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With an alumni body that includes 15 Rhodes Scholars and 13 Boren Scholars, the University of Alabama offers a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. Explains the principles and phases of simulation modeling, and how it can be applied to various projects. We don't have the average graduate salary for this subject yet. Additionally, it is designated an active research university and one of the most friendly LGBT campuses in the U.S. A degree in mechanical engineering opens the door to a range of jobs. Mechanical engineering degree programs are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology (ABET). Old Dominion University offers some engineering degree programs online. And it fully prepares you for a future in mechanical engineering or advanced education. Those schools often offer exhaustive research opportunities. The PhD can also be used to enter administrative or managerial roles in engineering businesses. Through Brown’s mechanical engineering program you will take classes on everything from magnetism to vibrations. Then you are introduced to engineering fundamentals that cover the gamut, from basic circuits to thermodynamics. See the full list of engineering & technology subject guides. Most employers prefer candidates that have graduated from ABET-accredited Engineering programs. In addition, students learn how to use the tools of their trade, including computer-aided design (CAD) software. Mechanical engineers may use a variety of machines that allow them to develop and test reliable machines and products, including: In addition, mechanical engineers use computer programs such as: Among other tasks, such programs allow engineers to model scenarios, run simulations, assess the physical qualities of materials and devices, and manage the manufacturing process. We'll help you past that writer's block! Are you interested in the social, global, economical, and ethical implications of design? Forbes, Washington Monthly, the National Science Foundation, Newsweek, and more also include Brown in their rankings for best schools in the U.S. Berkeley is the flagship institution in the wider University of California System. At Rensselaer you will undertake a rigorous curriculum that involves the latest technologies and trends. Students may choose a concentration in an area of study such as dynamics and control, fluids engineering, mechanics and materials, or design and manufacturing. Mechanical engineering degrees usually last for three or four years at undergraduate level and one or two at master’s level. The University of Texas at Austin is the flagship campus in the greater UT System. Mechanical engineering is the use of math, physics, and engineering to build appliances. A bulk of the coursework will go toward creating an advanced research project that makes an original contribution to the field. The engineering courses cover how to design, prototype, model, and build different mechanical systems. Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Columbia University in the City of New York, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus, Most Affordable Nurse Practitioner Programs, 50 Best LGBT Friendly College & Universities, What Colleges are Looking for in an Application. For those who want to earn only the BS, you may want to consider added specialization. Several states require continuing education in order to maintain licensure. Because mechanical engineers design and work with all types of mechanical systems, careers in this field span across many industries. Students are also required to gain intellectual breadth by taking classes in liberal arts and humanities areas like history, social science, political science, and economics. Students may also choose to complete a two-year pre-engineering degree and find related work as a mechanical drafter. These degrees take three to five years to complete. And at Washington you will work closely with faculty on research in a range of areas, from energy conservation to environmental control, instrumentation, and biomechanics. Such credentials go above and beyond the minimum, marking the individual as a standout in a particular area. Curriculums combine academia with military leadership performance and competitive athletics. Rice University is located in Houston, Texas and is known for its many research contributions. Research and development in this field is seeing major investment within many sectors, with key fields including nanoelectromechanical devices (NEMS), nanoscale materials, molecular manufacturing, quantum computing, nanomedicine, nanoelectronics, and molecular biology. Students also take courses in specific mechanical engineering topics to master the skills needed to properly design, draw, model, and prototype different mechanical systems.

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