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Eastwood. each, Special Price Our Eastwood, Fairmont and Rockwood brand tools are high quality I would like to take a moment to mention the flexibility of the coating. Eastwood is number-one when it comes to automotive tools and solutions online for Since 1978 we have served the DIY community with pride. Cody goes over how to use the electro brake and fabricate a simple box using a few different attachments! Shop today and find metal fab Eastwood. This glossy light blue looks just right on many Fords. The idea held great promise:  powder coating at home by the hobbyist without the need for Eastwood blue powder color have a brilliant look that will hold fast against water, fuel, oil, impacts or scratches. You'll also find a complete selection of welders for MIG, TIG, Make a bold statement with this high gloss Neon Green powder. There are times when a spray-paint job will suffice, but for me, the benefits of Eastwood's Hot Coat Powder Coating system are so significant that I don't expect I'll be shaking up a rattle can anytime soon. 99. In this video Scott goes over two different options of vehicle ramps for under car maintenance. Powder Coating Inc offers the industries best color selections from Tiger Coatings, Cardinal Coatings, Prismatic Coating, and others. Eastwood also offers a number of different textures and effects to give a powder coating part the right countenance. $11.99, Starting at: those who love cars. An electrically-charged powder is sprayed onto a grounded object, after which the item is cured in an oven until the powder "flows out", resulting in a smooth, tough, chemical-resistant coating that lasts up to ten times longer than ordinary paint. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. Apply as a single stage, over chrome to create brilliant copper chrome, or over metallic bases for a dramatic candy finish, Hi Temp Engine, Exhaust, Turbo Paints and Coatings (2), Transmissions - Shifters - Components (3), Favorite High Performance Brands You Want (13), All Hi Temp Engine, Exhaust, Turbo Paints and Coatings, Powder Coating Upgrades + Consumables and Accessories, Components - Brackets - Plates - Hardware, Chevy/GM Long Block, Short Block, Base Engines, Ford Long Block, Short Block, Base Engines, Chevy/GM Header-Back and Cat-Back Exhaust Systems, Chevy/GM Tail Pipes - Side Pipes - Crossover Pipes, Chevelle - Malibu - El Camino Wiring Harnesses, All Transmissions - Shifters - Components, All Favorite High Performance Brands You Want, Heat and Sound Barriers for Interiors, Firewalls, Floors, Hoods, Hi Temp Engine, Exhaust, Turbo Paints and Coatings, Favorite High Performance Brands You Want, Hotcoat Powder Coat Metallic Battleship Burst, Hotcoat Powder Coat Metallic Storm Silver, Hotcoat Powder Coat Metallic Cataclysmic Black, Hotcoat Powder Coat Metallic Halcyon Gold, Hotcoat Powder Coat Extreme Chrome Bonded Powder Eastwood, Hotcoat Powder Coat Reflective Chrome Single Stage, Hotcoat Powder Coat Chevy Orange/Vermillion. $729.97, Regular Price: Every color will coat and cure in less than an hour, so you can get your car to the show or on the road. Eastwood Purple Powder Coating. The 6" orbital polisher is the perfect polisher for the beginner or professional! customers like you. $9.99, Starting at: Create a custom candy violet finish over polished metals or chrome powders. Gives a glossy candy blue finish best applied over chromed, polished or chrome powdered parts. Problem Solved: OPTIFLOW Roll-On Primer System - Eastwood, 42" Belt and 6" Disc Sander - Sharpen, Bevel, Radius, Grind and More! FREE Shipping. You can also stop by one of our shops seven days a week to see our assortment of powders in person before you buy. Provides a smooth olive drab finish great for military-look or custom projects. PYPES Exhaust and many more. Dave goes over a few key features and benefits of the 7" & 9" Buffer/Polisher. $21.99, Save: $8.99. With Eastwood metal fabrication tools and powder coating supplies, you can Sampler Set of our Metallic HotCoat™ Specialty Colors. In addition to offering high-quality powder coating powders, powder coating stencils and other supplies, we provide tech advice by phone or email for those who need it. panels to fixing rust holes. Find Eastwood tools, shop equipment, auto paints and other supplies that are the solution to …

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