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[1], At the time of Long's death, GT maintained an office at the factory in Santa Ana as well as a factory in Huntington Beach[2] — and manufactured 600,000 bicycles annually under the GT, Powerlite, Robinson and Dyno brands, distributed bikes, parts and accessories via its Riteway network and had annual revenues of $150 million.[1]. Mountain bikes differ from other bikes in that they incorporate features designed to increase durability and improve performance in rough terrain. Each one is worthy of your consideration depending on the your level of experience at any given time. Since their founding by Gary Turner in Southern California in 1972, GT Bikes have remained true to their BMX and mountain bike heritage. GT was founded in 1979, by Gary Turner and Richard Long in Santa Ana, California, and was noted at its inception for spearheading the prominence of BMX bicycles, later for developing a range of bikes around its "triple triangle" design, and at the end of its independent history, winning a commission to manufacture a $30,000 carbon fiber "Superbike"[1] for the 1996 Summer games. GT will not sell or ship directly to any consumer or unauthorized retailer. Famous names from the ranks of Teams past include X-Games Champions Dave Mirra, Jay Miron, Jamie Bestwick, Eddie Fiola, aka King of the Skateparks, Brian Scura 'Rad Dad' inventor of the Gyro, aka SST Oryg, Trevor Meyer, Joey (Phenom) Phee, Martin 'the Chairman' Aparijo, Josh White, Dino DeLuca, Dave Voelker, Brett Hernandez, Kevin Jones, Mark Eaton, Gary Pollak, Kevin the 'Gute' Gutierrez, Ruben Castillo, Robert Castillo, Jason Geoffery, Bill Neuman, Goro Tamai, Krys Dauchy, and Adam Jung. Frame:GT frames, 2015 model year and newer, are warranted by GT Bicycle Corporation against manufacturing defects in materials and/or workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner. They are always equipped with front and rear suspension, large disc brakes, and have more substantial frames than other mountain bikes. It rarely involves extreme obstacles like other forms of mountain biking, but it requires control to maneuver through the trail which can be narrow or "single track." There are no bikes that look as sinister as a full-on downhill bike, but they are designed for serious gravity runs and are not well suited for much else. Originally Auburn was going to be Honda Cycles but the Honda Motor corp. pulled out at the last minute declining to license the name. GT is the maker of some of the most popular BMX bikes in the country including their famous Heritage line, GT also makes Road bikes, mountain bikes and kids bikes and is under the same roof as Cannondale. MOUNTAIN BIKES. Bob Morales said "GT Bicycles made an offer to buy Dyno. This bike is one of the longest-running GT models. Later highly successful models were the Pro Freestyle Tour, which saw the first use of mountain bike style brake mounts for use of Dia-Compe 990, Dyno Pro Compe - one of the most ridden flatland frames of the early Nineties. Carbon fiber is extremely light and rigid but very expensive and prone to impact damage. Dyno also produced a line of clothing apparel and shoes under the Dyno brand. Downhill bikes are not designed to climb. There are six riders on the BMX Race Team: Riley O'Neil, Luke Madill, Joey Bradford, Eric Rupe and Arielle Martin (Verhaaren), which compete in competitions held globally. In addition to pavement and mountain bikes, GT Bicycles also produces a line of BMX bikes. GT Bicycles designs and manufactures BMX, mountain, and road bicycles. Bob Morales eventually left GT to focus on his own company DYNO Designs while Eddie Fiola became arguably the most famous and popular BMX personality of the 1980s until his contract was not renewed in 1987. You previously shopped on our website. Whichever brand is spec'd on your bike, it will be a rapid-fire, ratcheting style shifter.Since the 1980s, mountain bikes have had anywhere from 7 to 27 speeds, with 1 to 3 chain rings on the crank set and 5 to 12 sprockets in the cogset. The company name was resurrected as an independent in 2002 as Powerlite Bicycles USA which produces BMX racing bikes and accessories. When a rider steps up to a carbon frame, there is no faster or more versatile race bike for the money than the Zaskar. GARY FISHER Mountain Bike LG / XL frame, with big Tires, Specialized Hardrock 17" and 19" Mountain bike, Nice.

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