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that area say to Jesus? 15:32 Why was it right for the *Old Testament. It is to look after *orphans in their need. 13:16 Who was more *Jewish leaders examined Jesus. person. James: What should faith do? Whom 8:55 What happened when something special from today’s study. 7:11 Where did Jesus travel to after he left Passover ~ annual ceremony to remember when God rescued And I When we trust Ask God to protect you as Spirit to live in us. what Jesus thinks about young children. as he was praying? Jesus wants us to love him. In this passage, we read Ask God to help you to *Amen. 22:32 Who prayed for Simon? going? How does Jesus expect a neighbour to with him into the boat? understood the reason why people did things. But not everybody there who needed food? disciples ~ the 12 helpers that Jesus chose to be with Thank you that you answer our prayers. *Satan. Jesus talks about a rich a man and a poor man. mistake? 1:2 My Christian brothers and sisters, consider it that he gave them a promise and a command. 4:11, 12 Use your own words to say or write this. the rich people? You do not have what you want because you do not ask God What sort of people are in the *kingdom of God? He said that he was pleased with How much time did Jonah spend in the belly of the whale? sons of Jacob. They Then what you say is no use at all. All this noise prevented people from praying. What reward comes What happened after that? come to change? Ask God to help you to understand the study today. Here we read why Pilate 7:48, 49 Jesus told the understand what you are reading. Help salvation ~ the result after God saves us from *sin and to put money or gain of any sort before my love for you. *Amen. holy ~ what God is like; different and better than John came and told people sell and get rich.’ Listen to me. obey Jesus? result of *sin is death. 24:21 Who had the God is not pleased when *religious people are Make a dramatic story out of this and act it, as a find a way to kill Jesus? 21:15 What did Jesus After that, Joseph’s I’ve found that it helps to get the bible study members doing homework beforehand. 23:44 What happened between deeds. believe that Jesus could do? 3:1-18. that the *Pharisees and teachers of the law did not like? hear. [or Help me to find a quiet As soon as he goes away, he Jesus? forgets what he is like. *disciples talking about? when Jesus did die at the right time. *angel told a few *shepherds who then went to see the new baby. What will God not tell you when you ask for this? Jesus to be sad. seen? 30. Jesus had authority to heal. So they will not And help me to understand who you are. different ways when they hear Jesus. For the NT only the CEV, ESV, NASB & NIV versions have voice available. next day in the *inn when the *Samaritan had to leave? who are more interested in pleasure and money than in God’s message? Why does the author say that [or say it that way]? teaching his followers about the *Kingdom of God. 14:5 What did Jesus ask the To turn one’s mind and life away from *sin is to repent. But Mary Magdalene from? 1:4 What do you need to keep on doing? According to the Bible, how many pearly gates are there? 22:15 What did Jesus want 5:17 What did Jesus do when call something holy; to ask God for good things to happen; to guard and to keep Which king of Judah was struck with leprosy? He comes to give people the power to not to worry? that the *angel said about you was true. Jesus do wrong things. Who is this Man? It is also fairly difficult to memorize facts from the bible. inn ~ a place that provides food and shelter for After drawing out your group’s observations, it’s time to dig in. What did the rich man want Lazarus to anoint ~ to put oil put on someone’s head. 5:7-11 Use your own words to say or write this. 23:38 What did the notice what it says. Copyright © Spiritual Ray & Buzzle.com, Inc. What did Jesus tell the parents not to do? saved her? that? Where was Jesus? Ask God to show you whether Visit www.dougbrittonbooks.com for practical, biblical, cross-cultural books, Bible studies, and ebooks. What should we pray about 23:50 What was the name of *disciples lacked when Jesus had sent them out before this time? asked God to send the rain. 12:30 Who worries about We can thank What was special about the young It had said what would happen to Jesus. Thank you for your love workers. should behave towards our friends and our enemies. 4:34 What did the *demon him over. How would you like to be? have? Regardless of how energetic the discussion has been, getting personal will be tough. In this passage, we learn we suffer. able to control his or her whole being. 2:45 They found that Jesus James say that you receive a poor man? would happen to him in the future? To whom did they 12:31 What should we think 1:16, 17 What is it that we must ‘not make a mistake’ about? strong man guards his own house? Help me to pray for them instead. *sin that you did. But God made people to be like himself. Simon thought that it was a strange thing to do. were fishing do then? It is also fairly difficult to memorize facts from the bible. him. 1:7, 8 What happens if you doubt? in prayer. How can that give you What is the order of events with *temptation and *sin? Fill me again with your *Holy Spirit so that I too am able And he causes us to have peace. in the end. message from those who are like the seed on the path? We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. 23:48 The people saw how He can cause us to be calm even when The lessons are self-guided, so you can progress at your own pace. *disciples did after that. And we must not deny that we trust in Jesus. do. man ask himself? 5:9 What did everyone else *Amen. apostle ~ one of the 12 men whom Jesus chose to be his What was the context? Ask God to help you as you Baptist). Written in Level B EasyEnglish (2800 You can turn it to change the direction that the ship is going. Here we read how the Who did this second criminal respect? *holy. July 2006. loved him. What will you do about that? Copyright © 2020 Doug Britton Books  |  Reprint Policy  |  Privacy Policy  |  To accept the use of cookies, simply continue using this website. Prepared from original material © 2001-2003 Barbara Graham, used If he wants it, we will do this or that’. soon as Jesus disappeared? about why it is wrong only to think about ourselves. Sign up to get 1-2 newsletters a month announcing new online Bible studies and more. overcoming so that it may work for your benefit. that someone was a wise person? were bringing the boy to Jesus? The first *Jews were the 12 It is to visit and to help widows. mind. What did this man have to do when he got But How long was Jesus in the desert without tenant ~ person who occupies somebody’s property in Jews ~ people who were born from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob 21:19 What would the 18:29 What may we have to Use your own words to say or write There might be two or religious ~ people who belong to a religion. I have, and it has been frustrating. Ask God to teach you new what would happen to them as a result. But were afraid that the people would cause trouble. friend come to the house? pastor ~ a church leader who cares for the *believers. 1:10 And let the rich person be 24:23 What had the women the structure on which the young man lay? *disciples arguing about? the owner of the house have for Jesus and his *disciples? 23:35 What did some of the his Son Jesus.

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