 10 debuffs realistic though? It's also highly likely to be raid viable, so Engis will get to play at endgame with a new playstyle. IMO, while the pure damage, un-piano style of the Holosmith is going to attract a few players that like engie but can't usually play it, it will first and foremost attract pure DPS fanatics, which in my experience are a lot of people. This one used to be uncommon before PoF. It does flashy stuff like power reaper but doesn't really have high sustained damage. It's very glass cannon if you want to do damage... And if you spec to be more "bunker"/"supportive" with it, you are better off just using Scrapper. Holosmith seems to have been incredibly well-received. Holosmith is a proper selfish DPS elite spec, which is a playstyle your average player is biased towards. To my own surprise, it's actually possible now to keep up 10-12 condis with cps, Condidruid and chrono now. This page was last edited on 24 November 2020, at 06:15. My own benchmarks and benchmarks of friends. Quick question though, why take streamlined kits over takedown round? Oh and the weapon is a light sabre. Originally, the Holosmith traitline was going to be themed around building a lightsaber, but that idea was scrapped in favor of building a photon forge. Still grinding though. First of all - thank you so much for these, really appreciated! I think for a decent benchmark for holo we need full grieving stats with close to 100% fire duration that I don't know any way to do it right now something like : I don't think laser disc can replace a kit on a condi build. Still, a condithief for example will provide a lot of immobilize too. You're stacking burn but hardly have any burn abilities? Flame Turret instead of rocket boots might be better. Many of the people that praised Holosmith were not engi mains, and the spec is impressive on a surface level. Neither light nor heat can be held, but both can be felt. This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 20:40. If you don't have any of those, the iboga has it. All holosmith traitline adds is some damage to power engi and good self might stacking. Enter Forge, Corona Burst, Photon Blitz, AA and leave Forge as soon as you can. Without it, we certainly wouldn't reach 36k, but we used it in this case because, according to gw2raidar, pinpoint distribution is barely more common than assassin's presence in your average group and because holosmith and renegade have a great synergy because of their conditions and buffs. Ferocity needs high power/crit to be worth it. Numbers look high in solo play because of the easy 20+ might stacks but it is just weak in a group setting. @Oblue.2135 said: It is located in a chest on the north central pillar. The aesthetics are out of this world. We'll upload something soon. I would say 7-8 at best. : Chill: Chronomancer, cDruid. Soulbeast, Berserker, Daredevil do all more damage than old engi. You don't even need broken pof specs to beat holo. I know a couple of people who've been playing Holosmith just to get the light sabre for another character. @Atamaz.4195 said: Players wishing to learn more about the Holosmith can visit Baraz Sharifi in the Crystal Oasis.

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