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[5], Matt Collar vergab an das Album in Allmusic vier Sterne und schrieb, Esperanza Spalding bringe nach Emily’s D + Evolution aus dem Jahr 2016 mit den kaleidoskopisch taktilen 12 Little Spells eine weitere hoch konzeptualisierte Produktion heraus. [6], Sebastian Maniura (London Jazz News) meinte, dies sei ein interessantes Konzeptalbum, das Geist und Körper auf die Probe stelle und neue Wege der Schöpfung ohne den Einsatz psychoaktiver Substanzen erkunde, wie Spalding auf ihrer Website deutlich feststellt: „Ich benutze keine Drogen.“ Es sei ernst und dennoch unbeschwert, magisch und musikalisch und verdiene es, angehört und reflektiert zu werden. Edit Release All Versions of this Release New Submission . the bell in the church of your mind aint’been swung in such a long timedull brass and spiderwebs choking the soundlocks on the gate round your fountainall drypretty cherubs of stone await silver rain from the skywhy? But her inspired pace did not carry a frazzled air. It is a limited edition album, with only 7,777 copies being available. [1] The baroque pop colors of “Heaven in Pennies” suddenly give way to dreamy plumes of reverb-heavy rock, before the composer clears her canvas again—giving pianist Robert Glasper space for a darting jazz solo. The next track, “Geriment,” revels in some stark, marching piano progressions and Spalding’s comparatively lighter voice. Spalding’s irrepressible musicality is present throughout the earlier sessions but, tellingly, nothing as strong as Exposure songs like “I Am Telling You” pops up during rehearsal. But on a project like Exposure, you’re pre-committed to releasing what artists set down in the studio. So what it is I’m gonna send to you is a CD or an LP, but there’s only 7,777 copies because it was a moment in time! Before the studio microphones and cameras went live, Concord Music Group settled on a limited run of 7,777 copies, split between CDs and LPs. Shteamer resümiert: „Wie bei den früheren Alben von Spalding deutet der konzeptionelle Hook von 12 Little Spells nur auf die radikal erfinderische Natur der Songs selbst hin.“[4], Nach Ansicht von Ammar Kalia, die das Album im Down Beat mit 3½ Sternen bewertete, ist 12 Little Spells ein komplexes und facettenreiches Werk, das sowohl durch Spaldings poetische Lyrik als auch durch ihr thematisches Arrangement funktioniert. Shteamer vergleicht Spaldings Genre-übergeeifendes Werk mit dem von Künstlern wie Joni Mitchell, Björk oder Prince. It’s the number of completion. [4] Spalding chose to do the experiment in 77 hours because she was once told by a reverend that "seven is a divine number. Es erfordert eine Hingabe, die ich manchmal nicht mit Sicherheit hatte. All tracks are written by Esperanza Spalding except where noted. EXPOSURE LYRICS. If you don’t, you don’t. Search for Exposure Sell CD. When singer, bassist and composer Esperanza Spalding announced the organizing conceit for a new album, it wasn’t immediately clear how to categorize her idea. We can’t stop to judge, wonder, question “is it good enough? Die Produktion sei „extrem organisch“, als würde sich jeder Song direkt vor Ihnen entfalten, anstatt in einem Tonstudio zu entstehen. Exposure is the sixth studio album by bassist and vocalist Esperanza Spalding. Is it right? It is a limited edition album, with only 7,777 copies being available. [2] It was released on December 16, 2017, by Concord Records. Marketplace 0. To know what it means when the brain throbs to warn of symptoms that ride along.With this potion made by the trauma one distill inside their mothers womb.When it spills over into the bunkers that men make to protect themselves from joylessness envied my something unknown.What does it feel like to wake up to a monster that's dressed itself in your clothes?Being left off of the portions of remembrance that have moved on to nurture themselves.Long live the time when there was no need to exchange simpler feelings with toxicity.Being born out of the same fashion that ruined so many past movers of trails.Enduring the pain while being swallowed by what used to be the open arms of lament.Then comes along a delicate triumph.Glory be to the ones that heed not to potential consequence, but take to trial all that has permitted itself to become common law.The time will come when the shadows of those wakeless mornings will bow to the masters of truth.The masters of priority.

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