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Nuñez de Arce housing block originally built  in 1871, 24 flats, Madrid (ES), Completed, 2003-05. Nov. 30 | Zoé Samudzi: Fraught Desert Memorials. Underground parking in Vinyols i Els Arcs, Tarragona (ES), Constructed, 1998-99. In addition, the Institute had materials from the previous headquarters (and other centres) that can be easily incorporated. It is equipped to harvest rain water, clean water on site, and purify a proportion of used water back to human-contact quality, with only a marginal loss. Enviroloo, public dry toilets, Kazuba Sarl (FR), Completed, 2008-09. Stand Vía Digital, SIMO 2000, Project 2000. The Huge Flat, conversion, Madrid (ES), Completed, 2001-02. Proyecto de Actuación, Accessibility project for a hardboard factory, Jaén (ES), Completed, 2001. In the interstices suitably chosen plants are placed to help clean the atmosphere of the room. archINFORM homepage of Eduardo Arroyo (*1964) – Spanish architect, active in Madrid [contains a list of buildings] This feature is for industry professionals. The ground floor is a single and continous space. The garden, empty of constructions, is filled with light elements under the light of a street lamp. Please check for more information. Carlos Arroyo Architects, Madrid based office for Architecture and Urbanism, has an international scope, building in Spain, France, Belgium, Rwanda, Colombia and Argentina. The bottom rail is the duct for all the service cables, and the back of each panel is attached to it with a magnet. The Academie MWD sits at a uniquely varied crossroads; South: the main square; North: Wolfsputten, a protected forest; West: CC Westrand, a Brutalist community centre; and East a series of quaint suburban villas. Since then, he has taught and lectured around the world. Within these three parts we have made up a catalogue, which is important within the future vision of the building. In 2012 it was selected in Archdaily’s list of 65 Best New Buildings in the World 2012. He was also active as an author and set designer. Casa Encuentro, House in Desierto de Tabernas, Almería (ES), Completed 2005-07. The house is located in the spanish village San Lorenzo de El Escorial, in the natural environment of Monte Abantos, surrounded by an ancient pine tree forest. Nave de Viviendas, Industrial shed with several flexible habitats, Madrid (ES), Completed, 2002-. Erretres, La Oficina Inestable, Refurbishment at Plaza de España, Madrid (ES), Completed, 2013. The B.F.A. Sociopolis Preexisting, apart from the structure and the enclosure, we found interesting elements to preserve; the temptation would be to empty everything and start over, but many installations and even finishes could be preserved and integrated into a new concept. Eduardo Arroyo holds a Ph.D. in architecture and received a master in architecture and urbanism in 1988 from the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid. Technology reuse is easy, the designers call it “superfurniture”: mobile equipment units to provide a specific function to any space. He founded the No.Mad office in Amsterdam … Muebles cálidos y cómodos, materiales naturales, blancos edredones de plumas, dan vida a un espacio polivalente. You can read the full text (without the graphics) on the on-line version here. Landscaping cleans the soil; the building feeds on clean energies, with controlled solar exposure and the principle of the thermal onion. in Torrelodones (ES), Project, 2000. However the project also responds to the problems related to the growth of the population which demands the reorganization of the spaces and the appearance of technical problems related to the aging of the building. Flexi-Flats, Transformer housing in Ciudad Real (ES), Completed, 2007-08. Therefore, we plan to mark the circle in the classrooms with an element of simple construction. Plan Especial, Unidad 4 Fase 5, Toledo (ES), 2002-04. Scraping, smoothing, puffing, discovering episodes, traces, wounds, that appear before us in the distance. Copyright © 2020 Architizer, Inc. All rights reserved. This works a bit like a shopping list that can be performed in steps. For the last 30 years, No.Mad and Eduardo Arroyo have been creating buildings and urban structures situated between two opposite visions of reality — on one hand, a determinist world where we have to accept what is inherited and socially approved, and on the other hand an arbitrary world ruled by chance and free will. Centro de día, Day Center for the elderly, Second prize competition, 2000. CLV, 2500 sqm Cohousing for CLV, Válor, Granada (ES), Under Development, 2005-. Franchipolis pavilion, SIF Valencia (ES), First prize competition, Produced, 2000. In this set-up also small ideas are important and can find support within the framework of the bigger master plan, in order not to be left aside. Brittani Orona: We are the Land: Challenging California Planning Laws through Indigenous Environmental Praxis, Into the Desert: Questions of Coloniality and Toxicity, Siqi Zheng: Air Pollution, Avoidance Behaviors, and Neglected Social Cost: Evidence from Outdoor Leisure and Commuting Behaviors, Summer Programs for High School and College Students. The total construction budget of the works in which he has played a major role exceeds 200 million€. Learn more about applying to the B.F.A. We decided to use them as mobile walls, covered with a felt made from recycled plastic bottles (PET), which is sound absorbing, light, inexpensive, and good for pinning presentations on. The system proposed to solve this issue was a three-dimensional version of the Cervantes Institute Logo. Besides, the bigger scale cannot be forgotten: integration of greenery, parking area and landscape are described as well, all with the same coherence. We also take account that this circle arrangement conflicts with the square perimeter of the usual spaces for this use. Learn more about the Cornell in Rome program. Casa Hodges attic, conversion, Madrid (ES), First prize invited competition, Completed, 2001-02. We get up called by a point of undefined colours, we want to see what it is, to feel its texture, its smell, to lose ourselves in its silhouettes. We have developed protocols for innovation on all scales, from building technology to landscape management, developing new types of public building, or researching into new forms of housing. The velvet curtains work acoustically, while giving this space a theatrical character that facilitates the role play, much needed for language learning. The city's road work department material storage integrates with pedestrian and cycling routes. It will achieve maximum comfort with passive and active strategies: night cooling, free cooling, thermal storage, thermal inertia, careful orientation and a microclimate of climbing plants on the shaded walkways that cover the façade.

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